Flyers Sign Wayne Simmonds to Six-Year Extension, Homer Commits Himself to Only Doing Deals After 10:00 PM

He's ours… for a long time.

As resident jackass Gary Bettman continues to play with our emotions, a bit of good news has come for Flyers fans. The team has signed forward Wayne Simmonds to a six-year extension, according to TSN's Bob McKenzie. The deal is rumored to be around $4 million per year.

This is the second late-night deal that GM Paul Holmgren has made in less than a month. If you recall, he was able to sign some defenseman to an offer sheet on July 19th.  So, it's either a coincedence or Homer hates newspapers and wants them the sports section to look out-of-date in the morning (not that newspapers need help to do that). It's anyone's guess.

If the Flyers ever play hockey again, it's a very solid signing at a decent enough price. Simmonds is a young guy who adds character to the team and can get you 50ish points every season. That's not a bad guy to have on your side.

I would generally be more excited about something like this, but I'm watching the NHLPA suffer for the consistent mishandling of revenue by the collective league ownership, but that's just the opinion of one hockey fan…

…and almost everyone else. 

So when is that Giroux extension coming? I'll take that or a new CBA, but really, I'd prefer to have both before September 15th.

Congratulations, Wayne.


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  1. Just look at that picture right there. Unbelievable. If Mr. Simmonds was wearing a face shield, his face would not be in complete disarray. This sport has become nothing more than a violent, disgusting, bloodbath. When will it stop

  2. Isn’t 4.5 million a lot for him? Although I do like that they are locking up their young kids long term
    That is a pretty messed up picture lol

  3. how is the sport becoming a violent bloodbath? he got hit in the face with a puck. thats not violence, thats just bad luck

  4. Mr. Jack
    If he was wearing a protective shield, he would not have gotten hit in the face with the puck. If Mr. Lappy was wearing a face mask, he would not have gotten hit with the puck and would not have brain damage, if Mr. Pronger would have worn a face mask his life would not be over. We need to work on your education of the overall lack of safety in the game. Unreal

  5. there’s no lack of safety. they chose not to wear face shields. it’s no one’s fault but their own. you might as well blame cars for people getting hurt for not wearing seatbelts. unreal

  6. I really fucking hate Nashville. If we had signed Weber we would be a legit contender. Watch those bastards get a fucking bailout again from the city of Nashville when there’s a long lockout & they can’t pay out the contract. With shitty D in front of Bryz we’re just a low seed without a real shot at the Cup. When those dicks matched the offer sheet just to say “fuck you” to the Flyers it ruined my summer.

  7. Mr. Jack,
    Once again, you are misinformed. The Flyers did not allow these players to wear the shield. If you did some research, you would clearly uncover that Mr. Simmonds always wore a shield with his prior team. According to my sources, upon being traded to the flyers, he was told by upper management that he could no longer wear the protective shield on the Flyers. Don’t worry though, I did the homework for you. That is all for this evening, have early meetings with a lab that is studying some equipment, good night

  8. @ Homer’s Gun,
    Ever since that day I have lived my life in a state of depression. The flyers will not win a cup any time soon. The lack of getting weber set this franchise back 5 years. He is a game changer

  9. the flyers told him the couldn’t wear a face shield? that doesn’t even make sense. “according to my sources” what a tool.

  10. 3 Opinions:
    1. Cheap sob Eddie Snider does not care about the safety of his players. Every year the flyers have the most injuries in the game.
    That pos snider ruined the careers of players like lindros, lappy, primeu, pronger etc.. The list goes on & on!
    2. Most depressing flyers offseason in years
    3. Wayne looks like C.Thomas Howell from the racist 80s movie Soul Man

  11. Murphy what a fucking pussy, go to France you little piece of shit. You probably got a trophy just for showing up to your ribbon dance at an all boys metro camp. And your parents probably didn’t spank you either. Your whats wrong with this country, full of a bunch of wimps and sissies who are to politically correct to speak their mind. That’s why they get paid millions of dollars. Fucking man up you little bitch.

  12. Mr. Murphy,
    Are you an idiot? Why would they tell Simmonds not to wear a face shield? Several Flyers wear them, notably Giroux, Timonen, Briere, Hartnell, Couturier, etc.
    Your sources suck.

  13. Edward Murphy,
    A face shield would not have stopped the stick stick from getting Pronger in the face. It would have gone under the shield.

  14. Since no one has clearly ever played hockey before, it’s a real pain in the ass to play through a shield when you have the ability not too, often get a lot of glare/smears. you think it’s clear and all but take a look out your window at a stop sign and put it up and down real quick. big difference between nothing and a piece of glass/plastic.
    if i was making that much money, and my performance is the difference between millions of dollars, i wouldn’t be caught dead with a shield. of course i play random adult league with a full cage, because it’s adult league not the NHL.

  15. I fucking hate that Ed Murphy character, every Flyers post he trolls this site with his faggotory nonsense

  16. Is that Edward Murphy guy for real? Sorry bud but using big words and using perfect grammar doesn’t make you right or even close to making a valid point. If the Flyers told him he couldn’t wear a shield the NHLPA would have been filing suits against the Flyers organization faster than you can say slapshot. You whine about the game being violent and disgusting, you “might” have a point(and this is a far reach) if that pic was the result of a fight, but it was not. It was an unfortunate accident. If you don’t like the sport I hear the Bocce Ball action at the local senior rec centers is stellar this time of year…check it out.

  17. Stop with the racist, lame nick names. He is the Chocolate Tocchet. Show some damn respect.
    @ Homers gun…. I 100% agree with you man. When I first read Nashville matched the offer I went into a blind rage. I havent been that pissed about ANYTHING in a LONG time. I hope Nashville burns to the ground!

  18. @mikeq – faggotory , hilarious! i agree with the others, since the Weber thing fell apart, my thoughts of Stanley Cup no longer exist. This team needs defensive help now and it doesnt look like its gonna happen.

  19. LOL … people are taking Edward Murphy serious
    you people must suck in your real lives

  20. Are you assuming everyone here is a fan? Rhetorical question. Of course you made that pathetic assumption.

  21. Kyle,
    We’d all love to have Giroux locked up to a career deal as soon as possible. But just so you know (and for accuracy’s sake), under the current rules he cannot sign an extension until there’s one year left on his existing contract. That means it can’t happen until next offseason at the earliest. Of course, such a stipulation could change in the new CBA.

  22. Ever notice that the most “HARDCORE” flyers fans generally look like they’ve never stepped foot on the ice a day of their lives???
    I mean typically they are built like string beans who would have an asthma attack if they ever got on the ice or they are fat slobs with giant red beards who get winded after playing an intense game of NHLPA.
    Warm regards,
    A 6’2 228lbs former college athlete who only watches the flyers when they play the Penguins, Rangers, Devils, or when they are in the playoffs.

  23. Ever notice most “HARDCORE” posters are typical Internet tough guys?
    Best regards ,
    A 6’11” 280 lb. Former gym class hero who only watches the flyers on Wednesday.

  24. Chocolate Tochett yo, up in this B-ach for 6 mo… hey fucksticks Edward Murphy hate really? you’re fucking dumber than that asshat Beez Nuts.

  25. This is why the phlyers are a bad franchise and will never win again … as the league is trying to put a clause in the new CBA agreement for contracts to be no longer than 5 years the dumbass phylers run out and give a six year deal to a thug making the owners look like jackasses and lessening their bargaining power. Add the offer sheet to Weber and it’s f*cking stupidity at its finest.

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