San Francisco Fans Continue to be Some of the Worst People on Earth

Last week I was interviewed by Tru TV’s Dumb As A Blog. They were wondering what the Philly reaction was to fans in Kansas City booing Matt Cassel’s concussion, because the national media response to fan crisis is to immediately relate it to Philadelphia. 

So today, I kind of expect an email from someone, somewhere, asking for thoughts on the continued jackassery in San Francisco. 

In 2010, a Giants fan was robbed at gunpoint for his NLCS tickets.

Last year, a nine-year-old Phillies fan was run over by a hit-and-run driver leaving the Phillies-Giants game in San Francisco. 

Yesterday, two incidents.

1) From the Associated Press:

A man was seriously wounded after being stabbed near Candlestick Park as he was going to watch the San Francisco 49ers' home game.

Police Sgt. Michael Andraychak said two men suspected of attacking the 27-year-old Elk Grove man Sunday were arrested a short distance away.

Andraychak said the victim was with five friends when the suspects approached them on the southwest side of the stadium. He said they got into an argument and one of the suspects pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim in the torso.

Andraychak said the victim and his attackers were all 49ers fans.


2) 49ers and Giants fans fight outside Candlestick Park. 

Screen Shot 2012-10-15 at 3.08.54 PM

That video can be viewed after the jump.

H/T to Chillwagon and Pat Gallen


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  1. They had a OTL on ESPN yesterday morning about fan violence it was mainly about the 49ers and Raiders fans. I’m not suprised with Oakland mainly because it’s a city filled with gangs. But San Fran? Gayest city in the world. C’mon.

  2. They seem to have cornered the market on fan violence lately in San Fran. Serious alcohol and/or anger issues out there. BTW, those were some tough assed skanky women!

  3. Kyle, you should be honored to be asked to be on Tru TV’s Dumb As A Blog. Sounds like your momma would be proud.

  4. Been to 3 or 4 Eagles verse 49ers games the past decade or so in San Francisco. The whole atmosphere there is a sh*thole from the stadium, to the lots and especially the fans. We were there two years ago and enjoyed a pathetic excuse for a fist fight in our section between two 49ers fans on whether their backup qb (i think it was david carr at the time) should come in or not. The ghetto trash that goes to 49ers game is exactly the same crowd as the Raiders.

  5. Wow if you’re gonna get in the middle of a fight at least defend yourself #85 got his ass kicked and why am I not surprised at the behavior of those California northern latinoes.

  6. so a fight breaks out in san fran and they call philly for insight? philly is the only place where fans act crazy? nobody said anything about those tomahawk choppin animals down in atlanta during the braves/cards game. they had to delay the game because of the trash they threw on the field. not one word said about that. how many people have been shot/stabbed/beaten outside of games in cali this year?

  7. Surprised no one has said anything about the fact that the one girl at the end getting her hair yanked was 14 (can hear it in the audio) That other chick should be in jail right now!!!

  8. Don’t hold your breath waiting for nationwide condemnation of what happened in Frisco, because it’s not coming. Nobody in the media gives a damn if violence or general fan jackassery erupts at sporting events unless it happens in Philly, then, they’re all over us like a rash. Nothing new. I stopped getting worked up over this double standard nonsense long ago.

  9. Some serious trash in that video. I commend the Giants fan who resisted. He probably would have ended up getting stabbed if he fought back. He was definitely in control of the situation and I bet that he would kick that wetbacks ass given the oppertunity in a fair fight. Althought I’m not really sure that fair fights aka “fair ones” still exist. The two linebacker looking chicks should have been uppercutted or dropped like that Philly cop did to that bitch.

  10. Yea this article isn’t bias at all.. Are you kidding me? How is San Francisco the worst fans.. Everyone has the bad apples that make the rest of the fans look bad. I can assure you it is much less safe for a Giants fan at Dodger Stadium than a Dodger fan at AT&T Park. Every stadium has fans that are going to be loud and get too drunk. This article is absolutely ridiculous and has no merit at all.

