Your Monday Morning Roundup: Fallout Edition!

image from"So, like, you're going to remember happier times, right, Cole?"

The era has ended. Officially. 

Well, it’s hard to mark the end of any arbitrary period of time with the official stamp, but if you would have asked me, say, two years ago, “What will the end of days look like?” I would have said something along the lines of: Cole Hamels will be on the trading block, Doc will be in the midst of an extended DL trip, Cliff Lee will have trouble pe be a Phillie again WTF?!, Howard and Utley will become shells of their former healthy selves, Shane Victorino will throw temper tantrums, Jimmy Rollins will continue to make smug remarks, David Montgomery will be forced to defend Charlie Manuel, Jonathan Papelbon will be a Phillie and throw unruly fans out of the bullpen, Dom Brown– still in the minors, and the team will be 37-50 at the All-Star break.

Yeah, my crystal ball is dope. Anyway, all that is happening. The building is burning. There’s barely time to save the women and children, let alone read long-winded ledes. Grab what you can and come with me as we survey the damage.


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The roundup:

In the big news of the day, CSN’s ace Phillies reporter, Leslie Gudel, who we once compared to Jeff Daniels’ character in Speed (years of applaudable work and now a reduced role, but still available for the big interview or to run into a booby trapped building), had the conversation that every other Phils reporter wanted to have: a one-on-one with Cole Hamels. 

Hamels, candid as usual, made it clear that he really likes Philly, but the prospect of being a free agent and finding out his “true value” is intriguing. He addressed the two most talked about scenarios – being traded and signing with the Dodgers – and his answers were rather interesting: [CSN Philly]

LG: When it comes down to it, if it’s the Phillies and Dodgers and the money is the same, what are you picking?

CH: “That’s a tough question, because I have a lot of more positive influences here, and just with everything we have, with our foundation needs and how well we’ve been able to do in the community and how much the community has supported us.  I think that’s a huge factor.  

We obviously live here, so I think that makes it a lot easier with kids and once they start getting into school, the choices you have to make there… I don’t think you can beat this organization just in the way they treat their players and families. It’s outstanding.  So, ultimately that’s probably the highest positive you could ever have is what your value is to a team… what you know versus the unknown. And when things are good, you don’t ever leave when things are good.”

LG: So let’s paint the scenario. Is there a possibility you could be traded and then come back to sign with the Phillies in the off-season?

CH: “Of course! That’s something I would never doubt, because of the situation [with the team struggling] and us obviously not being at the front of the pack. I can always leave and come back. When a team gets rid of you, I don’t think anybody looks at it as a slap in the face. I know Cliff didn’t. He pretty much showed the prime example of getting traded off before a [full] season and then coming back. I think that’s always a great possibility.   

It’s an organization and I understand the business side and I won’t be offended. I think you need to know your players and because I think I’ve been here long enough, I think [the front office] pretty much understands my personality and they know that if something had to arise, I wouldn’t be offended and I still would give them the benefit of the doubt and come back, because this is one of the best organizations I’ve ever seen. It has the best fan base I’ve ever seen. It’s a great place to play baseball and there are a ton of great guys to play baseball with.”


Hamels also added that he thinks this is just a down year for the Phillies and not a sign of things to come.

You can read the full interview here.

Now, if we flip that candid coin over to the opposite side, where the mouths are nearly closed and the answers are smug, we’ll find Jimmy Rollins, the team’s supposed leader, who refused to speak about the sinking ship:

Screen Shot 2012-07-09 at 8.37.08 AM

Jesus. Bill Zane’s character showed more compassion on the deck of the Titanic.

Some media folks lined up to – rightfully – get their shots in on the inaccessible Phillies:

Screen Shot 2012-07-09 at 8.36.59 AM

Shane Victorino: As expected, some folks took issue with our previous post – Victo at a club and Wawa late Friday night – but we stand by it. And we’ll add to it.

Reader Adam sends along an email:

I happened to come across your tweet and immediately thought to email you. I was in the Margate Wawa really drunk with two of my friends. In the photo you have my friend Jon is the guy in the blue button down next to Shane. Shane's eyes seemed a little, "glazy" as in blood shot. I drunkingly told him Im a diehard and Ill always believe but its very difficult at this point. I also asked him if we has a shot. He didn't really seem to care what me or anyone else was shouting at him. It frustrated me he went 0-4. Maybe he shouldn't have been out until 4 am. Interesting tweet.


