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Shane Victorino wasn’t so happy about that report of him whining over batting seventh last weekend. Here’s what he told Ryan Lawrence of the Delco Times on Saturday afternoon: [Delco Times]

"Absolutely 100 percent false. Unless you know for sure that’s the reason, I was there an hour before the lineup was even up and I was already like that. For him to make an accusation like that, he should be held accountable; something should be done. It had nothing to do with anything that was going on the field, or hitting seventh, or anything like that.

That was my point. One person made a [bleepin’] false statement. That’s the problem with social media, and it pisses me off. It’s all over the news … fans thinking I’m sitting because I (complained about) hitting seventh. That’s not me. You know that. I’ve batted first through [bleeping] seventh all throughout my career. I’ve always played. I’ve never ever complained about that. So that’s what pissed me off even more about that day. Now the whole baseball world, and fans think I’m this crybaby – and I’ve never been that guy. That’s what pisses me off. That stuff should be held accountable; he can write whatever he wants."


That guy would be Delco Times editor Rob Parent, who apologized for, but never removed this Tweet: [from last weekend]

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Let’s hit it.


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The roundup:

– Sixers rookie Xavier Silas continues to recover from a nasty concussion suffered in a summer league game on Friday. He had surgery on Saturday to “fuse several sinus fractures.” You can view video of his injury here. Evan Turner, tweeting a screenshot of a text message, clearly doesn’t know how to spell his teammate's name. via (@markmcgeever)

Screen Shot 2012-07-16 at 8.19.27 AM

– Score one (three?) for these girl’s softball jerseys, sent to us by reader Kathy. I wonder if the Gagne’d girl was later traded away a year too early and went on to win the championship with a beer league team stacked with former mates?

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– Ozzie Guillen freaked out at douchebag Bryce Harper this weekend, calling him “unprofessional” over a pine tar complaint: [Boston Herald]

"I was just telling (Harper) how cute he was," Guillen joked. "Something happened the inning before and I don’t like it. I could say a lot of (expletive) about this kid. I’ve been praising this kid 3-4 times they ask me about him. I say he’s a great player. What he did today was unprofessional.”

"I’m going to leave it like that and talk to his manager in a little while."


Here’s grainy video. via (@dcsportsbog)

I’ll side with the bag here.

– Here are 150 photos from Sixers dance team auditions held last week.

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CHMM: Hamels pitched yesterday: 8 IP, 6 H, 1 ER, 7 K, 1 BB. +3 million.

Cole Hamels Millions Meter: $149 million.

– There’s one team the Phillies should, under no circumstances, trade Hamels– the Dodgers. But, per a report from Danny Knobler on CBS Sports yesterday, that’s the latest team interested in trading for Cole: [CBS Sports]

Yes, they're interested, but they appear to be something of a longshot to make a deal with the Phillies. The Dodgers have spoken to the Phillies about Hamels, sources said Sunday, but the Phillies aren't thrilled with the players the Dodgers could offer in return.

The Dodgers remain aggressive in their pursuit of both starting pitching and hitting. Their need for pitching may have become more urgent with the news Sunday that Chad Billingsley will have an MRI on his right elbow.


Cole may never get back on that plane in LA.

– Phillies minor leaguer Jiwan James had the number one play on SportsCenter yesterday with this catch:

– According to ESPN sources, the Joe Paterno statue will stand. For now.

– Pictures from Olympic Village, where sex is frequent.

– put together an Allen Iverson sneaker retrospective.

– And speaking of sneakers… our fashion editor Dan Fuller was sent a pair of counterfeit sneakers by an eBay user. His filed complaint is hilarious… or completely sad. You judge.


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  1. I’d totally Giroux that girl’s Gagne and then bust a Briere all over her Bryzgalovs.

  2. Jiwan James’ catch should not have been a catch, he caught it off the wall with his non-glove hand. Watch the replay at the end.

  3. Why would he ever buy those shoes? Also, big ups to him for having size 14 feet. He must have a big…pair of socks.

  4. wtf- nothing on my boy Trent Cole down the Av this weekend.

  5. @Chris – I happen to like the Air Max 95-esque style. To each his own, I guess. There were some warning signs in the listing that I (in hindsight) feel stupid for having missed such as feedback rating, type of pictures, and so on.
    Size 13, actually, but yes, very large socks [which are tough to find in stores]. I have an issue with regular sized socks going threadbare at the toe because of this. This is not a euphemism. [yes, too much information…]

  6. Jiwan James looks like he pulled off the old ball in his pocket trick, that went out.

  7. Shane needs to stop being more worried about cheating on his wife then producing on the field. get his head on the game!

  8. Agreee that he did not catch that ball. Couple things- you can see the ball clearly go past his outstretched glove. Also, the glove went over the fence, so wouldn’t the ball? If not it hit the wall, and he trapped it with his bare hand. I don’t think he had a ball in his pants (other than the ones he was born with…)

  9. why do so many people act like super doosh-bags when trying to show us what a doosh Harper is?
    wish the Phils had more doosh bags
    2007 – Jimmy was a doosh and that worked out well –

  10. Gagne traded away a year two early?? My godddddddddddd I hate the BS whiner comments on the Flyers moves.

  11. Shane loves cheating on his wife. Trent must if fell in love with a whore in Avalon

  12. nothing about this convinced me that batting seventh wasn’t exactly why Shane was acting shitty.

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