    1. When you look at the numbers there has been more violent issues (5.4 to be exact) at California sporting events. I dont know exactly whats to blame, maybe its the alcohol or maybe its just the people. Now, no one is saying that all California fans are ‘bad apples’, it is strange how many vicious attacks have occured at California’s sports events

  11. Way to prove the point, Matt. “Every stadium has fans that are going to be loud and get too drunk.” That’s usually our point, but for some reason the national media INSISTS that the only place in the country with shitty fans is Philly. We still have to hear about a snowball incident that happened before most of us were alive. Someone got booed in KANSAS CITY, and they look to Philly for comment. The whole point of the article was that these things keep happening in San Fran (amongst other places,) yet somehow we’re still the rudest, most ignorant people in the country. I didn’t hear the sports media carry on very much about the trash on the field in Atlanta. Yet I often still hear about Phillies fans throwing batteries in 1999.

  12. Not biased at all… According to Kyle, SF has the worst fans because he can find video of the fights occurring. I’m sure this happens at almost every game, at every stadium, every week.

  13. Oh look, its Mexican / Puerto Rican trash trying to act tough. I can’t wait for the Niners to move to Santa Clara so these idiots will not be able to attend the game.

  14. San Fran is the worst when it comes to fans. I don’t know where this notion comes from that the West Coast is laid back.

  15. I went to Giants vs Phillies in August of 2011. The night that both benches cleared. After I was walking to the parking across the bridge behind right field . I was with my friend and his 9 year old son . 4 giants fans came up to us and said ” give us one reason why we shouldn’t throw you 3 phillies fan over this bridge , So I turned around and said if I am going over this bridge I am taking you four with me. Well they just walked away after i stood up to them jerks! The fans were so rude out there but we here in Philly have the bad name .

  16. no one got knocked out so nobody cares. NOt worthy of the constant reminders that a lLyers fan knocked out a Rangers fan two hours after the winter classic five miles away.

  17. lololololololololololol Kyle talking about a city’s fans being assholes! Now isnt that the pot calling the kettle trash??

  18. Attended the Giants vs Phillies series in August 2011, had to watch each others backs at all times. Giants fans, who were sloppy, obnoxious, with five to six in a group, approached and shoved younger Phillies fans that were attending with their older family members. Other male Giants fans getting in girls’ faces, it was the worse I have seen. SF fans allowed in the stadium wearing F**k the Phillies t-shirts and then they would get in our faces about it.
    When the announcer asked for a moment to reflect on the child that got struck by a hit and run vehicle, several SF fans started talking. Just poor form all the way around. The corriders of the stadium are very narrow and you could not help being surrounded by the locals. They attack in numbers out there, hoping you back down.

  19. The second video today where people just don’t know to TURN THE PHONE SIDEWAYS WHEN TAKING VIDEO!

  20. why do you people give a shit how we are perceived…. stop giving a shit, it really should not affect your life

  21. A bunch of overweight, dumpy, socially retarded people fighting at a football game on the west-coast? Meh, fuck them. Fuck anybody who jumps on the sports-media-hates-Philadelphia bandwagon, too. Only a complete and utter dumbfuck would believe any single city has the market cornered on atrocious fan behavior. I see several complete and utter dumbfucks have already posted in the thread above. Keep it real, dumbfucks.

  22. pretty sure that everyone defending philly fans are because you dont get hassled at philly sporting events…how many times have you berated someone from the other team or have seen some fan from the other team being berated….philly takes pride in having a passionate fan base that will boo players if they arent living up to expectations or producing a winning product….some fans take it too far…you cant expect to have the reputation of most passionate fan base and not take the consequences that come along with a few morons taking things too far

  23. you guys are dumb as fuck for caring about what people think of you. except tyson he knows whats up. stuff like this happens all the time its just a matter of if someone gets there hands on the footage. btw philly fans are the worst. kc might be worse actually.

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  25. 49rs fans are the worst fans in the nfl. The really do whine. The seahawks will once again relish kicking your gay asses at home. We kicked your asses without Percy harvin,now hes back,you don’t even have a chance hahahaha! GO HAWKS!

  26. No surprise here. Many of the people who root for the 49ers are the low-life Wal-Mart types. Can’t keep their mouths shut so their foot often ends up in it. These pathetic hypocrites say seattle fans are classless, but forget thousands of them were doing the wave after a player on the cardinals was injured this year at their now former stadium (which resembled the world’s biggest meth lab at any given game) . They are also in total denial and can’t handle the fact there’s a better team in their division and the two other teams are on the rise. Karma is a bitch and I think we’re starting to see that come into play as every time they open their mouths they end up taking a big bite of crow when they should be taking a big gulp of shut the f*** up. I say screw them and screw their team that’s coached by a man who acts like he’s spent 6 hours before every game unsuccessfully trying to assemble Ikea furniture.

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