Andrew Bynum Already Out with Knee Trouble

Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 2.13.16 PMPhoto: Sixers

THE ANDREW BYNUM ERA IS OFF TO RAUCOUS START! The future of the Sixers existence will sit out three weeks with knee trouble.

Oh, you mean because of that non-invasive Kobe-style procedure he had in Germany? Because that was expected.

No, apparently his knee is bothering him for unknown reasons. The team said he will miss the first three weeks of practice, but should be ready to resume basketball activities by Halloween.

Bynum told reporters that his knee felt “uncomfortable” and that he wasn’t “doing anything in particular” when he noticed soreness last week. He doesn’t believe it’s related to the procedure he had done in Germany last month.


ESPN's Marc Stein is reporting that it's a bone bruise in Bynum's right knee, and I'm reporting that bone bruises don't just happen when you're not "doing anything in particular."

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders where Bynum was last weekend, when he was unable to make a scheduled trip to Citizens Bank Park with his teammates. The brotha in me loves his afro.

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  1. I had a bone bruise in my knee and I still to this day do not know how I did it. It just started hurting one morning. Little cortisone and he’ll feel as good as new

  2. “The Brotha in you?”
    Where I live, they don’t take kindly to miscegenation

  3. I can’t really tell through internet sarcasm, but do you dislike basketball half as much as you seem to or … ?

  4. i LOVE basketball. it’s my second favorite sport. but the sixers are USELESS. when they start doing something right, ill give them credit.

  5. I understand the dislike for the current regime, but as piss poor a brand of basketball they put out there, you still have to support them, no? I dunno, that’s just the way I feel. I hate the way they’ve been the past couple of seasons, but I don’t go shitting down their throats at every given opportunity.

  6. i applauded their drafting evan turner, and i will root for them, but this site is not a ra ra fan site. we’re going to call out ineptitude and have some fun with stuff. i see your point, but the sixers are going to have to do a lot more than get lucky to have us start praising them. hiring thorn? keeping stefanski? having 3 different swing players? no direction? those things are all real.

  7. Wow… I’m impressed! You broke this story a good 8 weeks after everyone else who already knew this. Slow news day?

  8. So coming within a game of the conference finals isn’t good enough for you? And stefanski was out in 2011. A professional sports blogger should do some fact checks

  9. didnt this same convo about kyle’s like/dislike for basketball happen a few weeks ago, with literally the exact same words? Im confused.

  10. I love the sixers, their just one great player away from being a contender, I mean we’re making the playoffs with no real star and making it difficult for the other teams, if we just had some big name to take us there then we’d be golden.

  11. Yeah, I’m also having bad acid flashbacks to the Jeff Ruland fiasco. I hope lightning doesn’t strike twice.

  12. This deal was a bust from DAY 1. When our franchise has been led by a mediocre star in Iggy for 8 years, its very dangerous handling over the keys to the franchise to a guy like Andre Bynum.. Bynum is just a good center at the end of a non great center era.MaYBE if the Sixers had scouts theyd realize that there is about to be a Center boom in the NBA similar to the league PG boom. And well have two bad knees and a Bynum….. Slow, fat, careless, bad knee, Andrew Bynum!

  13. The Afro he dons makes him look like a even fatter slob. Bynum isnt cool. Anyone who thinks even if healthy he’ll play good CONSISTANTLY or against any decent Defensive center their sadly mistaken.
    Bynum was owned by Jevale Megee in round 1 of the playoffs.
    Bynum was SHUT DOWN by OLD Kendrick Perkins vs Thunder in second round.
    In 34 minutes vs Knicks last season he put up THREE points vs Tyson Chandler….
    The new Sixers owners have no clue what thier doing. They over promoted Bynum and make it seem like the Sixers DRASTICALLY improved last year when we barely escaped a plus 500. record. The truth is the team has not improved since new owners and they already screwed up by looking to sell tickets with Bynum on the team bc the casual fan sees a 7 footer and think it means the second coming of Wilt. FAT. SLOW. BAD KNEE, Bynum sucks

  14. “Bynum will be ready in time for the Denver game”… Hell be hurt again by the end of that Denver game. Lol. Or is feelings will be hurt again by average Jevale Megee, who OWNS BYNUM.

  15. The sixers unloaded Andre’s contract with the trade, and got Bynum who is in the last year of his deal. If his knees don’t hold up then we don’t have him next season if we chose to. If he plays as the best or second best center in the league, which he is when healthy, everything will work incredibly, and hopefully we can bring him back. If not we have another bad season, and get a good draft pick. In addition the Sixers will have a lot of money to spend on a free agent. This trade was an experiment with A LOT of upside. Basically calling this a “trade with bust written all over it” is a dumb uneducated statement.

  16. You sound like Josh Harris dude. Iggy was on his was out ANYWAY. So was Brand. And everyone is obsess with”low post scoring” lwhen there are 15 PFs better than Bynum. Now if we sign Bynum it will be 5 years of WE NEED TO GET RID OF ANDREW BYNUM!

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