Sign Guy is Back at the NovaCare Complex

Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 12.17.31 PM
I guess the period of sympathy is over. The Fire Andy folks (guy?) are (is?) back… with a somewhat encouraging and poorly grammaticized message for Reid: Andy don’t THROW ur Job away. Guess the auto-punctuate on the spray paint got a little overzealous.

Glad to have football back.

Pic via CSN booking producer Rachel Appel-Vazquez (@RachelCSN)

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19 Responses

  1. for precautionary measures, better get in all of your hostile displeasure and criticisms before the game now. just read that anyone who is tossed from eagles games this year must complete a 4-hour online course before admittance to a future game. the test will cost at least $55 with additional fees going to charity! i am assuming this applies mostly to season ticket holders because i do not know how they could really police this policy for individual games.

  2. Browns … 30th ranked run defense. McCoy under ten carries in the 3rd quarter averaging over 7 yards per carry.
    Reid and Morningweg throw 56 times.
    They’re the MORON BROTHERS … shameful wasting all this talent.
    FIRE REID NOW … should have lost his job last year.

  3. I would pay to have been there at the moment he looked at the amount of space on his sign and made the audible to go to “ur” instead of “your” (or more likely “you’re”).
    Whether or not he’s right isn’t the point – the fact that he’s an attention starved meathead is.

  4. The point is the guy’s absolutely right. If this past Sunday was any indicator, Reid IS going to throw himself out of a job while he puts Vick in an early grave.

  5. I can understand the frustration with Andy, I mean after 14 years of the same thing someone is going to get the blame. What I can’t understand is how Marty consistently evades any sort of criticism .. and he’s the one calling the offensive plays!

  6. C’mon, Julie! Don’t tell me you believe Marty has full reign to run whatever plays he wants without Andy’s blessing? Marty is nothing more than his puppet, always has been.

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