Jason Babin Thinks the Media Should Do Their Homework, Makes Hilarious Excuses for Lack of Sacks

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Who had Jason Babin in the Next To Annoy pool?

I did, actually.

After avoiding the media yesterday, saying that he wanted to handle things “professionally,” Babin spoke with Mike Gill on 97.3 ESPN and dropped some real professionalism. Or not.

About his avoiding the media

“They were taken out of context. They kept trying to prod me for information to ask questions that kind of had statements in them about the situation (Juan Castillo firing and sacks). I just chose to walk away from the interview at my locker. I think it was taken out of context, you know? Sometimes when you don’t [inaudible], don’t say anything at all.” 

“Everyone’s upset with the lack of pressure on the quarterback. But my pressure was compounded by that. The media kept prodding about the sacks and the sacks and the sacks.”


Newsflash, Jason, you're a goddamned defensive lineman who's created his own logo based off a sack celebration. The issue of sacks… MIGHT FUCKING COME UP. 


“And I guess I was frustrated with them because I treat what I do very professionally, work very hard and do my best every day, and sometimes I wonder if some of them, not all of them, do their homework before they ask questions or print stories. Let’s understand what’s going on, let’s understand football, let’s understand how things work and how they tie into each other instead of just saying random things that sound good in the paper, look good in large print.” 


Do we know of any audio enhanced large-print local newspapers? Asking for my grandmother. 

About the sack numbers:

“Individual stats often really reflect the cumulative effort of all faces of the football team. They are linked, no matter to a certain degree how you look at them. Obviously there are great efforts individually and great abilities by individual players, who overcome certain things. But I think as a whole defensive front we are better. And I think our approach now, as subtle as it’s going to be, is going to make all the difference in the world.”

“Imagine this, if you will. The issue for us has not been getting to the quarterback, it’s when we get there, the quarterback not having the ball.”


Yeah, imagine that. But you’re “not a football guy,” so go on. 

“If you can do some small tweaks to help for the quarterback to hold the ball for the appropriate amount of time needed to sack the quarterback, then you would be very excited about that.”


So what you’re saying, Professor Babin, is that if your secondary could cover a guy more than five yards off the line, you might have more sacks? Fun. Want me to tell Nnamdi, or do you want to do the honors? 

“The defensive line job is pretty basic. The guys at the back end have a lot of calls to make. They have a lot of different things they can do. Honestly, a lot of times we’re not tied-in to what’s going on back there– their job’s pretty complicated. So it’s kind of hard for me to speculate. But, the other teams are finding a way in the fourth quarter to figure us out, so…” 


That passive aggressive implication that the secondary isn’t doing its job was skillfully worded. We haven’t seen that sort of thickly-cloaked deflection since Five last spoke about his time in Philadelphia. Which was last Friday. Very professional, Jason.

Listen to Babin's full interview here. Babin displaying professionalism, after the jump.

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  1. this guys is a grade A douche bag. it’s tolerable when he’s getting sacks and not tackling, not so much when he’s not sacking or tackling. huge mistake bringing him back and handcuffing our DC with the wide 9. i guess add that to the list for andy.

  2. The best part of his interview was when he went on to describe how him (and the rest of the defensive line) have been constantly trying to figure out new ways to get to the quarterback. He even said he wakes up with (nightmares) in the middle of the night thinking about it. Yet he admitted to “tuning out of football” when he leaves the field because he is a family man. Great to know that your putting so much effort into figuring out how to do your job: sacking the quarterback and “babining”

  3. Somebody stick a passifier in this guy’s mouth, and tell him to shut the fuck up. I LOVE when stupid athletes try to justify their lack of results as “you people just don’t understand”. hey babin, go fuck yourself

  4. Well, I think Jason Babin should shut the hell up and concentrate on doing his job better. Perhaps if Babin and his limp dick teammates had played the sort of defense against Detroit two weeks ago like Chicago did Monday night, Juan Castillo might still have a job. Did did this jackass ever consider that when he went on his little rant? Lord have mercy, talk about a goddamn tool! Okay, so Babin wants to avoid the media? Fine and dandy! Let him! Like most athletes, whenever clowns like him open their mouths, they show the whole world what flaming idiots they really are, so they should keep quiet.

