Last week I was interviewed by Tru TV’s Dumb As A Blog. They were wondering what the Philly reaction was to fans in Kansas City booing Matt Cassel’s concussion, because the national media response to fan crisis is to immediately relate it to Philadelphia. 

So today, I kind of expect an email from someone, somewhere, asking for thoughts on the continued jackassery in San Francisco. 

In 2010, a Giants fan was robbed at gunpoint for his NLCS tickets.

Last year, a nine-year-old Phillies fan was run over by a hit-and-run driver leaving the Phillies-Giants game in San Francisco. 

Yesterday, two incidents.

1) From the Associated Press:

A man was seriously wounded after being stabbed near Candlestick Park as he was going to watch the San Francisco 49ers' home game.

Police Sgt. Michael Andraychak said two men suspected of attacking the 27-year-old Elk Grove man Sunday were arrested a short distance away.

Andraychak said the victim was with five friends when the suspects approached them on the southwest side of the stadium. He said they got into an argument and one of the suspects pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim in the torso.

Andraychak said the victim and his attackers were all 49ers fans.


2) 49ers and Giants fans fight outside Candlestick Park. 

Screen Shot 2012-10-15 at 3.08.54 PM

That video can be viewed after the jump.

H/T to Chillwagon and Pat Gallen