Reader Hilary sends along a Tweet:

Screen Shot 2012-07-09 at 8.36.50 AM

Neither of those thing are that big a deal. But, when your season is going to shit and you're getting benched for either throwing a hissy fit about the batting order or being down about your performance, then driving to the beach in the middle of the night, partying at a club and eating late-night hoagies probably isn’t the ideal preparation for a game scheduled just 15 hours later in 102 degree heat. As such, maybe Shane just needed a nap when he stormed out of the clubhouse before yesterday’s game:

Screen Shot 2012-07-09 at 8.42.42 AM

Poor guy.

We have more photos of Jonathan Papelbon preventing a fan from climbing into the bullpen: [via reader Cait]

Screen Shot 2012-07-09 at 9.05.17 AM
Screen Shot 2012-07-09 at 9.05.17 AM

David Montgomery gave a State of the Team to the Daily News. Most notable, his answers regarding the manager: []

Q: I'll give you a for-instance. Completely hypothetical. A guy like Domonic Brown could use a shot at the majors, but a guy like Juan Pierre gives you a better chance to win on a nightly basis. His contract is going to be up at the end of the year and obviously he isn't a long-term future guy. If you do get to a point where the playoffs are unlikely, at least you would have a half-season to find out about Diekman and Brown and guys like that. But if a guy like Manuel is thinking, "Well, I've got to win to save my job … "

A: I would be surprised if Charlie would think that.

Q: You would?

A: Yeah, I would.

Q: Have you told him that?

A: I'm just saying, I talk to Charlie frequently. His focus isn't about his job, his focus is about winning a game. You may say, well, that's the correlation. My point is, if we're all doing our job, that stuff literally takes care of itself. This is a different challenge than Charlie has had, there's no question about that, and we've talked about that. We've been a good second-half club, and it's because we've pretty much been a together clubhouse. So hopefully, in addition to providing a little help on the field, some of the key elements of that clubhouse returning are helpful from that standpoint.

Q: Is a managerial change something that you can rule out?

A: That's certainly not anything we're focusing on. Our focus is of much more immediate concerns as to as how do we play better baseball and who are the best components to have on the field … We're all being judged by people like you and people who email you.


Read the full interview here.

So there you have it– the end of days. Cole Hamels on the trading block, pissy former speedsters, David Montgomery answering questions about Charlie Manuel’s future with the club, angry media, and crazed fans. This was all predictable. For the last five years, as the Phillies feasted on success, the front office, players, manager, and even the PR staff could get away with anything. Don’t feel like being held accountable today, superstar? Fine. Dumb baseball moves worked out because the team is loaded with overpaid All-Stars? All good. Ignoring the fringes of the roster and the farm system to sign another big-name player? Awesome! The organization as a whole being able to get away with a lack of transparency, complacent cockiness, and condescending public relations? All good, we’re winning!

Not anymore.

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24 Responses

  1. I was sitting next to the guy who ran on the field, he said to his buddy before doing it. “I can do better than the relievers we have” His buddy- “Well go ahead and warm up”…. “Ok”

  2. Damn, the only thing I was hoping for out of this bad stretch is that Philly Phaithful would stop making those corny ass shirts for faggot college kids. Guess not

