Today in “Call Me Maybe”: CSN Releases “Watch Us Baby”

Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 11.08.57 AMOh, Mike

I go away for a week and CSN releases a Call Me Maybe parody?! Never mind that it’s four months too late and none of the talent, expect Barkann, even attempted to mouth the words, I want to know how – in the hell – they went about getting Tim Panaccio to agree to not only take part, but also play a major role? Maybe it was the impending boredom of the NHL lockout… or Sarah Baicker’s red dress. Actually… yeah, probably Sarah’s dress. Whatever the case, most of the talent had fun with it, except for maybe Derrick Gunn, who treated it like he was finally getting his big hip hop cameo to raise his street cred with Eagles cornerbacks so he can get the perfect, bro-huggy Postgame Live interview.

As far as Call Me Maybe parodies go, nothing will ever top the massive spank bank deposit that is the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders’ version, but this ain’t bad and, for better or worse, it might be the best-produced piece CSN has put out. All that’s missing is a cameo from Sharla McBride or gratuitous shot of Sheena Parveen. Though Reuben Frank’s dancing (shape-shifting?) at the 2:55 mark almost makes up for those omissions. Almost

Watch it after the jump, maybe.


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  1. never knew my fav cougar lisa hillary was that loose. SMH at Marshall
    probably the best call me maybe parody yet, even though they are about 2 months too late

  2. Ouch. That’s a lot of free unproductive time spent on a very tire re-tread.
    A VHS video rental store I worked at did this in 1985 to ‘Walkin on Sunshine’. But we were all 20 yrs old, weren’t 6 months behind in doing it, and our lip synching was much better. Jus sayin’

  3. That song makes me want to punch your father is his stupid face. And tongue punch Lisa Hillary in her squish mitten.

  4. There hasn’t been a decent article on this site in over a month. What happened to this site it used to be great.

  5. Watching the dudes in this video reminds me of 43 yr olds hanging out at Nardi’s or OD on a Saturday night. Sure legally they’re allowed to, but shit is it awkward and uncomfortable to watch.

  6. I wonder if Lisa Hillary shaves her pussy?? I wouldn’t mind licking it

  7. D Gunn’s been hangin wit caucasians too long.
    funny video but coulda been better.
    who decided that bleached blondes are essential to braodcasting ?
    Suzy Kolber.

  8. There’s nothing remotely funny about this video. And Sarah Baicker is nothing more than a glorified fan…

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