Signs of a Lockout: Claude Giroux Sings “Gangnam Style”

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As we learned during 24/7 and, specifically, the Winter Classic, Claude Giroux is a bit of a talker on the ice. This weekend, he was mic’d up for one of his games with the Berlin Ice Bears, and he didn’t disappoint.

Never mind that he scored two goals, we’ll turn your attention to the 2:30 mark of the video after the jump, where you can listen to Giroux's incessant (and lovable) prattling… and his version of Gangnam Style.

Oh yeah, pink jerseys.

H/T Broad Street Hockey


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  1. A goal, an assist and about 10 seconds of Gangnam Style? Sounds like the lead for this story was better than the story itself. Giroux still rocks, though.

  2. G is a slob. can only imagine all the lbs he’s putting on in Germany eating Bratwurst & drinking those high calorie german beers

  3. Anybody speak german? Are the announcers talking about how lucky they are to have G?

  4. fake jim duggan^ get the facts right..back when ponder was dribbling down his mothers neck (the 80’s) me and sgt. slaughter were runnnin train on bonnie berstien hooooooo usa usa

  5. @Kyle- how about looking into some leads and finding out if Juan Castillo was indeed Tito Santana?? hoooo usa usa

  6. Hey, it’s not my fault. It’s all these German hoes. That’s the problem. So back off!

  7. Pink unis were for breast cancer awareness…it’s so bad I already bought Eisebaren Berlin Polar Bear apparel…god I need a life….LOL!

  8. A French-Canadian warbling a song made famous by a South Korean rapper. HA! What a wonderful world we live in!

  9. Hey Al TRU, let’s meet up for a drink and then maybe we can spoon, if you know what i mean….

  10. “Heyyyyy sexy lady…” Women across the the tri-state area are thinking that Giroux is talking to them. That noise you just heard was panties blowing up across the city.

  11. Hey Everyone,
    My buddy put a video on youtube titled, “If you disliike gary bettman, like this video.”
    We are hoping that it catches on.

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