Phillies Sellout Streak Ends

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It hath ended, Philadelphia.

The Phillies sellout streak ends at 257 games.

The announced crowd for tonight’s game at Citizens Bank Park was 41,665, about 1,500 sold tickets short of a sellout, which the Phillies count as around 43,100. It is the first time since July 7, 2009 that CBP has not been filled for a regular home game (in 2010, the series against the Blue Jays that had been scheduled to be played in Toronto did not sell out).

David Montgomery even had a statement prepared for this unfortunate event: [via Ryan Lawrence]

“The number of sellouts could not have been possible without the tremendous loyalty of our fans who continue to lead all of Major League Baseball in average attendance this year." 


The Phillies end with the longest sellout streak in the history of the National League, and third longest in baseball history (the Red Sox have a streak of 772 sellouts and the Indians sold out 455 from 1995-2001).

Of course, back in May, we speculated that the streak would soon end. Over the last month, crowds have been less than capacity, but the Phillies still claimed sellouts. Though they deny it, the massive availability of cheap tickets on secondary sites like StubHub, a partner with MLB, and others (like our friends at Score Big), raised a curious eyebrow to that claim as it appeared some tickets were being sold in less than traditional fashion.  Whatever the case, not even the Phillies could fudge tonight’s attendance.

An era has ended.

via beat writer Mandy Housenick, who has diligently tweeted attendance updates at every. single. home. game.

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25 Responses

  1. I Just wrote almost word for word What You wrote from cbs sports .. damn dude .. terrible reporting

  2. Cbp has been lacking in the pussy department also this season. I never forget getting my dick sucked in the bathroom stall at the park in July 2009

  3. Obviously the team’s crappy play and loss of players is the big factor…
    But ya can’t ignore the damn heat this summer. People just sweating all day long, tough to then go hang outside at the ballpark for 4 hours when its still 95 degrees at 8:30.
    Maybe they should have “Bikini Top” Night.
    I bet the park would be well stacked.

  4. Well, that’s disappointing to say the least. It only reinforces the notion of front running and challenges the idea that we have the best fans in baseball.
    Certainly sea like we get what we deserve however. Phillies fans have been acting like jackasses for a variety of reasons. Then we have one down year after our best season ever because of horrific injuries and people start jumping ship.

  5. I turn down tickets all the time. No intrest in the team now. Plus lots of fat chicks go this time of year circa the vet 2002

  6. When referring to the Phillies, please do not say “We.” You are not apart of the team, nor would you ever have the opportunity.
    As for the sellout streak, I believe Phillies fans are smart in a sense that if the Phillies do not put a winning product out on the field, why would you waste money? It’s been a combination of bad contracts, bad upper management, and Charlie has been really exposed when he has to put together a team that is not going to be a younger version of themselves. He is out-managed most nights, and it is not pretty to watch.

  7. Let it be known – that the fans of 2012 showed more heart than the Phillies of 2012.
    The gave up on the season LOOOOOOOOONG before a few fans did.

  8. Howards Dead Ligament, do the Phillies exist in a vacuum? I am a partial season ticket holder and resident of this city. I finance the team and help to build that stadium. Additionally, the Phillies are a civil institution. Of course someone like me could say “we”.

  9. I am sure Kyle scott was reporting on this with the enthusiasm of a 3rd grade boy who just saw a tit for the first time at the public pool…. dont matter if it is a 67 year old lunch lady who had a wardrobe malfunction…. still a boob none the less…. call me a dick, but i just feel like kyle has been waiting and hoping for this day to come, sometimes it seems like you enjoy reporting on the phils in downtimes more then you do the good!

  10. They still had 41,000 tickets sold. Hardly an empty stadium. Why is this such a big deal? When they get into Washington National figures or Astros or half of the other stadiums in the league, then I would worry. Mountain out of a molehill.

  11. All the so-called fans since October of 2008 will be gone! Yay!
    I’ve been to more games this year than I have since I was a kid.

  12. Let me guess Howard’s dead ligament, you became a Phillies fan at 957et, oct 29th, 2008?

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