Charlie Manuel Pulls J-Roll For…. Wait For It… Not Hustling

Video is fixed. (Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia)

Tell me if you've heard this one before

Jimmy Rollins didn't hustle again. This time, Charlie Manuel did something about it during the game.


As you can see in the video, there's a good chance J-Roll's actions cost the Phils a run. Just two weeks ago, in Miami, he got heat for not running out a play against the Marlins. The dude just doesn't fucking get it.

Some of you noticed, too.


I think that last one may have been my favorite…

…maybe the Fanatic has another billboard coming.


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41 Responses

  1. Probably celebrating labor day early or saving his energy to jump the fence at the Jay Z concert with the rest of them

  2. ^^^^
    What he said… I haven’t seen a site deteriorate so fast in my life. If I were a sponsor I’d ask for my money back.

  3. C’mon Kyle! U jackass! Aerent u the one who constantly reminds us the season is OVER?!? Get a real job this site pretty much sucks now!

  4. It really sucks rollins didnt reach second on that error. We wouldve made the playoffs if he did!

  5. Can we get a video of the popup that Rollins apparently ran lazily on earlier in the inning?

  6. This post should be titled:
    Afternoon…Wood? The Ryan Gillon is an Asshole Edition
    Get the right video clip up!

  7. Finally Cholly benched J-Roll about time. I don’t get you people. You bitch about Kyle then when Ryan steps in you bitch about him sucking and you want Kyle back. Then you all say that the site has gone downhill but you are still reading and commenting on it. I don’t get it. You are all like a bunch of little old ladies that having nothing better to do and that is coming from a little old lady. Yes before anyone says it I will go back in the kitchen and make a sandwich (yawn).

  8. Um, is it possible that there is just isn’t a clip available yet of the pop up and so we went with what is available so far? The one of Charlie tossing Jimmy? If he hadn’t posted anything, you’d be bitching about that. This site just can’t fucking win. Bunch of cry babies.

  9. What’s benching this loser for a game going to do? When is this manager going to grow a pair and keep him out of the lineup longer? His play alone warrants an extended benching to begin with?
    I am so tired of the Rollins era. The Rollins era was over in 2007-2008. Someone remind Amaro of that and get some new blood in here that’s going to infuse some energy in this lifeless team

  10. Don’t mind these crybaby bitches. Son. Now come here, I have something to tell you. Closer… closer… a little bit closer.. “SMACK” There, that’s for picking on that nice boy Vance yesterday. Mommy has some shopping to do to replace the underwear you destroyed, be a good boy while I’m gone.

  11. I’d like to see some of you whining assholes try and do what Kyle and Ryan do on this website for even an hour and find out if you could do better. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say no one of you morons can, and yet, you keep come back here, day after day after day. What a bunch of brainless idiots.
    Meanwhile, I was at the Bank today (section 428, row 1, seat 1) and was disgusted at Jimmy’s latest misadventure. Problem is, Uncle Charlie will have him right back in the leadoff spot tomorrow night as if nothing happened today, Rollins won’t learn anything unless he’s sat down for one or two games, but Manuel won’t do that, no matter how much his over the hill prima donna shortstop screws up. Damned aggravating.

  12. If you all hate the site so much then stop going on the site. No one is forcing you to read this, and if you feel like you can do better, then I invite you to create a site of your own. See if you get a quarter of followers, dumb asses. Aside from that, Jimmy’s checked out. That type of effort doesn’t fly in this city, and if he’s gonna keep that up, send him packing for a couple of mid level prospects and get the salary relief. Put Freddy at short… fielding will stay the same and who knows, maybe his bat will come alive.

  13. Wtf my comment got deleted?!?!?!?
    Kyle come back, you are missed

  14. AWESOME NEWS !!!!
    Now the fuckin machine … Kevin Frandsen can finally bat leadoff
    All he does is get on base man
    Beez Nutz

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