Nationals Announcers Rip Phillies Fans (Obvs)

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Here’s not a surprise. Nationals announcers Bob Carpenter and F.P. Santangelo had a brief exchange about Philly fans last night. And guess what? They don’t like us!

The folks at DC Sports Bog transcribed:

Bob Carpenter: And this all goes back to the ignorant people – and it doesn’t take many, it’s not all Philly fans obviously – but there were some really AWFUL people who cheered when he left this field with a broken wrist back in May. Inexcusable. Pardon me, that was in D.C., but Philly fans that were in our ballpark were the ones cheering. And we know that not all Philly fans are like that, but I think that really got to Jayson.

F.P. Santangelo: They’re not?

Carpenter: …

Santangelo: I said, they’re not?

Carpenter: I don’t think all of them are.

Santangelo: Well, there’s one or two that aren’t.

Carpenter: I think they’ve got some good fans here.

Santangelo: [Laughter]

Carpenter: Or somewhere.

Cool, guys.

I’d now refer them to this post, written the day after baby Jayson broke his wrist again:

Werth did that half slide-catch thing he does so well.

The ball got loose. 

We cheered. Quite lustfully, actually. Werth had botched the play. 

A few hundred Phillies fans, most of whom had been tailgating for three hours, cheered the outfielder’s misfortune… and the hit for the home(?) team. It was only then that we realized Werth had more than dropped the ball. 

He was hurt.

Most got quiet. Many of us turned over our shoulders to find the TV monitor so we could see what had happened. Werth quickly – impressively – regrouped and walked off the field.



Anyway, it seems the latest round of Werth hate stems from that night. It’s the incident that put Jayson over the edge, making him think all Philadelphia fans are a bunch of snarling idiots. Some of us are. Most aren’t. But that’s besides the point. Who the hell are Bob Carpenter and F.P. Santangelo to really matter? All this nonsense from Nats people about how bad Philly fans are… yet they can’t even fill their stadium on the night the clinch their first playoff berth. I guess maybe if they had a few more fans, they’d have some bad apples too.


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  1. What “really got to Jayson” has nothing to do with Philly fans, it’s the fact that he’s a miserable prick and always has been. Sports Illustrated wrote a whole article about what a miserable human being he is.

  2. Hey Nats fans and sportscaster homers hate us….well they should cuz as a joke of an organization that would be on par.
    Not a surprise, and really not very noteworthy because the Nats are still just the Nats….

  3. I still don’t understand the obsession with Nats attendance figures on this site, especially when the Phillies couldn’t fill their own stadium for the last home game and people started heading for the exits as the Nats lead increased. The Nats faced an uphill battle for attendance when the team moved to DC from Montreal. DC had been without a team for 34 years and, in the interim, the Orioles had done their utmost to become a regional team, including taking “Baltimore” off their jerseys and branding themselves as just “the Orioles”. There are people in the DC area who grew up as Orioles fans and aren’t going to change. Nats attendance is up substantially this year and will continue to grow.
    Also, I was at the game where where injured his wrist. It was abundantly clear it was broken immediately — the human arm was not designed to bend in that direction.

  4. Lol seriously Nats fans have no bragging rights until they win the division twice, then they can start dishing shit. Also, even if and when that does happen, they’ll find it very hard to sell out their stadium

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