Report: Luries Reach Divorce Settlement That Will Give Christina “Sizable Chunk” of Eagles

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Good morning. The Eagles play tonight, so let’s talk about divorce proceedings.

Jeffrey and Christina Lurie, who stealthily announced their divorce about a month ago, have reportedly reached a settlement that will give “a sizable chunk” of the team to Christina. 

The always reliable Page Six of the NY Post reports:

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and his wife of 20 years, Christina, have quietly settled their divorce, sources exclusively tell Page Six — and the former Hollywood producer turned NFL mogul has agreed to hand her a sizable chunk of the team, which they bought in 1994 and is currently worth more than $1 billion. We hear the final court papers could be filed as early as next week. Christina, also a filmmaker who with Jeffrey won an Oscar in 2011 for “Inside Job,” had previously insisted the team was a “partnership for the two of us” and she has been heavily involved in the organization. In July, the couple sent a letter to employees stating they would “continue to work together as partners,” despite speculation the divorce could divide the team and reports she wanted to spend more time in LA for filmmaking. An Eagles rep declined to comment last night.



This certainly doesn’t seem like the situation the Dodgers had a few years ago when its then owners, the McCourts, were caught up in a messy mccourt battle. Heyyo!

When the Luries announced the divorce (conveniently on the Fourth of July), they made it clear that they would continue to work together as they shared ownership of the Eagles. No further details beyond what was reported by the Post, but I’m sure you’ll be hearing more soon.


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  1. I can only imagine the hot 20 something new GF Big Jeff will have in the near future a la Robert Kraft

  2. shit bro this is not good soon christina will have the team wearing eco friendly light pink jersey’s and will sign aj feely to a 10 year contract because of his strong jawline…..

  3. eric is right! fuck! kiss the kelly green jerseys goodbye if shes callin shots.

  4. I might make a play for Kristina & try to date her

  5. Still waiting for Jeff to get a weave and cover up his horrible Kramer hair..

  6. I propose that Kyle change the name of this blog to “Six Degrees of Philly Sports” to reflect the tangential gossip that he mostly posts.

  7. @KyleSucks- Get off the site if you don’t like it, p*ssy!!!!!
    @Candy- You serious????

  8. I could care less about jersey colors, just as long as Jeff and Christina didn’t turn their separation into a four alarm catastrophe, a la the McCourts. That’s good enough for me.

  9. Hbo want to do hard knocks at the eagles camp but Jeffrey said he didn’t want the divorce on tv. Smh

  10. Donnie: I am kinda sorta worried about that too. Nickle$ joining the Browns has me a little less worried though.

  11. Let’s get the conversation back to the real issue – the color of the jerseys.
    What will this mean for the Eagles Jerseys?
    A) Back to Kelly Green
    B) Midnight Green (outside of Philly a.k.a Teal)
    C) Something totally different
    I’m pulling for A – classic. Teal makes us look like an arena football expansion team; leave teal to the Jags.

  12. $15 all you can eat & drink at the Taggart house for Eagles games this season.

  13. @Matt – Birds could go 1-15 this year and Reid comes back anyway.
    Sunday solidified that.

  14. They need to go back to the Chuck Bednarick Eagles Jersey that they played in during the 2010 opener.

  15. Wow how time flies by it seems like only yesterday you all were liltte..wish God would let us go back in time and do things right and know what was ahead of us so we wouldnt make the same mistakes. Its funny how close you all were back then.I blame myself for everything You and Sarahs daughter dressed alot alike on your first days of school Time hasnt changed styles that much has it. I hope she had as much fun as you all did on your first day..I can remember all of you coming home telling of the kids in your class..but You Amanda had to come home and say mommy noone talked about the news ..

