Video of Dion Lewis’ Arrest Tells Somewhat Different Story

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This video popped up a couple of days ago– somehow we missed it. obtained surveillance video of Eagles running back Dion Lewis and his brother, LaMar, being arrested at a Hampton Inn in Albany earlier this month. In it, we see police pointing guns at the two brothers before shoving them to the ground.

Charges were dropped against Lewis and his brother

The original report, following the incident:

The incident unfolded around 4 a.m., when Lewis and his brother, Lamar Lewis, were locked out of the Hampton Inn on Chapel Street, police said. The two men, who police say were intoxicated, then tried to get back into the hotel, but the sliding glass door to the lobby was locked, Officer Steve Smith said.

According to the police report, Dion and Lamar Lewis struck the doors "with such force as to rock them and nearly break them from their hinges." They then pulled on the alarm outside the hotel's lobby, the report said.


It seems their actions were blown out of proportion.

In the video, we don’t see either Lewis striking doors or acting aggressively, nor was the fire alarm pulled (of course, the tape doesn’t start until police are right outside, so it’s entirely possible a lot happened before they arrived): [Times Union]

On Monday, David Gonzalez, the Albany County assistant district attorney who handled the case, said that the fire alarm was never pulled, but rather that the clear plastic case that protects the fire alarm was jostled. That triggered a different alarm that hotel staff described as the fire alarm, Gonzalez said.


The immediate reaction – exemplified by Barstool and Eagles beat reporter Eliot Shorr-Parks – is that police and the hotel worker who called 911 were out of line. For the police, drawing weapons and throwing both men on the floor without any evidence that they were doing something wrong feels a lot like two white cops see two black guys at 4 a.m... but I'm not sure there was another way to handle it.

In the 911 tape, you hear a panicked hotel employee tell a dispatcher that two men are trying to break into the hotel and one of them might have a weapon. Instead of, you know, just letting the paying customers in, the worker called police, seemingly pulling the weapon thing from out of nowhere. So now police think there’s a robbery and are going to act accordingly. Plus, neither brother turned around when police walked in with guns drawn. That’s a bad sign. Most people, when someone points a gun at their back, would, you know, immediately cooperate. The brothers Lewis just stood there. 

At that point, the officers couldn’t afford to weigh the situation. They had to arrest Lewis and his brother, and there’s not really a gentle way to do that, especially with all the uncertainty of the situation.

If you’re going to blame anyone other than Lewis and his brother (both still plenty deserving for being idiots), blame the hotel employee. Sure, two drunk guys playing with the fire alarm at 4 a.m. is suspicious, but you wonder if the reaction would have been different if it were two white guys, as opposed to a muscular NFL running back and his brother.

Watch the video and listen to the 911 call after the jump.


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  1. “They are with guests that are here”? I think panicky pete the hotel guy was afraid of two black guys at night, no more.

  2. The guy in the black seemed to mouth off a bit, but Im guessing Dion Lewis is the one in the white shirt, he just seemed to comply with the cops, didn’t give them any shit. I never understood why people get more afraid of black people then white like white people aren’t capable of this, Shit, I’m white and probably have done worst things then pull a fire alarm(not going into detail of shit I’ve done). This case was dropped right?

  3. But the cops did have their weapons pulled because they were told one of them have a weapon which is perfectly legal. It just seems like a stupid situation that could of been easily avoided if the hotel employee would of just asked one of them what they were doin there? Im sorry but If I see a guy in Flip Flops im pretty sure he’s not gonna rob me.

  4. So they were arrested and went through all this for “alarm case jostling”?
    Sounds like the hotel needs to comp them a few nights with the clown employee providing spa treatments with happy endings. Case solved, justice served.

  5. Did that Cop really throw Dion Lewis to ground with one arm that easily?

  6. Why exactly are the two men being dragged out of the lobby, rather than stood up and walked out?

  7. They did right. One false move when a cop has his gun on you could make you dead real quick.

  8. If I was black in this country, I would have gone on a shooting spree long ago…
    these guys were guilty of being black –
    1) the hotal employees – think they saw a knife – get here right away
    2) pepper spray when there was not an inkling of resistance
    3) dragging them across the floor and concrete
    and white people wonder why blacks hate US

  9. Sickened,
    I’ve been treated like that by cops too for no reason and I’m white, and of an average build. So maybe you should shut the hell up with your racist rant. It’s cops being cops is all. They were told a weapon could be involved. What you typed out tells me exactly why I hate morons.

