Your Monday Morning Roundup: Delayed Edition

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I apologize for the slow weekend, but, as it turns out, I actually wrote seven posts on Saturday and Sunday… you just won’t be seeing them until later today due to a new mandate handed down by NBC which stipulates that all sports coverage be delayed a minimum of 10 hours. So, stay tuned to CB to find out how Cole Hamels fared on Friday night in his first start since signing a $144 million contract. Now, let's send it out to some village for women's equestrian peeing. Bob?

Let’s hit it.


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The roundup

– The tape-delayed Olympics are no longer a suitable experience, and folks are lining up to take shots at NBC:

Shane Ryan, Grantland

But we are living in the age of the spoiler. People are going to find out the results if they're around the Internet, television, or other humans. They just are. And if they don't want to know? They're going to avoid everything, including NBC stations. So, my question: How does it change anything if you broadcast the events live in the afternoon?? The people who watch prime time are still going to watch prime time. They're ALREADY avoiding TV, presumably while at work, and it wouldn't change anything to throw the rest of us a bone and put the swimming on CNBC. I mean, they even announce the results on the NBC news show that leads into the prime-time coverage! Even the rest of NBC isn't avoiding spoilers! AHHHH THIS RAGE IS GOING TO KILL ME! I should probably just give up and light my TV on fire, right? 


Richard Sandomir, New York Times:

Still, NBC cannot fully savor the success, at least not yet. By streaming all sports live to an audience more ravenous than ever for video content on computers, iPads and smartphones, NBC might have believed it had found a complaint cure-all. If no streams were held until the events aired on tape in prime time, how could anyone complain about delay? If fans absolutely had to see Michael Phelps swim live, they could see it. Up to 40 live streams are available at once. Such a fetching bonanza sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

But people want what they want when they want it — and they don’t want the video to freeze, skip, pixelate or buffer excessively. Some who wanted to watch Phelps race Ryan Lochte live (many hours before they raced, on delay, on NBC) were disappointed when the live streams seized up as if hexed by an NBC rival.


NBC’s chief digital officer is firing back at complaints.

– Not only is Twitter killing the viewing experience, it’s also hurting the games themselves– networks used for Olympic timing data are being overburdened by folks with smartphones.  

– This Delco Times columnist is in a swing-up pissing contest with Buzz Bissinger, whom he angered with this unfair column wondering why Bissinger wasn’t as outraged at his alma mater, Penn, for protecting a child predator as he was at Penn State. 

– There are conflicting reports on whether the Phillies will trade Hunter Pence to the Giants.

– Like Olympic women’s beach volleyball? Well! You should see Olympic women’s beach volleyball dancers

– A source tells The School Philly that Silas Redd will stay at Penn State. There will, however, be no announcement today

– Jerry Jones would like some “glory hole.”

18 best porn names at 2012 Olympics.

– Riley Cooper fractured his left collarbone and will be out six weeks.

– The Sixers signed Villanova’s Maalik Wayns.

– Finally:

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12 Responses

  1. 1)Michael phelps is a drug & sex addict.
    2)How gay are those shirts?
    3) rube is a pussy

  2. The 18 porn names thing is lame– it was just a bunch of Asian names (heh heh… her name is Poon). AND, they missed one of the best ones: Destinee Hooker (US Women’s Vball).

  3. Havertown’s Brendan Hanson also won the bronze medal yesterday. Give the local kid his props.

  4. desitinee hooker is definitely the best one and she is actually pretty hot
    agree with Lenny,those 3 eagles shirts suck

  5. My question is, why isn’t NBC using MSNBC or CNBC to broadcast anything Olympic? If they are, I haven’t seen it yet. The only “extra” channels are the b-ball only and soccer only channels available on HD. I agree that their coverage of this year’s games SUCKS. On top of that, every website and their mother is giving results in some form, either glaring headlines or medal counts, before NBC ever shows the events. It’s all basically pointless to watch.

  6. they are using those channels, but they’re not showing the marquee events, they’re waiting for prime time. so yeah, they have all their channels showing live events, but refuse to show the big stuff live on TV, just online.

  7. Uhhh Kyle… how was Spencer’s article unfair?
    I mean, you pretty much have stated all along that any article/blog post/angry rant at Penn State was justified because of the crimes and the cover up… what is different about the Penn situation?
    I’ve never heard of the Ward case. But now I’m extremely pissed off by it. I see NO difference between that and the Penn State scandal.
    Please enlighten me.
    I mean, shit, the Penn State scandal gets what, 100 posts over the past 10 months? And that gets a three-line, “let’s focus on something other than the meat of the article” throw-in during a roundup? I get that it’s not sports, but if you’re gonna comment on it at all, I think you gotta give it more than that.

  8. i agree with J.T. , either Kyle sucks Buzz’s balls or he is just an idiot and didnt read the whole article and how unbelievable the U of Penn treated this whole situation. where are the pitch forks Kyle? only difference i see is U of Penn doesnt have a legendary football coach involved

  9. Yea those shirts are for fruitcake’s. Anyone where the “south philly tailgate union” shirt in south Philly would probably get knocked out just for being lame.

  10. Nice colors on the shirts but the sayings/logos are gay as shit. It’s like wearing a Sunday funday tee shirt- you are that guy

  11. Jonny Marks here! Those shirts are horrendous!!!!!!!!!! Also, Kyle wanna join me and Brace at Andy’s Diner? I basically live there, table on the left by the window. Stop By!

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