  16. 09.15.10 at 1:46 amBig HankHow much longer are we going to hate this guy? He made a huge and inuhamne mistake, showed lack of class, humanity, sound judgement and flat out decency. But he paid dairly for these mistakes and from what I hear is trying to rebuild his life. Since when did we become so judgmental and self rightous that we can’t give another person a second chance? Not to diminish at all what he did; but we have murderes, child molesters, wife beaters, drug dealers/addicts, cheaters, hypocrits and other filt still roaming in celebrity, sports, entertainment, political and even religious circles? Come on, he is not running for office or anything like that; whatever he accomplishes on the football field, should only matter to his team and fans. But it will not change nor influence our lives one bit, which is more than I can say for some other scum who have received a second chance!! Let’s get it together now, and let’s be real here.

  17. As a Cowboys fan, I hate both of those teams, but I admit that the Eagles have a solid chance. They’ve piekcd up a very good cornerback from New England a week ago, a excellent new left tackle, and they drafted very well. The only issue they have is that they’ve repeatedly reached the NFC championship game lost, so we’ll see. I have less faith in Washington’s chances. They have a tremendous defense, but the offense is not impressive. They had trouble scoring last season, and then spent 100 million their top draft pick on more defense. Not to mention, they tried to get rid of their young quarterback all offseason, which likely will have a negative effect on him. They generally start out well then collapse in the second half of the season. So if you are choosing between those 2, go for Philly, but be prepared for heartache, because they always contend, but have never won the Super Bowl.

  18. Interesting viewpoints and well wtriten article though I am struck that there is absolutely no option to fire AR although him resigning may be a techicality on that riff. Puzzling that a coach of a team who has gone 1-7 at home and has lost both the fans and the players is untouchable. We’ve seen a coach hire a DL coach before a DC hire an overmatched and inexperienced DC, been unable to get Michael Vick to progress for about a full season now going back to this time last year, and a coach make a mountain of poor decisions going back quite a while now. Every loss (really every game except the Dallas game) has a litany of mistakes and lack of adjustments and lack of ability to get his team to play. Really can’t go through everything, it would be a mini book. What did they have 10 or 11 penalties against an unscary Arizona team? This is not even mentioning Reid will be going into his 14th season if he is here next year. I’m puzzled by anyone that thinks he is untouchable. Furthermore, what exactly is it that the Eagles have to lose ? There’s no one else that can go better than 3-6 with these vets and young players? Just don’t get any comment whereby he is absolutely untouchable yet he has not won a championship in 13 years and is 3-6.

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  21. Wow, you are very thorough! Thank you for all the links. What a gogruoes Gull. Can’t imagine what it’s doing in this neck of the woods though. I thought your pictures were great. At least you were able to SEE the Gull in person! Sharon

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  23. The Eagles and McNabb are the real deal. I know it’s still early, but their offense looks great deptise not having Stallworth at all or Westbrook for most of the game.The Cowboys looked scared. How about TO’a alligator arms across the middle and his blow ups on the sidelines? TO in Dallas! Couldn’t have happened better if I scripted it myself. He’ll explode with Bledsoe as his QB! Just wait Steve. Bledsoe might as well have been a statue. I was waiting for pigeons to perch on him behind center.Looking forward to the second meeting on Christmas Day. CHristmas came early in Philly with a win over the hated Cowboys and sole possession of first place in the NFC East.

  24. In defense of Steven, sure he’s a coelpmte homer but that’s part of what makes this show so great. I get so sick of the so-called experts and their supposed objectivity. Being a homer is one of the best parts of football (or any other sport) and Steven’s blind loyalty to the Cowboys makes from some pretty entertaining podcasts. Even if it did bother me, I’d much rather listen to Steven going on about Dallas then a some schmuck in a suit on ESPN who’s proud of having no loyalties.

  25. Well I can’t wait to hear Steven’s reaction to this game later tngoiht! LOL! I enjoy these podcasts very much but Steven is way too biased when it comes to his Cowboys and doesn’t give Philly nearly enough credit. I mean, this is a team Steven predicted MAYBE woudl win 7-8 games prior to the start of the season! LOL! Was that astute football observation or wishful thinking? Chris

  26. stop running your mouth about ESPNGiants RB Bradshaw ueklinly to return SundayYahoo! SportsGiants Brandon Jacobs rips fans after loss to EaglesThe Jet -SB Nationall 26 news

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