Look Out, Ladies, Eagles Cornerback Trevard Lindley is Sexy and Single

Screen Shot 2012-08-06 at 12.34.27 PMPhoto: Steven Falk, Daily News

The Daily News unveiled its annual list of Philly’s sexiest singles today. As usual, the group includes singles from a healthy mix of ethnicities, ages and occupations. Busty bartender who presumably has NO problem finding a mate on a nightly basis? Check. Baby-faced, happy-go-lucky TV personality? Yep. Voluptuous, hair-teased-out, single-mother retailer supervisor with seven vowels in her hard-to-pronounce name that proves the list doesn’t play favorites to the trendy and powerful. Mmmmmmhmmmmm.

The athlete? Well, part of me thinks that the DN had to reverse course at the last minute (OH MY GOD! WE NEED TO REPLACE HUNTER PENCE. HE’S GONE. HE WAS GOING TO BE OUR SEXIEST SINGLE ATHLETE FOR, LIKE, THE NEXT NINE YEARS! AND FOOD PUNS. MUST. HAVE. FOOD. PUNS.) to include Eagles cornerback Trevard Lindley.

Apparently, Lindley “enjoys going to the movies and would love to appear in a film one day with either Denzel Washington or Will Smith. Women interested in dating him would be wise to brush up on their down-home cooking skills.”

In other words: Lindley doesn’t do much besides football, but would love to be a movie star. Also, he prefers a woman who can make him a mean sambo following a hard practice.

Anyway, I’m sure Lindley’s teammates are going to have a blast with this.

[Related: Sheena Parveen used to date a sexy single… so, ah, um, yo hey Trevard– better know your way around a doppler.]

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11 Responses

  1. dont get to attached ladies…trevard has less than a month left in philly

  2. *dont get to attached ladies…trevard will cheat on you before knocking you up, leave you, and he will be bankrupt before he is 31, not giving you or your mixed race offspring a dime.
    fixed it.

  3. You never mentioned Curtis Marsh. He’s also an Eagles DB and on the sexy singles list.

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