  10. 1st off your only seeing after they enter so you dont know how they were acting out side of the doors….2nd look at the 30 sec mark you can see lewis yelling at someone with an angry pissed face…3rdly I dont care if they got flip flops on or not inmates in jails wear flip flops all they time and they beat this crap out of each other….
    The hotel employee was only going on what he was told by security about a knife….
    The Police are responding to 2 armed men trying to break into a hotel….when they get there the men are now in the hotel and the 1 is yelling and screaming at the clerk…theyre job is to secure the area 1st especially when weapon is invovled
    Yes they did make a mistake by spraying the non resistant suspects (which they are at that time until further determination)….after they were put on the ground and seem to not resist cuffs should have went on and they should have been secured until they could get all the details of situation.
    They were drug out probably because they had just been sprayed with OC which is a Mother F***er….and were probably still feeling the effects getting them into fresh are asap is the best course to kill the pain of it.
    What does being white or black have to do with this….”Sure, two drunk guys playing with the fire alarm at 4 a.m. is suspicious, but you wonder if the reaction would have been different if it were two white guys, as opposed to a muscular NFL running back and his brother.” A nerdy white kid just killed a crap load of people in a movie theater in colorado or we forgot already….
    ignorance + arrogance = bigotry on all sides….
    the reporter of this article already brings race into the situation causing a prejudement of race onto it… now the cops are racists….what if it was a black cop to respond and he did the same exact thing????? if we are going to ask the questions lets ask them all…..
    “I want to apologize to my family, the Albany community, the Eagles organization and fans, and to the NFL for my involvement in an incident this past weekend,” Lewis said in a team-issued statement “It was never my intention to cause any public alarm or damage any property. I am sorry for any embarrassment and inconvenience that my actions have caused.”

  11. I really do not see the need to drag them out on concrete instead of giving them the option to walk out. I think that’s unjustified and the police should be called to task for that. At that point neither person was resisting in any way.

  12. GTD you are a probably one of the dumbest people ever and probably are the hotel clerk

  13. Not a black/white thing as much as a too-many-idiots-in-one-place and way-way-overreactive-cops thing.
    I’m white and have been roughed up several times by cops for being in the same zip code as miscreants. Anybody remember what the cops were like on Broad St after Phils WFC win? There are times for that all-inclusive bullying, this wasn’t one of them.
    Nobody represented themselves well, nobody was hurt, nothing more to see here.

  14. heh i’m not surprised by this at all…
    We live in a police-state.. you must accept it.
    This is what law enforcement looks like in East Germany Amurricah.
    The cops have no idea what’s going on so their first instinct is to draw their weapons and aim them at 2 guests? Then before the two can even comprehend what’s going on they get thrown to the ground..
    I gotta say Kyle you’re being a pretty big faggot for even attempting to defend these assholes with badges. We don’t, well, aren’t supposed to, assume guilt before innocence. But anyway, there’s tens of videos just like this everyday on the internet showing the ridiculous amounts of force police will use against unarmed, peaceful citizens. Nothing will change. I’m still waiting for these “good cops” to step up against these “bad cops.”
    Just remember folks.. when you’re in danger.. and seconds count.. the cops are just minutes away!!

  15. @Ronald Paulbucks
    Actually, Kyle is being pretty impartial. This is the problem with all you jackasses. You see some 30 second clip and suddenly you know all the circumstances surrounding it. It’s pretty simple. The cops responded to the incident as it was called in. 2 men trying to get into a building at 4 am, one of which possibly has a knife. Also, It’s not the Cops’ duty to determine guilt or innocence. That’s what a courtroom is for.

  16. Finally met chance last night. He was getting fucked by his own dog right outside xfinity live. Curb your dog you slut!

  17. What did Dion Lewis do that the video conveniently just missed that caused his brother to follow him around trying to calm him down? Also, can someone verify that the alarm was pulled? I’m guessing that’s what Lewis did that caused his brother to try to talk some sense into him. Why couldn’t Lewis just have called the front desk, explained the situation and displayed his room key? Problem solved.

  18. People go to great lengths to excuse the actions of police when it comes to the treatment of black people. There are always “what if” comments included. I say blah blah blah. Until we collectively require our police to act at a higher standard people are going to continue to be abused.

  19. @Open your eyes
    youre a giant POS who should go live in a commie nation if you think “playing with a fire alarm” is grounds to have weapons pointed at your head and be dragged out to concrete on your knees. keep apologizing for these morons and theyll keep pulling this shit… like i said.. im still waiting for the “good cops” to show up and reprimand the bad ones.. never happens.. they just get paid vacation.. err suspension.
    how about asking a question or two before going through with treating the two guys like mass murderers.
    you statists ALWAYS have an excuse to pardon the officer no matter how unprofessional, and criminal they act. you’ll defend them cause you’re tough arm-chair warriors.. until the day you get thrown out of your car.. knee in back.. and asked for your “papers” for running a stop sign or because the officer “smelled marijuana”
    i dont know the whole story.. but i can tell you for sure that from that video.. Lewis and his brother didn’t attempt to threaten the officers in any way and didn’t deserve to have force used against them.

  20. The most interesting Phillies fan on my street
    I don’t believe you
    1) I don’t believe cops ever approached you with guns drawn
    2) I don’t believe cops ever pepper sprayed you in a hotel lobby
    3) I don’t believe cops ever dragged you on the ground while you were handcuffed
    You’re just another reason that blacks hate whites in this country – you can watch a video that clearly shows cops mistreating black people and you make excuses for the cops by saying I’m white it happened to me

  21. I was bringing race into it because, let’s be real, does that guy call the cops if, say, it were me trying to break in?
    Probably not, let’s be honest. And you can’t blame the cops, they are in a vulnerable position, it’s 4 a.m., two guys allegedly trying to break into a hotel, maybe with weapon, drunk. What would you have liked them to do? Offer them tea and wait around for the continental breakfast?

