Khalif Wyatt Took Evan Turner to “White Girl Wednesday” Last Night… and That Couldn’t Have Ended Well

Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 10.23.24 AMPic via (@jaywilks_official)

Evan Turner, who we’re assuming is still dating Chels (pictorial here), made another appearance at White Girl Wednesdays at the Draught Horse, on Temple’s campus, last night. He was brought there by Khalif Wyatt, which is never a safe thing: 

Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 10.27.06 AM
Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 10.27.06 AM
Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 10.27.06 AMCTFUUU! The last time Wyatt turned up something on diamond dollars, he was arrested for buying hookers. Presumably, that didn't happen last night. Or maybe it did. Who am I to judge?

Some more sightings:

Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 10.31.11 AM

Meep meep. 

On Saturday, Turner took in the football game at his alma mater, Ohio State:

Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 10.32.21 AM

Pic via (@jchester234)

By all accounts, ET and Chels are madly in love, so we’re not implying anything. But, I mean, who doesn’t love themselves some white girls?


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  1. Yo, we went HAM on them white gurls last night yo.. give the best gummies you could imgagine… cant wait till next wed.

  2. Thank god I have sons!!! I would disown my daughter if she ever went fried chicken

  3. I can’t really tell through internet sarcasm, but do you dislike basketball half as much as you seem to or … ?

  4. i LOVE basketball. it’s my second favorite sport. but the sixers are USELESS. when they start doing something right, ill give them credit.

  5. I understand the dislike for the current regime, but as piss poor a brand of basketball they put out there, you still have to support them, no? I dunno, that’s just the way I feel. I hate the way they’ve been the past couple of seasons, but I don’t go shitting down their throats at every given opportunity.
    They drafted Evan Turner, there’s a start for your “doing something right”

  6. i applauded their drafting evan turner, and i will root for them, but this site is not a ra ra fan site. we’re going to call out ineptitude and have some fun with stuff. i see your point, but the sixers are going to have to do a lot more than get lucky to have us start praising them. hiring thorn? keeping stefanski? having 3 different swing players? no direction? those things are all real.

  7. I bet Wayne Simmonds pecker wrecker looks like it was dipped in white out all summer long. I thought mr Scott’s comments were highlighted

  8. i can tolerate people’s tweets where a athlete/celebrity is in the same restaurant/bar as them, but it cracks me when you see the one tool who tweets, “chillin in a bar with evan turner.” yeah pal, like he is sitting right next to you, slapping beer mugs with ya, shooting the shit with ya, and now you and ET are trying to figure out whether you are going to stay or hit the next bar!

  9. Yo, we went HAM on them white gurls last night yo.. give the best gummies you could imgagine… cant wait till next wed.
    Posted by: ET | September 13, 2012 at 11:15 AM
    Another side-splitter here. These parodies just keep getting better. Fucking mook.

  10. I was about to comment on white girl Wednesday until Kyle Scott went on his rant about the Sixers proving just how clueless he is about the recent Sixer moves.
    Can’t wait until the Sixers prove you and ignorant haters like you wrong.

  11. Ya ever get the feeling that if Evan Turner wasn’t in the NBA, he’d be off playing Dungeons & Dragons with some geeks from his high school? Yeah… I just said that.

  12. ET could cornrow his hair, get a bunch of tats and show up late for practice and he’d still be our little Beaker..meep meep

  13. ET turns off the hearing aid and plays up the deaf card when black girls want to talk to him

  14. I love all the ignorant haters!! I would love for 1 of you tough guys to say something to my boyfriend Moise Foku from the colts!!! The same people talking shit are probably the creepers always hitting me up on my Facebook page,
    White Boi haters!!!F

  15. every case, he’s earned notihng but stellar reviews. As Dannie of ReclinerGM muses in thisa0awesome Thibodeau profilea0(seriously, please go read it), You can’t find anything but positive things about this

  16. C’mon, Dan you of all people sholud know that there is no such thing as an elected official who’s also a hardcore ideologue.Chuck plays to his base, sure, but he’s just still playing specifically, he’s playing politician just like everyone else. You have to you have to be able to tell your constituents what they want to hear, otherwise they’re not going to vote for you. Chuck happens to have the loony left as his constituents (I use the term somewhat loosely) and I never envied him. Say what you will about slimy business on the right, at least you can anticipate them. Left wing crazies will spin a zillion miles off into frothing-at-the-mouth land with little or no provocation.But regardless, he knew how to play to them and to do that, you have to be a real hardcore cynic. Borderline contemptuous, really. Because if you’re not, you WILL get sucked into their world and end up drinking the koolaid.However, consider me among those who thinks the Boston FBI still just doesn’t get it when their first two big indictments are two of the most prominent black politicians in Massachusetts. I mean, c’mon. Justice is blind, but the Boston FBI has a history of seeing color all too well. Not to mention a history of corruption and general ineptitude. This could have been a real chance to start rebuilding that image but that chance is long gone now.For example, and to be rather blunt: I highly doubt Wilkerson and Turner are the ONLY two guilty parties; the Feds couldn’t have thrown a few white folks to the wolves between Wilkerson and Turner to keep the racism charges at bay?

  17. Dan, due to your frequent criitcism of Howie Carr, I’m not sure if your praise of today’s show is in jest but today Carr did remind listeners of these other Turner transgressions that I had forgotten about (how could I?)further undermining your assessment that Turner struck [you] as honest. Cutting and pasting the relevant passages from a Boston Globe piece by Andrea Estes 02/28/06: Three councilors have had liens placed on their homes for failing to pay income or property taxes. Councilor Chuck Turner of Roxbury, before he was elected to the council in 2001, had repeated run-ins with the Internal Revenue Service; it was only in 2004 that he paid off an $18,637 lien placed on his Roxbury home for taxes owed during four years in the 1980s, according to federal tax records. Turner was sent to the eight-hour National Safety Course in 2002 after being hit with several violations during the year, including driving with improper equipment and without a valid inspection sticker. His license has been suspended nine times, largely for unpaid fees, according to Registry records. Turner’s defense, as reported by Estes, was that as a community organizer he earned less than he was worth with a B.A. from Harvard!

  18. to allegedly hand off wads of cash to local pols of color 3 2 1 RACE CARD! .but not SAL DIMASSI, the most blntaatly crooked politician at the highest ranks of power in Massachusetts government.An accusation with nothing to back it up. He IS under investigation. No charges have been brought. You don’t know if they tried to offer him cash and he refused.And, seriously, that photograph IS grainy and I can’t even discern a dollar, I believe it may be photo shopped.You ARE kidding, right?Is this a joke post?The F.B.-motha’ fucing-I. is able to take I suppose the M-F-ing FBI took down Whitey cuz he was Irish?And La Cosa Nostra because they were Italian?(I didn’t hear the Irish and Italians complain that the FBI were doing it because of ethnicity.)Funny, how when caught red-handed, people will find anyone else to blame.I thought his indignant comments to the press were humorous. That by shutting off his phone for half a day stopped him doing constituent services . than he was worth with a B.A. from Harvard!Chuck Turner had a BA from Harvard? Who wouldn’ve guessed?

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