  3. Here is a good question … Why are people flipping out? Why are people so ready to blow up the entire team and trade or off load every single player? How many of these idiots were fans before 2007? Do they remember how bad it was and how much worse it’s going to get? There is a reason none of you are MLB GM’s …
    I understand that this team is bad, REALLY bad but this is nothing new to REAL Phillies fans that remember 1995-2006 … When the stand were empty and the Phillies couldn’t even sniff the playoffs, when the Phillies were cheap and put trash on the field and when we frankly were embarrassing. For fuck’s sake if you wanted Phillies Tickets back in the day you just went to Acme and bought Phillies Franks! That’s just HOW BAD it can be.
    I agree that we need to shake up the team, perhaps show Charlie the gate and maybe even replace Ruben but people need to SIMMER down! There is a reason that so few teams have won back to back world series and titles. Teams have bad years and teams need to be retooled. Look at the Cardinals, they won in 2006 and didn’t win again for 5 years. Just relax and if you’re real Phillies fan, stay the course.
    I stopped going to the actual games in 2010. There was something special about 2007, 2008 and 2009 and was at the park all the time but now … I won’t go there if you pay me. You walk through a parking lot full of college kids who are wasted and don’t even have tickets to the game, you are surrounded by “experts” who give your their commentary during the game which is usually how bad Howard sucks (yawn) or you are stuck next to a group of 16yo girls who are on their cell phones the entire time telling everyone where they are and how cool they are to be there. Part of me is looking forward to going to games in September when they are out of it and the park is half empty again … Although I’d rather see a jam packed park and some let season heroics but I’m not holding my breath.
    For all you bandwagon jumpers, the Eagles will be starting in a few weeks, so you can get back on that bandwagon for a few months until they get blown out in the first round of the playoffs and you’ll start talking about Spring Training. again.

  4. Somehow I don’t see Shane getting a contact extension here.
    Not exactly having a good contract year.
    If this were a contract year for Chooch? Yikes!

  5. I would have slapped that meatball sub right out of shane’s hands, if he disrespected me like that.
    If Shane would put half the effort into hitting like he does cheating on his wife, he would have made a ton of $$ on his next contract. POS loser

  6. Since when is Jimmy Rollins considered a star player? This guy has been cashing in a paycheck here since 2008. One fluke year in 2007. On top of that he was able to hold Amaro hostage for a new deal when they could’ve filled his production with the back-up SS from ‘A League Of Their Own”.
    Amaro is a dope. Puts way too much emphasis on keeping the clubhouse core guys here. That’s why he paid Moyer that ridiculous contract after the WS when they should’ve ushered him to the nearest nursing home. Blanton, Rollins and the list goes on … GET OVER 2008! THIS IS 2012 AND IF YOU ARE NOT CONSISTENTLY TRYING TO GET BETTER YOU’LL BE WATCHING THE TRAIN GO BY!

  7. Wow, great post by Kevin. I agree 100% with it. I think changes need to be made. Get rid of Victorino, Blanton, Polanco. Re-sign Hamels (never get rid of top pitching…ever) and for God’s sake make the bullpen an offseason priority as well as some power hitters. I think this team is at a crossroads where some changes can put them back on the right track, or they could go down the tubes.

  8. No one at all was complaining when they were making the moves you’re now so smugly dissing, including yourself. No one at all knocked us trading away Drabek for Halladay or or giving up on Gohse or Singleton. In fact the only deal people complained about at all the last three years was getting prospects back for Cliff Lee. You can’t have it both ways people. The team either trades away prospects for big name players to win now or it holds on to the prospects and gets called cheap for not getting the big name players. Either way Monday Morning QB’s with 20/20 hindsight like yourself with complain when they aren’t the 1 team out of 30 who wins the Series and act like you knew it all along. Hypocrite.

  9. I agree with Kevin. Relax. Everything that could have gone wrong has. Specifically the bullpen it is pretty humorous at this point. Every possible option Stutes, Contreras, DeFratus, Bastardo, Qualls, and even Herndon all have been either injured or havent had a good season.
    I was at the game yesterday and from the 5th inning on the stadium steadily emptied. Good news was that I could get a sandwich and food in half an inning.
    I wonder why Kyle doesnt jock Hunter Pence anymore? He loved Ruben for that move, but now it wasnt a good move. hahaha

