Your Monday Morning Roundup: The “We Swept the Nats But It Really Doesn’t Matter Now” Edition

Congrats, Cliff…. everybody gets one… at home. (Photo: USA Today)

Okay, so maybe that's a little pessimistic given what the Phillies accomplished this weekend… maybe it's the rain or something. More on that in a second.

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Back to the Phils… there's a lot of good you can take from a four-game winning streak, but many of you are thinking about where this was all season long. The Phillies are still 16.5 games back in the NL East despite taking three in a row from the division's top team… but here's something that will potentially get you unnecessarily riled up.

Photo: (Yahoo! Sportacular)

9.5 games isn't insurmountable. The Tampa Bay Rays earned a playoff bid coming back from a nine-game deficit just last year. By my calculations, the Phillies would probably have to go something like 26-8 to have a real shot. That's asking a lot from a team who gives so many ties and leads away in the eighth inning, but anything is possible, right?

At this point, I'll take .500. 

The Roundup:

  • Flight Night was last night, and it was largely uneventful. And no one, including Stewart Bradley tore their ACL this time. Memories.
  • Joe Buck, your favorite person to hate on Sundays, is growing facial hair, giving you yet another unjustified reason to maintain your hatred.
  • Finally, T.O. had this to say yesterday… I guess three dropped balls in three preseason games will do this to you…


I think I'm finally starting to have a bit of sympathy for him… maybe. Happy Monday, folks.

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11 Responses

  1. I’m just as disappointed in the Phillies as everyone else is and I think that we’ll end up 3rd in the Wild Card standings and miss the playoffs by like 3 games (cause that’s our luck) but I do have to say I’m glad that I can watch them again and not get chest pains from anger. They are at least finishing the season with a little respect for the fans and didn’t just pack it in when they could have.
    Also I think this whole Foles thing is awesome. Vick now knows that he is gonna have someone who can play breathing down his neck and that just like the fans turned on Kevin Kolb, they will turn on Vick if they smell blood in the water. This could help Vick elevate his game and make smarter choices if he knows he is only one hit away from losing his job.

  2. I love how your hating on a bunch of kids that are learning to play baseball from Uganda….Bunch of whiny HATERS!

  3. By next Monday we’ll know if this glimmer of hope has faded or not. Three aginst the Braves in Atl will be telling.

  4. worst case scenerio..we fight, scratch, and claw to win the 2nd wildcard spot..and then lose in the one game playoff

  5. Well really the worst case scenario is that the Phils return to pre-All-Star Break form and finish the season 15 games under .500

  6. The phillies have never had a wild card berth in their franchise history. I still find that kind of weird.

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