DeSean Jackson Launches All-Out Assault on the Media

Screen Shot 2012-08-21 at 3.33.13 PMGoin hard 4 meehhhh

Those of you who read this site often know there are few things that excite me more than a good feud: An athlete feud. A media feud. An athlete-media feud. Whatever. So, you can imagine my excitement when I checked Twitter while awaiting my buffalo cutlets and sweet potato fries at Bryn and Dane’s healthy fast food restaurant in Horsham (not sponsored) and saw that a local athlete had fired a shot across the bow of the media.

The standard for athlete-media feuds was set by Mike Richards last May: Before he was traded, Richie threw a haymaker at Tim Panaccio by basically calling the CSN Flyers beat writer a liar

But now we might have a new clubhouse leader.

DeSean Jackson, who was apparently quite upset at the way his interview with ESPN’s Lisa Salters was being interpreted by local scriptuals, launched this loosely-guided missile into the ether:

Screen Shot 2012-08-21 at 2.22.22 PM

BOOOOOOM! The football writers are reeling. Reeling, I tell you. Cheetos and Diet Pepsis are being knocked off particle board desks around the Delaware Valley. Reuben Frank is apoplectic… and trying to quantify the devastation. Les Bowen is punching Jeff McLane. McLane doesn’t notice, because he’s wondering if this applies to him as the unofficial team stenographer. Derrick Gunn wants to know if him and D-Jac are still boys. And Tim McManus and Sheil Kapadia are furiously typing away in their quest to become the Woodward and Bernstein of the NFC East

He said what?! Meet me in a parking garage to tell me more about it! 

Tim, I can’t. He tweeted it. To the public. Why is your number blocked? AND HOW DID YOU GET IN MY BEDROOM?!

Me? I’m just writing goofy satire.

Anyway, DeSean is upset over the way his words were interpreted (which is sometimes a difficult task, ya digg?). Here’s what he told Salters yesterday about not having a long-term contract last season: []

"I let it get to me, even though I tried not to let it. I was trying to protect myself from getting hurt — now I'm just giving it all."


Local media read that as: I wasn’t trying last year because I was unhappy. But I am happy now, therefore I’m trying. And predictably, the stories rolled in: ESPN, CSN Philly, 97.3 ESPN, NBC Philadelphia, CBS Sports, talk radio, and presumably from many more outlets. 

I’m kind of down the middle on this one. I saw the quotes yesterday and my knee-jerk reaction was to post them. But then I realized what D-Jac said required a couple assumptions before making a hearty jump to conclusion. In other words: It’s a slow sports week and the media was salivating over a somewhat mundane quote. So they were happy to make that leap.

On the other hand, Jackson said he was giving it his all this year, which implied that he wasn’t giving it his all last year. 

It was certainly noteworthy, but it’s hard to blame a guy for being concerned about one hit ruining his financial certainty. Being wary of your career ending with little to show for it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not trying. 

Mid-write update: Ohhhmaaaaaaagooood, DeSean followed up his Tweet with a grammatically-challenged Instagram parting shot.

Screen Shot 2012-08-21 at 3.10.39 PM Screen Shot 2012-08-21 at 3.10.39 PM

I’m rock solid right now. This has never been seen before, Marv. He’s – literally – reinventing the feud playbook as he goes. A Tweet-filtered image combo? What’s next, Pinterest? Maybe Vimeo?! Where. WILL. It. End? Stayed tuned!

At this point, I don’t even care if DeSean tried last year. I don’t care if he purposely dropped passes. I don’t care if he Tonya Hardinged Jason Peters (twice) this offseason. Don’t care. He just set the standard in local athlete-media feuds. All he knos is 2 go hard 4 his team, meeehhh, and his last name. And that’s really all we can ask, isn’t it?

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28 Responses

  1. Kyle, do you really blame the guy? Forget the part about being part of a sports writers group that needs something to get their articles read. It’s not Ricky Watters. The history of the Eagles, especially over the past 10 or so years has been a hard line when dealing with their own quality players. Once Banner left, Howie jumped in and made sure to make players that deserved to be happy, happy. Jackson, while an egomaniac, deserved to be rewarded about 18 months ago, but Banners ego wouldn’t let it happen. Roseman sees that in order to have a team, you need star players and they need to be happy.
    What are all these “reporters” going to do when the paper dies completely and there are so many more voices that people enjoy rather than those forced on to them?

  2. What an uneducated low life desean is. The writers twist your words because you have the writing level of a 4th grader desean. I hate some professional athletes.

  3. As usual, knucklehead athlete speaks without full forethought, lowest gene-pool reporters spin crazy as possible (I’m sure DJac “blasted” the media, which will lead to question-headline “Is Jackson a team player?”) and everyone ends up with turd on their face.
    Booooring. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  4. I find it amazing he went to college and put that picture with horrible grammar. Fucking dumb athletes I don’t think it’s the concussion that makes them brain dead when they get into their 50’s I think it’s the fact their half retarded from their crack moms that spit them out of their welfare collecting cunts.

  5. He said it. And by watching him play I agree he did play a more reserved game last season. And let’s not kid ourselves about that or the fact that a professional paid athlete gets a pass for effing off during a season where he was paid under a contract that he agreed to. Just to get an effing raise afterwards. Desean did slack last season and it was a d-head move by him. No he wouldn’t be “stupid” for playing his heart out last season people, he’d be doing his job. The one he said he’d do.

  6. He gos hard 4 his team yo sumtimes he’n goen so hard he missis team meetins ‘n shit but that aint unporfreshinal or nuthin or like the time he went so damm hard he had nuthin left in the forf qaurter and droped too TD passes in the endzown and got benchd ‘n shit but goddanm he wuz goen hard, sun!

  7. Kyle,
    This is an all time low for you. Why pour fire onto fire here? It is quite clear that Desean is feeling no love from you folk so lets write a nice article about him. Stop bashing people. I don’t know how you can sleep at night knowing you write article that are mean to others.

  8. Aiiyeo be kindz wit dem wurdz y’all crizi$m ain’t no thang but bullyin be wack yo keep ya heaed to da sky yaaaaaa heeeeeeerddddd mehhhhhhhhhh

  9. I hope he gets drilled across the middle again like that hit from Dunta Robinson and we don’t have to hear him open his dumb mouth. Why do the littlest ones run their mouths the most? I hate everything about this guy. He celebrates preseason catches like it was a Super Bowl touchdown. Makes me sick this asshole makes millions. Most overrated player in football.

  10. Just had Bryn and Dane’s last week, try the buffalo strips next time. Hard to believe it’s healthy, like the non-fat yogurt on that one episode of seinfeld.

  11. Aaaand less than 4 hrs after the above 4:27p comment, lowest gene-pool reporter at Comcast posts article “DeSean Blasts Media”, thus perpetuating their own hyped story. This lame shit is so predictable it writes itself.

  12. ” FOR WHO , FOR WHAT, YO ?”
    DJAX is just another nfl punk with a short career.
    ask Freddie Mitchell
    Andy ain’t playin’ this year.

  13. maybe if he learned to spell and stopped speaking like some street thug he wouldn’t get his words twisted up. try acting like a professional for once.

  14. I need to get the new Ebonics version of Rosetta Stone so that I can understand what Desean is saying.
    Ya yo, dey be’s like twisten up my’s wordz an shit. Nah mean? Deyz be sum bitch azz punks. Ya nah mean? Youz feelin me? Yalls need to stop being so un-pro pro in diz beyotch. Stop da h8, aight.

  15. lol @ Rosetta Stone for Ebonics! I fucking can’t stand so many of these Eagles. They are the most unlikable squad I can ever remember.

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