Today in “Ryan Lochte, Douchebag”: A Picture of Douchebag Ryan Lochte Being a Douchebag

Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 1.11.33 PM
Somewhere, Evan Turner’s girlfriend is pisssssssed that he is making this face.

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  1. This obsession you have with this obvious homosexual is scaring me son. Did I scare you the gay way with my overly hairy, dredlocked beaver?

  2. Ah…there is “Your Mother” chiming in with easily the dumbest and least funny comment on the board. Go take a timeout, chief.

  3. Hey Kyle, why are you so obsessed with this guy? Maybe you should just give him the benefit of the doubt for bringing home medals for our nation and leave it at that. Who cares what he does outside of the pool?

  4. @ rubes that was a very American statement, now come out of the closet. This dude is a d bag and belongs in avalon but if he was on a team in Philly all the brothers would be going nuts that he likes slightly dark meat

  5. Charlie Brown’s obsession with me is, well making me sooo hot… Do you like fried egg nipples Charlie??

  6. Yo, Kyle! Is there some sort of significance to all this? I mean, no one ever heard of this clown before the Olympics, and he was out of sight, out of mind until you mentioned him today. Does he owe you money or something?

  7. @ Candy, are you the whore from Scruples (aka Oakford Inn) that was hooked on pain killers?
    @ 3 Finger Lenny, are you the same Lenny that is 4ft 10 and used to drive around Torresdale on your GT Performer acting like a tough guy? Get a clue.

  8. Sound like rubes pubes hit the champagne room with the candy extras? I hope you know she has the herp

  9. lol Kyle dislikes anyone who is better looking than him and has athletic ability (which is the majority of people). Youre just a sad little blogger who will amount to nothing more. What a joke. Hope off the guys dick…bitch.

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  11. Here in Austin the smart growthers argue that new roads cause depolevment, which in turn causes traffic congestion. When you point out that by their logic one could argue that the sale of cat food causes traffic congestion, they just look at you funny.yours/peter.

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