CEO of Company Making Vick’s Flak Jacket Guarantees He Won’t Get Injured

Vick won't get hurt now, because the CEO of a three-year old company says so. (Photo: USA Today)

You don't know who Rob Vito is, but you will by the time you're done reading this.

We've already told you that Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will use thicker rib protection this season after suffering an injury in the team's second preseason game. Now, the man behind the company that provides that protection is making a bold statement.

Unequal Technologies CEO Rob Vito has guaranteed that Michael Vick "will not get hurt" with the new protection. It's a bold, ballsy, and fairly stupid statement concerning a player who already has enough trouble staying healthy, but Vito sounds confident. ESPN's Darren Rovell has more:

Unequal Technologies, a 3-year-old, Pennsylvania-based company, uses what Vito says is a military grade, battle-tested composite material that has Dupont Kevlar to protect athletes from on-field injuries.

"What Michael is wearing was born on the battlefield and forged on the gridiron," Vito said.


Does Unequal Technologies also make something that will prevent concussions, hamstring injuries, or bruised and broken hands? They do make protective headgear actually, but no one has said anything about Vick wearing it.

How about something that will prevent people from saying Nick Foles is starting quarterback-quality? Sorry… getting off-track.

No one wants Mike Vick to get hurt, but shit like this isn't going to make anything easier for him on the field or off of it. Vito's wording isn't great either… he should have spoken in regards to Vick's ribs and midsection instead of Vick in general. Seriously… how many people will take that comment and apply it to Vick's entire person?


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  1. post some cheerleader pics or something. been boring as sh*t on here the last few weeks

  2. i’m not a sports blogger who wears a seashell necklace but i think the CEO was only referring to vick not suffering any kind of rib injuries cause of said rib protector, i highly doubt he meant the rib protector will protect the rest of his body. way to stretch that quote out though. where is kyle?

  3. I don’t believe I should be the starter but I should definitely get to play some games (I know I will because vick will get hurt). You have to be delusional to believe Vick will be healthy come playoff time. He’s only started the full season once in his career and that was in 2006 with Atlanta. All I’m saying is it can’t hurt(you like that?) to let me start some games and develop. Vick will only lead this team to the superbowl if he is 100% healthy. And I don’t ever see that happening unfortunately, rib protection or not.

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