Asante Samuel, Still a Dickbag

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Asante Samuel, one of seemingly 100 players who declined to speak to the Philly media this week, spoke with reporters in Atlanta today. Wearing a fucking helmet.  

Here’s what Pick Six had to say.

Happy to come home, Phillip Phillips?

"It’s not any game. I’m going back home, because that was, like, my home. They’ll be happy to see me, everybody gon’ cheer for me, nawhaaaimean?"


 Nah, I don't.

Why the helmet, dickbag?

"Got a little personality issue, so this is how I got to do my interviews. I’m just trying to humble myself down, make sure I don’t expand too much. My personality issues are kickin’ in." 


Just now?!

Why take a shot at Andy Reid on Twitter?

"Y’ll assumed that was about Andy. I didn’t say “this is for Andy.” I just made a quote, and then another quote. And everybody said that was for Andy."


Juan Castillo's your boy?

"Man, Juan’s my guy. Shout out to you, Juan. You had the 12th defense in the league. He was doing a good job, as I could see. And it’s just unfortunate that he had to resign from his job or whatever, whatever. Great guy, worked hard. And any coaches out there need another coach, he definitely get the job done for you."


Yep, and he'll do the same one over and over and over and over and over.

Think you'll get cheered?

"Oh they better cheer for me. They gon’ cheer for me. Or we gon' have a problem right there in Lincoln Financial Stadium."


Frankenstorm indeed.

You can watch video of Asante's interview here.

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19 Responses

  1. I smell a pick six – 0 tackles
    the Birds should run on this PUSSY every frigging play
    watch him pull his matador shit again and again
    but they won’t – and he’ll make his 1 play and talk shit for years

  2. Asante Samuel and the Falcons will be making a deep playoff run while the Eagles and their miserable fans will pouring out their misery over yet another failed 8-8 season over greasy unhealthy fatty Philly cheesesteaks and beer.
    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES SUCK!!!!!!!!

  3. Yo Latowski,
    I thought that interview was hilarious for what it was. Why must you call out all the athletes who leave Philly with some 18 yr old insult? I’m sure you sucked their dicks while they were here (Samuel, PENCE, Victorino, Richards, Carter etc. etc.) Is the only way you can get your precious page views by calling athletes some corny insult? How about just writing an article about what happened and not throw in your terrible jokes/insults. I thought a preppy that went to Malvern Prep and Nova would be able to write articulate articles without trying too hard to be funny.

  4. Good, he doesn’t have to fucking talk to the media. He just has to fucking go out there and win. I don’t really give a flying fuck about all the drama going on within the team because it’s irrelevant. Who fucking cares. Those beat writers are annoying as shit anyway. Still remember that deplorable billboard on 95 with telling JRoll to hustle. Disgraceful motherfucking Philly Media.

  5. Asante’s complete and total inability to grasp even the most rudimentary elements of the English language is breathtaking. His ideas regarding thickness are groundbreaking, as well.

  6. i hit astante with my 2×4 and then have the Junk Yard Dog drop a duce duce on him hooooooooooo usa usa tough guy
    eagles 24 falcons 17 lock it up

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