Phils Celebrate 2-0 Win as NL East is Decided at Nationals Park

Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 8.41.50 AMHe's totally going to spray Chooch, right?

Once again, the Phillies celebrated on the field after beating the Nats as an NL East championship was decided.



What I present to you here, on this morning of October the two, is a angry punch in the dick. That’s all, really. Nothing more, nothing less.

Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 9.01.30 AM

You can hop over to the Washington TimesNats Enquirer and DC Sports Bog for some painful coverage, or watch the video after the jump of 35,387 Nats fans and 6,000 empty seats trying to figure out how to celebrate actually winning something.

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41 Responses

  1. Hilarious. Do it 5x in a row Nats. And oh yea, the Phils may not be going to the playoffs but we still are 9-7 against your sorry asses this year.

  2. Lots of Natitude will be on display with Strasburg off the postseason roster. Wonder if they will sell out their ballpark in the playoffs.

  3. Hey they won all year, and now won the division, with that said….I hope you lose the rest of the season and playoffs. I wish them nothing but the worst, and hope to enjoy ESPN highlights of their playoff opponents embarrassing them in their home park.
    Oh and “Natitude” has always reminded me of a lame marketing attempt for Natty Ice……

  4. Sweet sour grapes, brahs. So nice to see that fat ass Manuel have to watch the new champions being crowned.
    And the NLDS sold out in DC in 3 minutes. Head to Atlanta if you want to see empty seats during a playoff game. See you in the World Series.

  5. “Wonder if they will sell out their ballpark in the playoffs.”
    Yeah, already have for the NLDS. Philly knows better than anyone winning will bring the fans out.

  6. A funny thought popped into my head while watching video of the gNats’ locker room celebration: Did they allow Stephen Strasberg to participate in the festivities, or did the front office tell him to stay home, fearful he might hurt his arm opening a champagne bottle?

  7. hey Richard, nice picture. that makes you and the other 25 people at the game the only people to see that. enjoy the 1st round loss. montreal called…they want their team back.

  8. First NL East crown in 2007: Attendance was at 102.8% of capacity during clincher.
    Washington was at 84.5% capacity.
    Just sayin…

  9. 2012 postseason at CBP: 0.00% capacity. You keep talking about attendance because the Phillies are in 3rd place, won’t see the postseason, and there’s a new division champ that doesn’t have $75 million committed to Ryan Howard, Cliff Lee, Jonathan Papelbon, and Jimmy Rollins in 2014 (average age 34; average # of achilles 1.75). Don’t really care about empty seats, but I know you have to work with what you’ve got.

  10. There isn’t a single winner in that organization. If the Phillies won the division after a loss, they wouldn’t have celebrated, I tell you that. Because they are proven winners.

  11. i guess richard has to talk about his nats here since nobody else in that town cares about that team. canada is calling…

  12. Yo, Richard! Enjoy that gNats playoff run, but don’t blink or you’ll miss it as that team won’t make it past the first round. Hell, they probably won’t even win a single game.

  13. Yo, Flash! You can blink all you want bc the Phillies aren’t even playing.
    The NL Cy Young is down to 2 NL East pitchers but neither plays for the Phils. And next year y’all will get a full helping of Strasburg. It’s going to be fun kicking your asses every year for the next decade.

  14. I wish I had the free time and inclination to log onto another team’s sports blog to make fun of them. Too bad I am busy chatting with my team’s fanbase to spend time on another team’s blog.
    Losers. gNats are gone in 3.

  15. wrongdog, we beat you 9-7 this season. get your facts straight. i guess you’re just another part time fan who occassionally watches the nats. fingers crossed strasburg doesn’t blow his arm out again. go back to canada.

  16. I will admit, it is fun to see “baseball” fans pop up out of the woodwork like this. odds are, speaking to you mainly, Richard, you have never once attended a game in Washington until this year. in fact, I’m sure of it.
    who calls themselves the Nats? you’re named after an annoying insect. because that’s what the city of DC really is, an annoying, little insect.
    btw, go RGIII!

  17. What a bunch of bitter, jealous dicks. Funny how you all keep trotting out the 9-7 thing — last year when we Nats fans shoved the 10-8 stat up your ignorant, culturally starved asses, you acted like we should be embarrassed for pointing that out, because after all who had the NL East crown?? My, how things have changed. Now go masturbate to your photos of Michael Vick drowning a dog.

  18. Also, bah hah hahhhh “who calls themselves the Nats? you’re named after an annoying insect.”
    Great point, female horses. I hear your urine is used to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

  19. All the talk about the Nats attendance reaks of little dick syndrome. Really? They are a team that hasn’t even been in the city they play in for 10 years and they have been terrible until now. A city that is full of transplants at that. Why would anyone feel a dedication to that team yet? They are new and haven’t won a damn thing and they have no connection to them yet. Building a fan base takes time.
    The Phillies have been in this town for 100 plus years and it’s a town with a long sports history, a pretty terrible one at that.
    Considering the Nats are probably going to be good for a while, take a look back at attendance in 5 years and see how it compares to the Phillies, especially since the Nats future looks a lot brighter than the Phillies.
    Until then, their lack of attendance makes perfect sense and us talking shit about it is a pussy way to make us feel better about our shitty team.

