97.5 The Fanatic’s Digital Billboards Take Aim at Jimmy Rollins

Screen Shot 2012-08-16 at 1.28.12 PMPic via 97.5's Facebook page

Another sign of the End of Days for the Phillies.  

Earlier today, 97.5 updated its message on several electronic billboards it has control of around the city. Usually, the digital signs say things like Mike Missanelli on-air now! or contain similar programming announcements. 

Not today. 

On some of its billboards, 97.5 has put up messaging that takes aim at J-Roll™. Too far? Maybe a little, but, judging by the Tweets and comments seen here, the sentiment isn’t much different from what most of you think.

Joe DeCamara, the station’s assistant program director, told me the billboards are being mostly well received: “We’ve gotten calls from people who saw it. I think it’s resonating with fans who are disgusted with Jimmy’s lack of effort yesterday.”  

The ones with the Rollins message are in the following locations and will remain up for most of the day: 95 North near Broad St (near the stadiums), 76 West near the Walt Whitman Bridge, 95 South near Ashburner St., 95 South near Madison St., Rt 30 Admiral Wilson Blvd., Rt 30 near Rout 130, PA Turnpike Eastbound near Butler Pike and 76 West near Dickinson St.

Remember when rooting for the Phillies was, you know, fun?


50 Responses

  1. The bun needs to go. St louis was father back then this last year. I didn’t think we were out of it until i saw his shitty play. All year he has been a Bum. I hope his daughter sees this one day and is disgusted. Lazy POS.

  2. Yeeeeea cause the season is all Jimmy’s fault. Give me a break you f’ing losers. Through all the years the same folks blast this guy every chance they get yet give NO credit when he does well or led our team to success. Does he pop out a lot…yes. Bad lack of effort on some plays, absolutely and not ok but spare me the get rid of him he sucks. Um…most of this team has sucked. Spread the wealth. And why mention his daughter at all? Yo guy, have YOUR daughter compare what you’ve amouted too compared to what Jimmy has achieved. So who exactly is the POS?

  3. @ I love Philly fans and I despise them at times, is J Roll (without the gay TM attached

  4. Can not wait til you people stop watching baseball again !!!
    ps Joe Decamera is the biggest fuckin tool on any station in all of Philadelphia.
    Beez Nutz

  5. Robbie Ellis is spot on correct. It’ll be business as usual with Jimmy batting leadoff tonight like nothing at all happened. That’s why I’m not worked up over what happened in Florida yesterday because accountability is just a word in the dictionary when you’re a last place team and have nothing to play for.

  6. You people are the epitome of Philly fans. Blame the first guy (Jimmy, Jim Thome, and more) you see and make him the bad guy.
    It is so sad when fans turn from supportive to vindictive in 9 months. We as Phans had a great run over the last 5 years.
    I hope people will still support the Phils the rest of this season and stop pointing fingers.

  7. It doesn’t matter if you are leading by 30 games or down by 30 games – you play the game the way it should. People are not bad fans or “pointing fingers” for wanting a guy to show he cares, run the ball out, and put in effort. Its why people like Doc and Chase so much because THEY ALWAYS GIVE EFFORT!! There is 20 yr old in D.C. who doesn’t need to be told to run hard, why should it be different for a vet? Also, put your REAL NAME up if you want to criticize – quit hinding behind some made up geek name.

  8. Here the problem Jimmy’s lack of hustle shows that he’s simply earning his paycheck at this point which is what I heard a lot of the veterans are doing in the clubhouse that to me really irks me I got season tickets this year and every year since 1999 when I could afford them it’s one thing if we’re losing but I’ve spent 15k this year to watch them not hustle not care no its bullshit and should be held accountable
    As for galvis being a cheater steroids can’t make you hit a ball any better than babe Ruth fact is MLBs drug testing policy contains thousands of banned substances some of which are in certain baby foods milk etc it is possible that Freddy happened to have something like that happen because dude couldn’t hit for shit and wasn’t jacked but gave 110 percent effort that’s a dude I’ll root for every day

  9. It has to do with nit-wits slamming on my team. It is not one guy that put the Phils where they are. And one guy sure won’t dig them out.
    It is too late to point fingers, but it it is never to late to support your team.

  10. Brian-
    No but it is ONE GUY who is supposed to be a leader of this team. You go as your leader goes. Maybe his shitty effort, and complacency with his contract, does have something to do with the teams performance. I don’t think he sucks, but he does SUCK at giving effort. I will root for this team no matter what their record is – all I care is the guys show up and play each game with effort. Including the outfielders hustling after balls that stay in the air for 5 seconds, and making a catch not waiting for it to bounce up to their chest.

    Posted by: Beez Nutz | August 16, 2012 at 04:46 PM
    -Dumbest fucking comment I have ever read on this site. Hands down number 1.

  12. So you are happy with Jimmy’s lackadaisical attitude on the field? I’m not pointing any fingers but it really wouldn’t hurt to show a little effort no matter what the season looks like.

  13. I just want Jimmy to start talking in the third person like Rickey Henderson. “Jimmy Rollins didn’t need to run hard to first, Jimmy Rollins is the leader of this team, Jimmy Rollins knows what’s up” etc.
    That would be fuckin’ awesome.

  14. @Rich
    I’ve personally posted dumber shit on this site myself.
    Sucks that its what some of you jackasses sound like (referring to the 31 games comment)

  15. This whole thing really shouldn’t be that big a deal. There are plenty of issues with the team, like the crappy bullpen, the declining core, and the over sized contracts, that are way more important to worry about than whether or not somebody runs through a sure out when we’re 30 games out of 1st.

  16. how bout start bashing the 20million$$ man cliffy lee?! Im watching this dude give up 3 moon shot home runs in 4 innings?!?! Come on maaan. Sick and tired

  17. well, if only Matt Nahigian could make the same good decisions with his on air talent as he has with his billboards

  18. *** note to the apologists — this is NOT a bad season…
    — this is an ABSOLUTE fucking disgrace of a season where the team flat out quit before the All-Star break –
    19 games back – NINETEEN FUCKING games back
    jerkoffs like J-Roll will say that the team never quit – then in a 2-1 game he barely jogs out a play
    and what’s more disturbing – not one player (that I have seen/read/heard) said a fucking word – Doc should have had him by the throat when he came back to the dugout

  19. It’s not that it’s JBum’s FAULT the team is bad, but this gets magnified when one of your LEADERS dogs it in a bad season!!!! AND>>> IF HE WANTS TO BE A LEADOFF HITTER…HE HAS TO PLAY LIKE A LEADER AND FUCKING HUSTLE OUT GROUND MUTHERFUCKING BALLS….He’s a primadonna…he WAS one of my favorite players until his frontrunner comments and then this off season just made it worse!!

  20. Nice…nobody mentions that 97.5 puts this on their boards while J-Roll and Phil’s are out of town on a road trip and won’t see it!

  21. Next season: Ryno takes over, chews asses, benches slackers and trades pussies, we win the WS in 4.
    A man can dream.

  22. thats fucking ridiculous. why would anyone want to play here after that. give me a break. be professional, or if you cant go that far, atleast be adults over there at 97.5. thats a complete joke

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