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Who had Jason Babin in the Next To Annoy pool?

I did, actually.

After avoiding the media yesterday, saying that he wanted to handle things “professionally,” Babin spoke with Mike Gill on 97.3 ESPN and dropped some real professionalism. Or not.

About his avoiding the media

“They were taken out of context. They kept trying to prod me for information to ask questions that kind of had statements in them about the situation (Juan Castillo firing and sacks). I just chose to walk away from the interview at my locker. I think it was taken out of context, you know? Sometimes when you don’t [inaudible], don’t say anything at all.” 

“Everyone’s upset with the lack of pressure on the quarterback. But my pressure was compounded by that. The media kept prodding about the sacks and the sacks and the sacks.”


Newsflash, Jason, you're a goddamned defensive lineman who's created his own logo based off a sack celebration. The issue of sacks… MIGHT FUCKING COME UP. 


“And I guess I was frustrated with them because I treat what I do very professionally, work very hard and do my best every day, and sometimes I wonder if some of them, not all of them, do their homework before they ask questions or print stories. Let’s understand what’s going on, let’s understand football, let’s understand how things work and how they tie into each other instead of just saying random things that sound good in the paper, look good in large print.” 


Do we know of any audio enhanced large-print local newspapers? Asking for my grandmother. 

About the sack numbers:

“Individual stats often really reflect the cumulative effort of all faces of the football team. They are linked, no matter to a certain degree how you look at them. Obviously there are great efforts individually and great abilities by individual players, who overcome certain things. But I think as a whole defensive front we are better. And I think our approach now, as subtle as it’s going to be, is going to make all the difference in the world.”

“Imagine this, if you will. The issue for us has not been getting to the quarterback, it’s when we get there, the quarterback not having the ball.”


Yeah, imagine that. But you’re “not a football guy,” so go on. 

“If you can do some small tweaks to help for the quarterback to hold the ball for the appropriate amount of time needed to sack the quarterback, then you would be very excited about that.”


So what you’re saying, Professor Babin, is that if your secondary could cover a guy more than five yards off the line, you might have more sacks? Fun. Want me to tell Nnamdi, or do you want to do the honors? 

“The defensive line job is pretty basic. The guys at the back end have a lot of calls to make. They have a lot of different things they can do. Honestly, a lot of times we’re not tied-in to what’s going on back there– their job’s pretty complicated. So it’s kind of hard for me to speculate. But, the other teams are finding a way in the fourth quarter to figure us out, so…” 


That passive aggressive implication that the secondary isn’t doing its job was skillfully worded. We haven’t seen that sort of thickly-cloaked deflection since Five last spoke about his time in Philadelphia. Which was last Friday. Very professional, Jason.

Listen to Babin's full interview here. Babin displaying professionalism, after the jump.

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