  20. “I will admit, it is fun to see “baseball” fans pop up out of the woodwork like this.”
    1.6 million the last time the Phillies had a losing season, lower than the Nats have ever had. So stop pretending you’re the Yankees or the Dodgers and not just another team that had a good run and brought fans out. A decade ago the Mariners drew 3.5 million and the Phillies were 27th in attendance. It happens, superfan.

  21. you obviously can’t rad into a double entendre. it was a shot at both the phillies bandwagoners and the sorry excuse of nationals fans.
    also, why read the site if your a Washington fan to begin with? never quite understood the premise behind that.
    I live in North Carolina anyway, and their sports history is ridiculous. the Canes win the cup in like their third year of existence and now nobody down here even acknowledges they play a sport (granted that wont be happening this year…) & before the days of Cam, the Panther’s fan base was dissolving.
    Washington will always be a football city anyway. they don’t even seem to care when the Caps make the playoffs. that being said, it’d be nice not to have to hear that incompetent prick FP Santangelo not mention attendance figures in the first place. nor should he have to mention the crowd & its composition of each team’s fans. he does it EVERY game. it’s pathetic if you look at it that way.

  22. i love the phillies but you are all salty as shit. Nats 2012 = Phillies 2007.
    Baseball is not a game that spans over 162 games but decades, and you all should of saw this coming with them locking up Werth, Zimmerman, and having picks like Stras and Harper come to fruition.
    Good for them, but fuck them. Phillies were clearly at like 20% capacity at the Vet in 1999 (I was the only person in section 603), except maybe you guys weren’t phillies fans then.

  23. and there’s seamingless stupidity all along….if you were a baseball fan living in DC in 2000 you were an ORIOLES fan. They’re basically the same city/metropolitan area. You didn’t walk around rubbing two rocks together trying to create fire before this baseball team came to town. DC is still filled with Orioles fans loyal to the team they grew up watching, and good for them.
    It was stupid in the first place for DC to get a team, but they’re doing great. You really think if the A’s came back to North Philly that they would draw 50,000 to a game along side with the Phillies? Hell no. Would DC sports make fun of Philly fans if the seats at Shibe Park 2 were empty? Yes.
    They are the same city as far as sports go. hell they even share an airport.

  24. DC has two airports. Baltimore has one, which happens to be convenient to many in DC’s Maryland suburbs.

  25. The Phillies had a bad year, too many injuries and a weak bull pen was the death of us but Nats fans imagine if for the first half of the season you didn’t have Zimmerman, Werth, Harper, and Strausberg. Imagine if they were all out of your lineup a the same time. Would you be where you are today? Probably not. Enjoy it this year because next year will be a different story and when it is will you still be Nat fans? And before you call me a band wagon jumper I have been a season ticket holder before 2007 even happened. I have supported my team in the good times (the past 5 years) to the awful horrible years before 2007. BTW you can’t talk about Strausberg being a Sy Young canidate until he finishes a whole season.

  26. Hey phools fan for life — we lost Werth for 6 weeks. Morse was out most of the first half. Our CLOSER was out for the first half, leaving a train wreck in the 9th inning until they finally figured out Clippard should close. We lost our catcher, which was a huge blow both offensively and defensively until we got Zook. We lost Stras at a crucial time, obviously. We still have the best record in baseball going into game 162. Stop fucking whining and making excuses for how shitty the Phillies have been this year. Bad years happen; with luck you’ll bounce back next year, but don’t cry about all the ways the deck was stacked against you this year, you fucking sniveling pussies. Our bench carried the team when our lineup was down — yours couldn’t do the same. (Should have called Ruf up ages ago.)
    And — geez, I have no idea why I am wasting valuable typing muscles responding to an idiot who can’t spell Cy Young.
    The entire city of Philly wishes they’d coined “fake tough” instead of inspiring its coinage.

  27. You are a idiot – please don’t ever compare losing Morse and Werth to losing Utley and Howard. That is just dumb. That is all. Now go and enjoy your teams short playoff run this year. Oh and you’re actually tied for the best record in baseball you don’t have it yet.
    p.s. Your team had a nice year. I don’t think it was so much your bench that carried you but guys like LaRoche, Espninosa, and Desmond (who is probably juicing and will be out for the first 50 games next year). Now that is all. So go back to Natitude land and enjoy some playoff baseball. Even though you’ll only be watching your team in the divisional round it should still be fun for you all 50 of you guys.

  28. Idiot did you lose them at the same time? No…we lose Howard, Utley, Doc, and many others at the same time. Like I said enjoy it now because next year will be different

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