Jerry Sandusky is “Distraught” Over What Happened to Penn State and is Writing His Account of Incidents

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Ewy, ewy, ewy!

Papa Jerry is distraught over what happened at Penn State, the worst lawyer in the world Joe Amendola told

“He’s extremely distraught about what’s happened at Penn State,” Sandusky's attorney Joe Amendola said today in an interview with the Centre Daily Times at the Centre County Courthouse. “He never, never dreamed that anything he was accused of doing would have this type of impact on Penn State — not only athletics, but the university as a whole.”


Distraught over what happened at Penn State, you say? That’s like Bane being distraught over Gotham’s bridge system. Like Sherman being distraught over burnt infrastructure in Atlanta. Like Paul Holmgren being distraught over the strewn beer bottles and bankrupt dive bars in Sea Isle. Like that slut smut columnist being distraught over damage done to Will McAvoy’s reputation. Your bed. You made it. Now sleep in it, you Great Pretender, you.

Anyway, Sandusky still maintains his innocence. Yeah, he sure does. In fact, he’s writing a letter (memoir?) that is sure to creep us all out: []

Amendola said he disagrees with the Freeh report's conclusions that four university leaders concealed abuse allegations against Sandusky in an effort to avoid bad publicity.

Sandusky is spending his time behind bars writing his account of the incidents that eight young men testified about at trial in June. This document can be included in a typical pre-sentence investigative report compiled by the county’s Probation and Parole Office.

Amendola expects Sandusky to make some sort of statement at his sentencing, whether it’s reading the account or presenting it.


No, really, Jer– we’re good. Don’t need any more details. Don’t need any more creepy prose about how you loved those boys and wanted to kiss and smooch and hug and life is like a box of chocolates and shower and dance and touch and ENOUGH!. Don’t want to hear it. Crawl back in your hole, where a punishment far more severe awaits you.

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  1. i understand the need for continuing media coverage of sandusky for now, but upon his sentencing, i wish every single media outlet would enter into a collective agreement to never interview him or publish a single thought of his ever again! every time his thoughts are made public its a slap to the face of his victims, their families, PSU alumni, PSU current students, and the list goes on and on because like time starke said above….who gives a flying fuck what this piece of shit has to say!

  2. Whoa Whoa Kyle! Not sure why you would post this. Call the show line tmrw, BRuno and Marks from 12-2 and we will talk!

  3. How long are they gonna let this monster keep slipping his way into the headlines? All he’s doing by opening his mouth is inflicting damage on the good name of Paterno! Him and the liberal media are crucifying him for fucking nothing! It’s a sin, and I hope he and all of the joe pa haters fucking eat shit.

  4. Jer should be distraught over cheating on his wife with little kids! SMH @ anyone with any ties to penn state

  5. Enough with Sandusky already! Let him rot in jail for the rest of his miserable life! And, with any luck, his slime bag lawyer will get hit by a truck and soon!

  6. I love how everyone just ignored Owen Douglass’s cute little attempt at defending Joe P. from the zero people that were attacking him in these comments. Are you feeling a little insecure about your idol?

  7. Owen dougl-ASS, just stop you fucking Joe aPAlogist.

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