Video: The Ridiculous Home Run Derby in Reading

Back in the spring, we told you about Reading’s insane home run derby plans: interns on trampolines, golf carts, flamingos (fake), someone hanging from a crane, fans on the field during the derby. The list goes on. 

Last night, it happened. It happened just like they said. And as far as we know, no one died. 

Another video after the jump.



13 Responses

  1. Was there with Justin last night. It reminded me of the bean-bag championship held in Paris back in 66. Many people were killed.

  2. dunk tank was hit twice. Golf cart got whacked a bunch too. Few people hit the crane.

  3. I was at the derby last night and no one died. I was on the field between 1st and 2nd base and this was so much fun.

  4. Seriously, it was an awesome time. This homerun hitting contest was much better than the MLB contest. And Ricky Bo hit the roaming golf cart. How can you beat that?

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