Unfortunate Lyric Leads PSU To Discontinue Use Of “Sweet Caroline” During Football Games

(Photo: Barbara Popek)

First, Penn State made the decision to make slight alterations to the current uniforms. For the first time in history, names of the players will be featured on the back of the jerseys. Now, another change is being made in light of the recent events at Penn State.
The school will discontinue its use of "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond, namely because of the lyrics in the song. Sounds kind of odd to nix a Neil song for lyrical content, but considering the sensitivity surrounding PSU, there is one lyric that could potentially ruffle feathers, and the university isn't taking any chance.
Dan Duquette Jr. of NESN elaborates on an article from the Altoona Mirror:
The school is discontinuing its tradition of singing "Sweet Caroline" during games due to concerns raised by school officials in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, according to The Altoona Mirror. In particular, the school was worried that the "touching me, touching you" lyrics of the song would be pereceived as inappropriate in the wake of PSU's child sex abuse scandal.
Smart move in my opinion. It seems small, but I'm picturing that moment on Saturday when everyone at Beaver Stadium looks at each other uncomfortably after singing that lyric at the top of their lungs…
The Altoona Mirror article highlights a number of other gameday changes the university has made in a piece called "Tweaking the Tradition". Worth a read.
The Nittany Lions kick off their 2012 season Saturday at 12:00 pm against Ohio.
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  1. They are words and in context the meaning is harmless. The more you fear something the more you empower it.

  2. Another win for political correctness……most people aren’t idiots and know that a song written a bunch of years ago, that has been song by fans for awhile, has nothing to do with what happened. More than 90% of people wouldn’t have even thought about it like that if they didn’t announce it I bet.
    Just idiotic, just like wearing a scarlet letter-esque ribbon on the jersey.

  3. They should change the song to MC Hammer- “you can’t tough this” & flash some 2nd mile kids on the big screen

  4. typical bureaucratic management – lets punish the little people by changing stupid routines and stopping things like State Patty’s weekend, because it may give the college a bad name and bad publicity. They will probably give themselves a raise for those incredible ideas.
    A better idea would have been to stop the actions of a pedophile you were enabling. The entitled play by another set of rules….

  5. Seeing as Red Sox fans accept this as their personal anthem, I can’t say I’m at all upset. Plus, it was written by a grown man for a six-year-old. Old lyric or not, it’s creepy.

  6. Hate that song … Dumb move by upper mgt too … steve and Christian got it right
    -the Ratt

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