  5. What happened between last year and this year with Trent Cole, Babin, etc. ?
    if they’re getting double teamed is one thing.
    Reggie White stopped everybody who was running away from Jerome brown. perfect storm.
    No leadership.

  6. @ Pat:
    Babin is a “Beast”? I think you meant “Bust” Pat. First round pick by the Houston Texans, he has had 2 good season, both under Jim Washburn, and in both of those seasons he was a liability against the run. He continues to be the opposite of a leader and a complete douche canoe in the press while doing virtually nothing but get pushed 10 yards into the backfield on sprint draw plays. If he doesn’t get sacks, he’s pretty useless to this defense.
    Let’s not forget that until Washburn resurrected his career with the Titans, this guy couldn’t stay on an NFL roster, including the Eagles, who also have cut him previously.

  7. Pat, let’s go to the movies tonight and do the hibbity dibbity, if you know what i mean…

  8. Easily the least likeable team in Philly in my lifetime. We have a scumbag number 1 reciever who manages to be broke last year despite getting $500,000, a dog murdering QB who can’t stop giving the defense the ball, and a core of douchy defensemen who won’t talk to the media because they’re too cool. I’ll be stoked when they don’t make the playoffs and bring in some new pieces so I can go back to being an Eagles fan.

  9. It’s not all bad Harrison. Guys like Herremans, Maclin, Ryans, Shady, Kendricks…there’s plenty to like in there but the douche level just outweighs all the good. It’s sickening.

  10. someone raised a point the other day on sports radio that has had me thinking ever since and that is this team has become very, very, very unlikeable. we have seen eagles teams of the past under perform and yet we were still on board with them and very supportive of a potential turnaround. however, the present-day consensus feeling is a stark contrast of the past. it is not an issue of jumping off the bandwagon rather their arrogance and complacency has made them virtually unlikeable. even worse is the turnoffs happen to be long time traits of the head coach. simply put, i cant bring myself to root against the eagles, but i think we’re all at a point now of wake me up when its all over, i.e. reid’s dismal.

  11. This team hasn’t been likeable in a few years. Time to clean house and bring in some new faces.

  12. i miss the eagles teams of the early part of 2000s.
    players like hugh doug, trots, dawks, reese’s,troy vincent’s etc – players with heart & were not pompous arrogrant a-hole’s

  13. This is everything that’s wrong with this team. I love how Babin blames the secondary. No one takes accountability for their own performance. Everyone just passes the buck. Just man up and get to the QB, Jason. It’s literally the only reason why you’re on this team.

  14. Never go a day without seeing a black school bus driver on a cell. Oh wonder if he sold his jeep

  15. BABIN’S A DOUCHE, I GET IT. But do you really think he’s NOT trying to get a sack on every down? Sometimes shit happens that can’t be explained while standing at a locker talking to a scribe looking for a 15 second clip to push on radio stations. He’s right, some people just don’t get it. Starting here….
    Michael Vick can’t protect the football, what do you want him to say? Jason Babin can’t get a sack, what do you want him to say? It’s football. Do you think they’re not trying to get better. AND YES, those excuses are gettting old for this team.
    If Philadelphia fans and media had their way, they would force Vick to quit so NICK FOLES could start, force Babin to wear a muzzle, force Andy Reid to step down, hire [insert Jon Gruden or Brian Billick’s or other dream coach’s name here], and the problems are solved. IT’S A JOKE.
    ATL is coming to Philadelphia to pick up their first L of the season Sunday. Put your tampons in your crybaby bitches.

  16. I hate this team so much. This is the epitome of why. All you ever hear is excuses. The losses keep piling up and they keep talking about how great they are and how there is an excuse for everything.

  17. So the offensive line thinks its all the secondary’s fault. Yet, we just promoted the secondary coach to be our defensive coordinator??????

