Andy Reid on Quarterback Controversy 2012: There is No Quarterback Controversy!

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The retreat happened even more quickly than I thought (I gave Reid until Friday, when the Mike and Mike show comes to Xfinity Live!).

On his coaches show on WIP tonight, Reid doused the still-being-fanned flames that we had a quarterback controversy. The quote:

“It was the last question. I was finishing up the press conference. No, Michael’s our quarterback. Period. Michael’s our quarterback. Listen, does he need to get better and do we all need to get better? Yes.”


An endorsement from Andy Reid, worth so much.

Anyway, the quarterback controversy is off… until there are three articles about it in the Daily News tomorrow, and 688 sports talk radio callers and one blogger who won’t let it go.

CSN, which had already doubled down on the controversy, has the audio… after the jump.

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8 Responses

  1. I broke this story this afternoon and thanks to me, it is the talk of the city. Radio shows, tv, and all picked this story up from me.

  2. After what happened with Kevin Kolb when Reid said the kid was his quarterback one day, then replaced him with Mike Vick the next, it’s clear to me Small Red has absolutely no credibility, That said, there’s no telling what might happen should Vick falter and falter badly in upcoming games against the Giants and Steelers. And with his job on the line (if you believe in that crapola, I don’t), Reid will try almost anything to keep his job, and that includes throwing Vick under the nearest bus like he did Kolb and going with Nick Foles.

  3. There is no quarterback controversy, the eagles are without an NFL caliber starter for this season. Sadly, Trent Edwards may be your best option with this offensive line. This is another example of Jeff Lurie’s mismanagement. This team needs an enema, has needed it for about 5 years. Andy Reid is a lame duck and needs a fresh start somewhere else.

  4. Vick is on pace to turn the ball over 48 times this season…
    Maybe we should think about giving someone else a chance?

  5. Lurie bought the Philadelphia Eagles on May 6, 1994 from then-owner Norman Braman for $195 million. The club is now estimated to be worth $1.164 billion, as valued in 2011 by Forbes.
    Lurie is never going to fire Reid. The best thing we as fans can do is collectively send Andy gift baskets of Krispy Kreme and wait for nature to take it’s course. We really need to pull together on this.

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