Your Monday Morning Roundup: Pictorial Edition

Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 9.37.48 AMDom Brown isn’t a particularly good fielder

Good morn, minions. Largely a pictorial for your Monday Morning roundup on this slightly cool – dare I say fall – day.

Let’s hit it.


But first, a word from our sponsors:

– NHL 12 TOURNAMENT. September 11. 8 p.m. Drinker’s West (39th and Chestnut). Winner gets a copy of the brand new NHL 13, which will be released that day. Just show up prior to 8 p.m. to sign up. You can also hold your fantasy football draft at Drinker’s West– $20 per person, all you can eat wings and tacos. Click here for the detalicals.

– See intense MMA action up close and personal. Get tickets to see the New Breed Fighters on September 8 at the Tower Theater. They start as low as $30.

Congrats to reader Brian, who received two free tickets thanks to his question about which Philly athlete Andrew Bynum most closely relates to. Brian, check your email.

– On that same day, September 8, meet Carlos Ruiz at the Sports Vault in the King of Prussia Mall from 11-1. Details and tickets here.

– The folks at Philly Phaithful have launched their all-new line of Eagles gear. Shop all of it here.


The roundup:

– Jonathan Papelbon’s post-game interview on Saturday was awesome.

– Are the Sixers preparing a long-term offer for Andrew Bynum?

– Paul Holmgren ambles along the beach in Avalon:

Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 9.05.11 AMWHERE MY D-MEN AT, EH?

Pic via reader (@Jaywalkin33)

– Today in Ryan Lochte, Douchebag:

via reader (@mendersfied), TMZ

– TOMMY GREENE hanging with people at Busch’s in Sea Isle:

Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 9.08.14 AM

Pic via (@Root_em_in)

Ads on fields in NFL preseason.

– Things that are totally not shocking: []

According to SportsOneSource, a Maine firm that monitors the sale of sports-related merchandise at outlets other than ballparks, the purchase of Phillies-related products has declined by 60 percent.

“They’re still No. 2 behind the Yankees,” Matt Powell, the company’s chief retail analyst, said Friday. “But their share of the market has fallen from 16.2 percent to 8.9.”

Even at the ballpark, though the team does not release such figures, Phils officials conceded they’re selling less of practically everything but the quirky Phanatic caps and Carlos Ruiz merchandise.


– Melky Cabrera created a fake website to get out of his 50-game suspension. It didn’t work.

– Paulina Gretzky tweeted a photo of her ass.

– Finally, NBC and Philly Media Network continue to pimp out Sheena Parveen for the sake of viewers and page views (pot, kettle).

Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 9.48.15 AM

Last week, Sheena was on the cover of the Daily News. On Sunday? A section of the Inquirer. And a web-exclusive video. If this doesn’t feel like the start of every Girls Gone Wild video ever, I don’t know what does. Jump it to see what I’m talking about.

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15 Responses

  1. Considering the current and most likely future state of state of Philly sports, I’d be totally cool with you revamping the site into a blog devoted solely to Paulina Gretzky’s unabashed sluttiness.

  2. I’m with Matt.
    Also, Dom Brown’s ‘dive’ this weekend was the most sad, pathetic thing ever. I like what Al was saying this morning on WIP about sitting him for the rest of the year. Because every time he plays, his trade value plummets.

  3. 1) that swimmer is a homo;
    2) homer looks drunk & is a loser;
    3) tommy Greene can throw back the cold beer & looks like he can still play while coked up in that pic;
    4) shocked no richie boating with the cup post;
    5) enough with ch 10 promoting that indian weather chick who looks like she has a smelly pussy

  4. Brown is friggin’ terrible. Wasn’t he sent home from some summer league in the Dominican Republic a few years ago for being too full of himself and refusing to play or listen to coaches or something? Sounds like a mental midget. Luzinski was more graceful.

  5. The weather chick has bad breath… and the guy next to tommy greene has a boner and homo is drunk

  6. Every single commenter on this chain makes me want to leave humanity behind and live in a cave for the rest of my life.

  7. I would eat rice pudding out of Sheena’s lady bits. Same with Gretzky’s slutty daughter.

  8. Dom Brown is the worst “baseball player” I’ve ever seen, and possibly the worst professional athlete. Ruben should be fired for making this guy a paid professional.

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