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Just in case you weren’t tuned in to FOX Philly last night to see Howard Eskin’s sports report*… he posited that the Lakers “may have given the Sixers damaged goods” in Andrew Bynum. He also said that Bynum’s knee injury – which has vaguely been described as either a result of his recent (and previously planned) knee procedure or something along the lines of a bone bruise – is more serious than the Sixers are saying.

That’s all opinion based on “things [Eskin] has been told.” But it’s not far-fetched. Bynum’s setback, which will keep him out around four weeks, is curious. He told reporters it had nothing to do with the knee injections he underwent in Germany last month, a procedure his ex-teammate Kobe Bryant had done last year. Bynum said his knee felt “uncomfortable” about a week before training camp began. The Sixers, however, have been a bit more vague and have claimed that Bynum’s sitting out is related to the procedure.

Bynum, of course, has had knee problems throughout his short career, and they, along with his psyche, are the concerns surrounding him. 

This is worth keeping an eye on. You can watch Eskin’s report after the jump.

*Sarcasm aside, this is what I love about Eskin. Say what you want about him (sometimes his voice physically pains me), but his on-air sports reports, first on NBC 10 now FOX, are always worth watching, because he usually gives you something that other outlets won’t. He’s been doing this a loooong time, and knows a lot of people (watching him shoot the shit about his new gig at FOX with security guards in the bowels of CBP two months ago sold me), so there’s a good chance he isn’t pulling this out of nowhere. Sure, it never hurts to squawk loudly… but there’s probably more than nothing to this Bynum thing.


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