John Bolaris Got Engaged on the Howard Stern Show This Morning, During His Hurricane Coverage

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Photo: Howard Stern Show

Our unofficial weatherman for your certain death, John Bolaris, is serving as Howard Stern’s official correspondent for Frankenstorm. So, where better than Stern’s show for Bolaris to get engaged… unplanned… live… during a hurricane.

Only J-Bo.

I wasn’t listening this morning, but’s Dan Gross was and he provides some details: []

After questioning Smitheman about her relationship with Bolaris, including how long it took her to sleep with him after they met (Her reply: "Three hours"), Stern asked if Bolaris wanted to marry Smitheman.

When the former Fox 29 and NBC10 meteorologist said yes, Stern suggested he propose on-air. He did so, and Smitheman immediately said yes.

There was no ring as Bolaris clearly was not planning to propose, however he did tell Smitheman how much he loved her and that he planned to propose sooner than later anyway.


Romantic, John.

I’m not sure what’s a more J-Bo move– proposing to his girlfriend on the Howard Stern Show during a hurricane… or it only taking him three hours to shlup his future wife. I’ll go with the proposal thing, if only because three hours seems like a relatively long time for sex machine Bolaris, especially if alcohol was involved in the courting process.

Bolaris never responded to my repeated requests (spamming) for him to serve as our Frankenstorm correspondant, though he did thank me for featuring his forecasts and said to "feel free" to continue using his Tweets. I don't think he was being sarcastic. And his first post-engagement update today? All bizzinass:

Screen Shot 2012-10-29 at 10.05.32 AM

Programming note: we have amended the rules of our Frankenstorm Drinking Game to include “John Bolaris gets engaged on Howard Stern Show– do shot.” 

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12 Responses

  1. You have a sick obsession with John Boleris. What gives? Sports blog that talks about a weatherman more than the fucking team that is heading down the drain. We are on the verge of firing our 14 year head coach and benching our 100million dollar quarterback and the best thing that you can come up with on a Monday Morning is that John Bolaris got engaged on the Howard Stern Show??? Yes, I am aware of the weather but God damn hide your Bolaris boner just a little bit. You were complaining yesterday that this storm would over shadow the trouble of the eagles, yet you are the one overshadowing everything with your wanna be weather coverage and sweet ‘drinking’ game. Get real bro, this blog is going down faster than the beaches of jersey. Get back to talking about PHILLY sports..i’ll watch the news for my weather coverage.

  2. Hey, that’s where I work!!!
    Missed Johnny B at work but chilled with him at Ronnie Mund’s Block Party at the Blockley near Drinkers West. Such a fun and great guy.

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