Birds: Jason Babin Rips Replacement Officials and Andy Reid Doesn’t Want Reporters “Instant Messaging” Important Information

Jason Babin complained about replacement officials… four days later: []

“I guess the refs we have now, they’re going to call everything to the letter.” Babin said. “You know, where as professional refs, they understand that there are nuances to the game, that keep it playing, flowing and moving and keep the legitimacy to the game. They know what not to call and what to call. You can’t ask a guy who coaches six man football in Texas to know the difference. It’s not fair to him, and it’s not fair to us, but unfortunately we have no control over it.”


Well, to be fair, Jason, the replacement officials don’t coach six-man football in Texas… they work middle school games in Oklahoma. Huge difference. 

Some of the calls in Sunday’s Eagles game were ticky-tack, but the officials were hardly atrocious. Non-issue for now.

Here’s something that undoubtedly has beat reporters’ briefies in a bunch: Andy Reid has decided to restrict access to practice. The Eagles were one of the few teams in the league that still allowed reporters access to practices (on Thursday and Fridays– not during Saturday walkthroughs), but Reid said he made the decision to maintain a competitive advantage. Also, instant messaging: [CSN Philly]

“It’s changed over time, between Twitter and just the whole instant messaging, everything is right now,” Reid added. “I just want to make sure I’m staying up with that. It’s not about you (reporters), it’s about how we are in the NFL right now.”


Not that it really matters– here’s what the Eagles are going to do this weekend: PASS. Boom, and I did that without the whole instant messaging.


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  1. Gotta love NFL head coaches and their rampant paranoia when it comes to keeping opponents in the dark before Sunday, treating what’s in their precious playbooks like nuclear secrets. What’s really laughable is that Andy Reid is the dead LAST coach who should bitch about that sort of thing since he’s more predictable than the goddamn sunrise about his game day strategy: pass on first down, pass on second down, pass on third down, punt, repeat. Give me a break.

  2. Babin reminds me of a guy who doesn’t wash his hands after going to the bathroom

  3. I don’t particularly like Babin, but he’s right. The officiating in the entire NFL is atrocious right now. Really bad all across the board.

  4. The waddle of Angelo Cataldi and the piece of hay stuck in the horse teeth of Rhea Hughes ruin my morning drive says:

    really babin? yes, the officiating has been less than stellar, but it certainly has not been atrocious either. its been a bit sub par, but what do you expect with replacement officials anyway! the eagles had 12 penalties for 110 yards on sunday. so, let’s assume 1/3 of the penalties were ticky tack stuff that could have went uncalled, that still means they had 8 FREAKIN PENALTIES! hey babin, its not their fault you idiots jump offside! its not their fault you idiots take a delay of game because you cant get the next play call in on time! just be grateful that your and the league are still playing right now because when you had your strike last year, the refs you so love and miss were out of work because of you! ingrate!

  5. Babin looks like one of a million d bags il see after the game either at xfin or that has been place with those old bay wedges….

  6. @ Wally totally forgot. That place is still open? I do remember Lupal getting a handy there 2 years ago

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