Vance Worley Will Not Play Baseball Again This Season, And A Response to Today’s Morning Wood

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Fine, he isn't an asshole. More on that in a second.

Vance Worley's season has come to an end after the Phillies announced Tuesday that he'll be shut down to get surgery on his right elbow. Every beat writer in the world mentioned the surgery will take place in the next seven to ten days.

I'll give Worley credit. He never made any excuses, but it's been clear in his most recent starts that something wasn't right. And yes, he was cleared and trainers told Charlie Manuel that he was fine, but there comes a point when the player has to take a look at everything and say "I can't go."  Even Ryan Lawrence asked before last night's start why Worley hadn't been shut down yet. If you're hurt and you're pitching like shit, I have a hard time believing that the two aren't related. 

Now, about this morning…

Admittedly, reading back, I completely omitted the injury in my first post this morning and that's on me. I'm man enough to admit when I made a mistake. I goofed up (relatively badly), but no one's perfect, blah blah blah (it was early?). It would have sounded much better if the injury bit was included with this:

He hasn't been able to pitch into the seventh inning in any of those starts and gave up four runs four times. Last night, he gave up three base hits to start the game and only lasted 60 pitches after being pulled. 


So, if that was included there, maybe a good number of you wouldn't have torn into me so bad. Maybe not. So many of you have beef with Charlie Manuel and how he handles decisions late in games that you overlooked the Worley issue. And maybe I overlooked the Manuel issue, but with that, it's kind of old news and nothing you haven't heard before.

My focus was on Vance Worley and his poor performance despite being given an early three-run lead. I thought that was the bigger issue. If you didn't, then great, your opinion is different and I'm not making you agree with me. Maybe we'll see eye to eye tomorrow.

Best of luck to Vance in surgery and recovery.

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  1. I think you’re racist against asians.
    they’re taking over the word man! Get used to it! Say hello to yellow!
    -I’m a white guy in manayunk.

  2. Sean- England.
    Original that guy- I refuse to let Asians take over the word man. That shit applies to way too many races to be taken over by just one.
    Gillon- You’re gonna have to ignore most commenters. Would you listen to the guys in high school who made fun of you for asking out a girl and getting rejected? No, you wouldn’t. You’d take solace in the fact that they didn’t have balls enough to do it themselves, so they had to tear down someone who did. Let them have their “glory” and stick to posting the articles/blog posts you do.
    That’s lesson number 1 in doing anything on the internet.

  3. Worley should’ve been shut down a month ago. A clear case of too little too late.

  4. Well that’s a bit better. Son. Let’s wish him nothing but the best now. If you want dessert anyway.

  5. I find it amazing that Worley lasted 60 AFTER being pulled!
    His recent performances are pretty discouraging, though. He’s hit 100 pitches in the 5th more than once. There were signs last year, though. I heard a stat that he had more balls put in play than any other pitcher. He just got lucky that they were hit AT people.

  6. Who calls a clearly injured player an asshole because he went out and got blown up? I think you missed the point and unless you got a bunch of messages on Twitter, you didn’t get a quarter of the call-outs you deserved.
    Complain that he got blown up, that’s fine. It was frustrating as hell to watch. Yell at Dubee and Manuel for not shutting him down. That’s great.
    But Worley’s been doing the best he can under bad circumstances. That’s not the mark of an asshole.

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