Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 2.13.16 PMPhoto: Sixers

THE ANDREW BYNUM ERA IS OFF TO RAUCOUS START! The future of the Sixers existence will sit out three weeks with knee trouble.

Oh, you mean because of that non-invasive Kobe-style procedure he had in Germany? Because that was expected.

No, apparently his knee is bothering him for unknown reasons. The team said he will miss the first three weeks of practice, but should be ready to resume basketball activities by Halloween.

Bynum told reporters that his knee felt “uncomfortable” and that he wasn’t “doing anything in particular” when he noticed soreness last week. He doesn’t believe it’s related to the procedure he had done in Germany last month.


ESPN's Marc Stein is reporting that it's a bone bruise in Bynum's right knee, and I'm reporting that bone bruises don't just happen when you're not "doing anything in particular."

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders where Bynum was last weekend, when he was unable to make a scheduled trip to Citizens Bank Park with his teammates. The brotha in me loves his afro.

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