Cole Hamels Will Cook a Four-Course Meal on TV Tomorrow

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As we told you about last month, Cole Hamels will be appearing on an episode of Life After Top Chef, which will air tomorrow at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

But it gets better.

Not only will Cole be on the show, half of the Phillies roster and Shane Victorino will be, too. From the press release:


– Cole Hamels, Phillies Pitcher and co-founder of The Hamels Foundation

– Heidi Hamels, co-founder of The Hamels Foundation

– Shane Victorino, former Phillies

– Jonathan Papelbon, Phillies

– Ryan Howard, Phillies

– Kyle Kendrick, Phillies

– Jennifer Carroll, chef and star of Bravo's "Life After Top Chef" and in the past, "Top Chef" and "Top Chef All Stars"

– Sponsors and Guests

WHAT: In April, Phillies Cole Hamels and wife, Heidi, hosted a foundation dinner with Chef Jennifer Carroll. The event was filmed for an episode of Bravo TV's "Life After Top Chef' reality show. Watch Phillies Ace Pitcher cooking in the kitchen, alongside Chef Carroll to prepare a four course dinner for sponsors and even his teammates! Proceeds benefited The Hamels Foundation. 


Not quite as cool as Entourage… but better than Hawaii Five-0, I suppose.


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  1. best gay pitcher in baseball
    don’t care how many kids he has – or how hot his wife is

  2. Not that hot but there is something about chick that cooks. Defintely want another piece of that desert.

  3. I’m actually quite impressed there haven’t been any “they should be in the batting cages and ashamed to show their faces in public instead of making food” comments yet

  4. What I love about Cole Hamels is that he doesn’t give a shit what you people think about him.
    As for the batting cages and bullpen, this dinner party was held months ago so Cole and his teammates can brush up on their skills for next season without wasting any of this offseason.

  5. This was one of the many events that our Rockstars squeezed into their schedules on off-days and afternoons which probably explains why they have 30 extra off-days this winter.
    Need to get back to the 2007 “team to beat” underdog mentality!

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