Joe Blanton Was Claimed Off Waivers, Traded to Dodgers

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Joe Blanton was claimed off waivers and traded to the Dodgers in exchange for a player-to-be-named-later or cash.

This doesn't come as a surprise. Blanton was going to be a free agent at the end of the year. Earlier in the week, the Phillies couldn't reach a deal with the Orioles to send Blanton to Baltimore– they reportedly didn't want to pay a portion of his remaining contract.

Blanton was scheduled to pitch tonight. Kyle Kendrick will take his place.

2012 Phillies!

Re-live Blanton's finest moment of 2012.


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  1. dude, he wasn’t getting re-signed. might as well get something for him and make some big offseason moves.

  2. With them already being under the luxury tax why even both doing this to save money

  3. Just read that cliff lee was also claimed off of waivers. Great, now we lost 2 starting pitchers and got nothing in return. How isn’t this guy fired. He is turrible

  4. Beat it you fat fucking pig. Tell Shane to stop cheating on his wife while you are out there, you fat fuck

  5. So it’s cole Hamels fault that Ruben yet again misplayed a contract negotiation and ended up having to pay cole about 30 mil more than he would have had he been proactive. He has to work on that moving forward

  6. Been nuts is an idiot cole is our best pitcher, and maybe they could have saved 10 to 15 mil had they negotiated before the season, lest we forget you fucking idiot he is a WORLD FUCKING SERIES M. V. P.

  7. Well done, Joseph. Thanks to your part on the 08 World Series team, you’ll never have to buy a beer in this town again. But we ain’t pickin up the food tab. Fuck that.

  8. Good for Joe, you will make the playoffs this year after all. Say hi to Shane for us! Joe B. gave us some great games.

  9. @crosby is a bitch
    1. He (Hamels) is absolutely NOT our best pitcher. And he wont be next year either. He is having a better yr than Lee and Roy thats it.
    2. Hamels isnt even a top 10 Pitchef in baseball
    3. Only fuckin idiots like u and rube hand out monster contracts because someone is a WORLD SERIES MVP.
    You’re seriously a moron.

  10. Fare thee well, Phat Joe. We’ll always remember your home run in the 2008 World Series.

  11. Beat it fatty .. Seemed like u pitched great when I bet against u and shit the bed when I bet on u ..

  12. @ beez nuts
    From 2010-08-04 to 2012-08-03 Hamels is the 10th best pitcher in baseball.

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