Shane Victorino and His Wife Aren’t Quite on the Same Page, it Seems

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Doh. We’re not going to make a joke about Shane Victorino and his wife not always being in tune (we’ll leave that to the commenters), but their plans for the future – next year – may differ. Slightly.

Because he looooves speaking to the media, Shane Victorino told ESPN Los Angeles that after spending, like, six days in LA (and seeing the hard bodies at the US Open of Surfing), he wants to remain on the Left Coast forever. For. Ev. Er.

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"I don't want to just be a two-month or three-month rental," Victorino said. "I want to be here."

"Don't get me wrong. I still miss Philly and I still miss everything about that place, but now that this chapter has come into play, there are a lot of other things I look at," Victorino said. "I'd love to stay here for the next however many years and win one here."


Ouch. That was like reading a transcript of an ex-girlfriend's nooner with Ryan Lochte– ohhh, ahhh, ohhhmagodyesyesyesforgetkyleyouresogreat… always letting the other person finish first.

Back to our story.

On the opposite coast, Melissa Victorino attended a luncheon at the Borgata. Our friend Dan Gross relays what was said: []

Victorino was emotional as she spoke with her friends about moving to Los Angeles, where her husband now plays for the Dodgers. She pledged that the Shane Victorino Foundation would continue its charitable doings in the Philly area.

Victorino added that "Shane will be a free agent after the season, and you never know what Ruben [Amaro Jr.] has up his sleeve. We might be back here." 


Now, we wouldn’t expect either party to say otherwise. Shane is trying to win over local fans and is part of an organization in a good location, with a good team, and with GOBS of money. Of course he wants to stay in LA (plus, you know, surfing people).  

Melissa, on the other hand, was speaking to local friends and supporters, and, as we’ve learned with Kristen Lee, wives taken longer to move on since they have more time to establish ties in the community, do charity work… and eat at the Capital Grille. 

Whatever the case, there’s about a .02% chance the Phillies even entertain the idea of bringing Victorino back. They’ve turned the page. Moved on. Are retooling (though there’s a fuzzy and sometimes indistinguishable line between retooling and rebuilding).

Anyway, Victo may want to call his wife, maybe.

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  1. Victorino, like Richards and Carter is already banging bitches in LA and lets be real people … they are probably a lot hotter than the bottom feeders at the Jersey Shore

  2. Shane and Melissa did a lot of good work for the community, I hope their Nicetown rec center gets the attention and funding it needs to continue wherever the Victorinos reside. Both of them always seem to be Left Coast people anyway, they live in Nevada.

  3. I think the chances of Victorino returning are considerably higher than .02%. The Phillies have ZERO options for CF next year so will likely have to go free agency. Victorino will be one of the more reasonably priced options. A 3 year deal for 10M/yr might sound pretty good to the Phillies considering Michael Bourn will cost much more and is not much better than Victorino anyway.

  4. I wonder how many new Goomba’s Shane has in LA. Dude cheated on his non stop when in philly. pos

  5. Funny I saw Shane @ the lobster on Santa Monica pier chatting up the ladies. Wish I took a pic

  6. Guy doesn’t wanna be a two month rental?? Just like the countless affairs he has had over the years?? Ohhhhhh rim shot

  7. It only stands to reason Shane would like a place that attracts surfers, since he grew up in Hawaii that is known for its surf culture and…GOOMBAS

  8. How about when Shane had those 2 college girls 69 before he closed the deal?

  9. This is ridiculous. First of all, all you idiots spreading slander – find something better to do. Second of all, I don’t blame them for wanting to stay out here. I moved to California 3 years ago and it’s way more laid back – def closer to Hawaiian vibe than the east coast rough edged rat race. Don’t you have anything better to do than write articles like this? Are you still sore Shane made fun of you on twitter last year?

  10. @Better than you- If you don’t like the site don’t read it geek.
    BTW: If you see Shane out there, tell him to stop cheating on his wife

  11. @Glen Macnow, if this is really you 1) i am sad you support this sight but 2) you & ant were always my faves on WIP…

  12. “Better than you,” it is the real Glen Macnow. Also, the earlier comment from Rhea Hughes about sucking Shane off on a plane was the real Rhea Hughes.

  13. Better than you- also thinks Shane is a faithful husband

  14. I don’t know what’s worse, when some S. Philly guido doesn’t know how to spell commara or when a crackhead Irish punk from K & A comes up with genderbending “goomba” to mean mistress.

  15. Shane’s wifey is gonna be a lucky bitch, in Cali the wife gets half da $$$ in the divorce.
    WTF is goomba- chance be tripping dawg

  16. Anyone remember that homer Shane hit in the NLCS to tie it up before Matt Stairs? I remember at that moment knowing the Phillies were going to win the WS. This site used to be good. Now it sucks. Candy from the Oak is the idiot fan true Philly fans hate that shoot flair guns, puke on 7 seven year olds, yell shoot 15 seconds into a power play, boo Cole Hamels on opening day, and types stupid stuff about athletes personal lives on a place apparently alot of people visit (it’s like a car accident – Kyle). Chance is a loser too. Who cares if better than you’s husband has banged bitches from coast to coast. Does it make you losers feel better about your day? The Internet brings out the worst in inbreeds. The flyers hanging out in old city was the worst possible thing for this site because it was then that TMZ rather than profootballtalk had reincarnated itself into crossingbroad. Let’s stalk people through Facebook, right click on a picture 20 something year old single athletes are partying in and repost to my blog. It must’ve been a revelation to you that people are so dumb they’ll actually read the shit your re-spewing onto your site. When is the last time you cracked a story? You have potential and some slight grasp of the pulse of the city and the teams, but Trent Cole selling his motorcycle on Craigslist, im hoping, was probably the lowest of lows. Can we talk about what the Phillies might actually do next year (not specifically this article), or tell us what’s going on from Lehigh? I’ll take a Sixers lie – the great mascot debate. Sports town. Sports website. Talk sports. Eh? I think that’s the proper blogging sound device. I will never go to Drinkers purely because they take the top of the page for everything, well except Washington Nationals fieldtrips. I wouldn’t go to Drinkers if you said there was going to be a bukakke on Topanga’s face for happy hour, because of all of the shameful plugs. Get it together!

  17. @ Hey my name is story. Remember me?- don’t like the site, don’t read it. Whats’s so hard about that??
    It’s really as simple as that..
    I love this site & the comments from morons like Candy from oak & the VP Chance. I’m in work loling everyday.

  18. @Hey my name is story. Remember me?- Flying Hawaiian is that you? How’s the P in LA??

  19. They may have to bring Vic back, if they can’t sign Hamilton and/or Bourne. Anything is better than the slop they are putting in the outfield now. You can’t go into next season with Pierre (if they sign him), Mayberry, Brown and Nate as your outfield if you expect to win.

  20. @ hey my name. I know more about sports and players off field antics the anyone on this site. To do a long post liket that at 4am means your drunk gay or a Pussy

  21. me and shane went dick on dick in some pig bardenders rear end last month. It’s not gay as long as you don’t make eye contact.

  22. The comments section on this site drives away viewers. It must.

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