  22. @Ronald Paulbucks
    Yeah they probably didn’t need to mace them or drag them out but please stop acting like this is Rodney King 2k12. Why don’t you blame the dude who called 911? He’s the one who gave shoddy details. If a cop is told someone has a weapon, they HAVE to act to protect themselves and anyone in the area.

  23. If I was a cop I would of beat the shit out of them 2 idiots. They were obviously up to no good creeping around the joint at 4am carrying a gun.

  24. Can someone explain to me why the youth of America insists on revolting against the Law Enforcement community. I for one feel releaved knowing that the police officers had their weapons drawn at the threat of a weapon. What if you were at this same hotel and these individuals indeed had a deadly weapon on them? Wouldn’t you want the police officers to come to the rescue as soon as possible and prepared to act accordingly. I know I would. These officers were under the impression that these individuals had weapons so they acted appropriately. What the youth appears to not understand is that the law enforcement officers were responding to the threat of a deadly weapon. I would like to thank them for potentially saving lives that night.
    My biggest issue is this issue of racism on this blog. Ladies and gentlemen we need to create a triage if you will to put a stop to this moving forward. We are a family and need to accept one another.

  25. @Edward Mirphy- how come African Ametricans walk at a snails pace? I work in center city & it drives me nuts when I’m walking. They also take forever in food lines & even takes them about 10 minutes to get cash out of the ATM. I know, I know I’m rambling on & don’t mean to come off as hating.

  26. @edward murphy
    because there is never… EVER.. accountability..
    when you have a monopoly over the use of force.. you arent accountable for your actions.
    police.. theyre gonna protect and serve the shit out of you with clubs and guns

  27. Mr. Edward Murphy always hits the Nail on the head

  28. Mr. Russell,
    Unfortunately you are misinformed and that is something that we need to work on. Law Enforcement officers that use excessive force are consistently held accountable. What you don’t understand is that if the court of law or their superiors deem that they have utilized excessive force in trying to protect our lives, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law or will simply be fired. Imagine trying to protect someone and in doing so you lose your job, house, wife, etc. Your entire livelihood is destroyed because you used too much force. 99% of the time the officers use clubs/guns it is entirely justified in protecting the public and normally it is because the individual is resisting arrest or threating someone’s life. I recommend that you attend a training seminar or participate in a police drive around one day, as I have, it will completely change your outlook. You have to ask yourself, what would you do if police were not able to serve and protect us. They are out there day in and day out disrupting and dismantling the criminal network. It is time to show respect for the 99% that serve us proudly. I am disgusted with the youth of America’s ignorance and will try my best to educate them, moving forward

  29. Fast Eddie….. So clueless.
    You must be white. Well guess what, I’m black. I’ve been arrested so many times for doing nothing. I’ve been locked up basically because of my color. And out of the 11 times I’ve been cuffed, more than half (yes, 6 times) the white cops have roughed me up. I’ve had cracked lips, a broken nose, and needed stitches once.
    I didn’t resist and they said I did. Of course the white judge believed the cops. They didn’t get in no trouble.
    You are wrong. Take you’re dumb stuff elsewhere.

  30. Mr. Toothpick,
    I am very concerned with your allegations. Have you followed-up with anyone in the law enforcement community or an attorney? If not, I strongly advise that you do, especially if you have any evidence. Do you recall the arresting officer’s names by any chance? You need to ensure that no stone is left unturned. True Story, I have written countless e-mails to supervisors whenever I have observed a law enforcement officer acting inappropriately. Now, I will admit, having said that, I do believe that you are most likely sizzling up your history as the majority of individuals that are arrested claim to be innocent and those that have force used against them state that they did not resist, when the evidence indicates otherwise
    The color of my skin is irrelevant to this discussion and is of no consequence to you.

  31. Yo Eddie,
    I’m a black man also & have been pulled over several times for DWB because I drive a nice whip. These pigs always searching my ride for narcotics & I never did nothing wrong. Drives me insane with anxiety & makes me hate cops.
    Are sound like a smart white boy, are you an attorney?

  32. I don’t have a problem with the weapons being drawn when a possible robbery was reported, but everything after that was excessive. There was absolutely no reason to drag them across the ground after being cuffed. I didn’t see the pepper spray, but if it happened, that’s fucking ridiculous.
    Cops need to understand that they are vastly outnumbered by the public, and they NEED our cooperation to be effective. If the public turns on them, and we’re getting closer to that point all the time, they’ll be unable to do their jobs. These jackbooted tactics only widen the gap between us and them.
    And Edward Murphy, you’re a fucking joke. When cops cross the line, they almost NEVER get prosecuted or fired. The most that happens is an “internal review”, “suspension”, or “voluntary retirement”, in which they still collect their massive, taxpayer funded pensions. I wasn’t born yesterday.

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