  10. Kevin I agree with you especially when it comes to the ball park. It’s more like a Q102 concert down there then a baseball game. Teenagers and front runners that have become more common since 09….From 05-09 it was a special time at the bank watching Rollins & Burrell become leaders and growing up with Utley, Howard, Hamels, and Vic…..2 WS 1 Ring and 5 Divsion titles. It’s been a heck of a run that really started in 2006 with only missing the wild card by 2 games. Pat Gillick sending Aberu packing in 06 started this teams turn around. Gillick was able to plug in the right people afterwards guys like Dobbs, Eyre, Werth, Durban, Feliz and others that fit roles around a nucleus that was in its prime. RAJ has done a ok job not great and not awful. How many people loved him picking up Halladay, Lee Twice, Pence & Oswalt at the deadlines? I know I did Giving up those minor leauge players might have deminished our farm system but can anyone say there is a player who got away that is killing it elseplace?.NO…What RAJ has done wrong is sign bad contracts and not making the right moves on role players…Letting Lee walk the first time is hurting with Hamels now. If we would have kept Lee the first time after getting DOC we could have had clifton for 2010 then weighed the options of getting him in 2011 versus extending Hamels…that would have also stopped us for trading for oswalt and keeping him on the books for last year which could helped on getting other pieces such as a better 3rd base option, outfielder, or stronger veteran bullpen….you have two choices at this point trade cole and see if you can get young kids to help in a couple of years and still try to sign him in free agency….or just flat out sign hollywood and chalk this year up to a bad year and start fresh next year with trying to fill holes still knowing you have Hamels, Lee, Halladay, Howard, Pence, and Utley for 2013

  11. I for one don’t think hot young ass at the ballpark is a bad thing.

  12. Good post, Kevin. It wasn’t necessarily trash the Phillies were putting out there the latter part of those 1995-2006 years (they barely missed the playoffs in 2001, 2003, 2005, and 2006), but it wasn’t until late 2007 that the fake fans started showing up. Maybe this season will turn out to be a blessing, and weed out those types
    Everyone is terrified that it’s going to go back to the late 80s/1990s (with the obvious exception of ’93), but the past few years have me believing the Phils will bounce back next season

  13. @Rhea … Awesome man, I’ll keep a look out for you on to catch a predator.
    @Shane … Sorry your Kensington up bringing doesn’t afford you the ability to put together more than a few words a time.

  14. Love when people say they are a ‘real’ fan. Get the fuck outta here, ya dork. All these fan things you bitch about come with success. Shut the fuck up and stop whining, ya pissy cuntrag.

  15. I heard nothing from Charlie’s comments on Victorino that suggested he threw a hissy fit. From those comments, I heard that Victorino was understandably down about his lack of performance. Charlie said straight out that he didn’t care about being put in the seven-hole and it was his down-ness (not frustration, not anger) that prompted him to scratch him.
    But let’s all drink the Clarke and Missanelli kool-aid and create controversy where there is none.
    I don’t think we’re catching the Nationals for the division. But we still have a shot at making the playoffs if we have a good second half and Lady Luck quits shooting us in the foot. There’s been bad play throughout the first half, that can’t be denied, but there’s been a lot of bad luck and bad breaks as well.
    I will continue to support these guys. Hopefully, the members of the team not named Hamels, Ruiz, and Papelbon take the all-star break to chill out a bit and refocus themselves. They can still make a run for it.
    Even if we miss the playoffs this season, that doesn’t mean we’re going back to the bad days. Although if we did, there’d be more room on the bandwagon for people who remember more than five guys who played on this team between 1980-1993 and 1993-2007.

  16. You are so hardcore bro. You troll on Crossing Broad all day and night with your witty names and 9 times out of 10 your comments involve the word cunt. Is that what you do between World of Warcraft breaks? My guess is you’re so angry because the closest you’ve been to cunt is when your Mom shit you out of hers. Also since you probably couldn’t figure out all the words, I wasn’t bitching about the team, I was bitching about idiots that didn’t even know there was a baseball team in the city 5 years ago who like to act like they are Jerry Maguire, George Steinbrenner and Connie Mack rolled into one.

  17. Do I troll night and day? I actually hardly ever comment. I get it, you’re like the douche friend everyone has that likes a band before its famous then has to hate it once it gets popular. Say what you want, but these ‘college kids’ (of which I am not one. I’m older, and have my own business, btw) and the money they spend put A LOT of money into the organizations’s pocket. God forbid they have an opinion on what the team does. Only superfans like yourself are allowed to. What a dork.

  18. Also, the only role playing game I ever played was Final Fantasy, and didn’t like it much. I’m more of a Metal Gear type of guy.

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