Davey Johnson Says Bring On The Phillies

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I’m losing my shit over here. The Phillies are going to celebrate a playoff birth at Nationals Park. I know it. It has me smiling. I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite. I'm so excited I can’t even control my misplaced Elf references.

Davey Johnson, though, sits on a throne of lies and says he wants the Phillies. Here’s what he told 106.7 The Fan today when asked about the streaking Phils: [Washington Post]

“You know what, the way I look at it, I like playing the best and hottest teams,” Johnson said. “Because you know what, you’ve got to get through ‘em, you’ve got to beat ‘em….I don’t care, bring ‘em on man, let’s go.”



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You can’t see it, but I’m doing excited face over here and (oddly) blasting the Glee soundtrack. Don’t know what to do with myself. Ms. CB and I have weddings to go to, home improvements, and hayrides and shit planned for October. What if… there’s baseball? October baseball. Streamings out of the dugout, intradivisional series, and Jayson Werth seeing to it personally that we never cross Broad in celebration again. What if? I need a sedative.


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  1. Man, this feels like the Shea Weber thing all over again. Six days of getting excited even though we’re pretty sure we know the ending already.

  2. Bring em on indeed. I hope we get to see to it that Jayson Werth never gets another ring. I also say that should we pull off the impossible, we all send plenty of gifts in the form of newspaper clippings and other stuff celebrating the impossible to him. Let him know he failed.

  3. Can you imagine what the fans in Philadelphia would do if we shut down our best pitcher before the playoffs started?

  4. Fuckin Sports, Bro. The original reality TV and reigning champion of all things unpredictable. Even if I fell in love with any of those whatever the fuck they are reality shows, nothing would ever make me think about it when i go to sleep and when i wake up and all day while my sales pipeline dries up. Fuckin Sports.

  5. At least for NOW this has that 2008 feeling … I think people forgot they didn’t win 100+ games in 2008, were 7 games back in September and only make it into the playoffs on the second to last day of the season. If we could win a World Series with Jenkins, Bruntlett, Moyer and Taguchi! I think we can make some noise with these guys. I’m not accepting failure and this season overall has been rough but I give this club credit for never packing it in.

  6. Can’t wait to do blow in xfin after the eagles n finger some chick during the 8th inning of the Phil’s/Astros game

  7. I love how the wanted to take the park back, They should of been thanking us because the times we played there our fans and our fans money paid their mortgage and utilities. Fuck the Washington Nationals, you keep suckin dick and getting the number one pick year after year, you’ll eventually have a good team.

  8. @Kevin- I’m right there with you on teams struggling to get in that’s when most teams win the world series.Gotta go in fighting for your life then just sitting back for the last couple weeks not playing hard and fucking up your timing.

  9. No Cosmo today? the Gnat fan from Port Richmond who’s whole family grew up Phils fans? Big Cos shakes his head in shame.

  10. wait..wait, shouldnt you be doing another end of days post kyle? get off the bandwagon kyle, we did better with you off it.

  11. @ sean, i think he looks exactly like roger ebert in that picture, Exactly like roger ebert.

  12. Wasn’t that the mentality of the Phillies last year when they didn’t dive for the Braves? Look what happened.

  13. The Phillies have sucked us in for one more hurrah, but, alas, the odds are they will fall a game or two short. Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst. Though, it would be glorious to clinch in DC.

  14. Not sure why you’re excited at this. Johnson and the Nats have made a fool of you every other time you posted about them.

  15. You guys are criticizing a manager who wants to play the best teams and hottest teams? Instead of what, running and hiding?
    Davey is a great manager and knows the road has run through philly for the last 5 years…what else is he going to say?

  16. As a Nats fan, all I’ve ever wanted was a September in which I could delusionally cling to a remote chance at a wild card berth. Keep it up guys, you’re living the dream.

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