  18. balls, i meant defensive line. The whole Andy Reid philosophy that they’re interchangable confused me

  19. This team is as soft as their roly poly coach. The players love coach reid cuz he babies the hell outta them. If i was coach we would be going back to running wind sprints and full contact practices. This team collectively got paid and had their balls ascend back into their body. These pussies need to get that fire. I’ll stick to watching O’brien’s Lions. Team plays with heart, intensity, and desire and BOB coaches the same way.

  20. I’m not negative or even speaking on the team as a whole, I’m just not a fan of Jasin Babin and never have been. If he has another weak performance against Atlanta, I start Brandon Graham and see if he has ANY value left at all.
    I do think they will beat Atlanta this Sunday and I’m still hopeful that they can make the playoffs. They’re 3-3. It’s very early yet, but it’ll get real late real quick if they lose 2-3 more.
    @ Will- Anyone calling for Foles over Vick is an idiot. He’d literally die behind this offensive line.

  21. FACE – i feel you. My statement about Foles/Reid/Babin was sarcasm based on fan opinion and media conjecture. Fans think they know everything and can fix anything. Couple that with Philly media never hesitating to report to us why we shouldn’t like the teams we root for i.e. blogs.
    Snark does not equal daily reading material.

  22. I stopped liking this asshole after that nonsense about his comments on DeSean’s 10 million dollar “unfair” contract. Insulting fans and acting like a pompous jackass.. Just a classless act. Fuckin blows against the run, padded his stats with sacks last year, and just makes excuse after excuse.
    Hey Jason, ya act like a big tough guy, yet you wine like a fuckin bitch in a too-too over the media and point fingers at everyone but yourself. Shut the fuck up and play.

  23. This team hasnt had leadership since Trotter, Dawkins and Westbrook.
    McNabb was never a leader….Hugh Douglass said players in the huddle saw Mcnabb as a “company man” when Garcia was in the huddle he was “one of them”
    I hope Celek pancakes Assante.

  24. These guys basically have a high school education. Of course it is simple to parse their words to reveal their true meaning when they try to get clever. New flash: the whole defense stinks; hell, the whole team stinks.

  25. AI TRU, How the hell would Hugh Douglas know what went on in the offense’s huddle whether McNabb or Garcia or Feeley or Johnny Unitas was the quarterback?
    A lot of the defensive players on the team would rag McNabb–with the exception of Dawkins and Trotter–because they wanted jobs at WIP once they were gone. All of the players on the offense with the exception of Freddie Mitchell (who loved McNabb until T.O. came to town) loved the guy. Listen to what guys like Duce Staley, Chad Lewis and Brian Westbrook–you guys actually IN THE HUDDLE with McNabb–say about him.

  26. Once a player is no longer a member of a team, he can say whatever he wants. Players and employees of all teams are told not to comment on anything internal.
    In the 90s an associate of mine worked for the Eagles. He was told not to comment on anything pertaining to the team, even to his family.
    but we’d take him out, after a few beers and he’d loosen up with great stories about Jeff Fischer, Gruden, Jerry Jones,the cheerleader lockerroom, etc.
    Some peoples grapevines are better than others.

  27. New boy in the neighborhood
    Lives downstairs and it’s understood.
    He’s there just to take good care of me,
    Like he’s one of the family.
    Charles in Charge of our days and our nights,
    Charles in Charge of our wrongs and our rights!
    And I sing, I want, I want Charles in Charge of me.
    Charles in Charge of our days and our nights,
    Charles in Charge of our wrongs and our rights!
    And I sing, I want, I want Charles in Charge of me.


  29. LOL at Babin, he of the “mostly on the waiver wire in fantasy football leagues everywhere” variety.
    Please earn your money and sack someone, or create a single fucking turnover during a game, for fuck’s sake.

  30. jesus h christ…how bout we just let the players play without stirring shit to make them hate each other

  31. I just found out the hard way that Babin’s testicles atrophied from overusing steroids and fell off. Or became like little raisins or something, cause that sack was pretty much empty. Dude has no balls.

  32. this team is full of pussies. fuckin’ prima donnas.
    babin, nnamdi, cole, allen, coleman, the whole Oline, vick, reid, everyone under reid, and jackson need to go.
    destroy and rebuild!

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