Video: I Talked Sixers on TV This Morning

Screen Shot 2012-10-25 at 12.07.15 PM

Hear that, reader Tom? I talked Sixers! Jason Babin, too. Give it a watch, after the jump.

Worth following Good Day’s (@MikeJerrick) and (@TLouden3)

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32 Responses

  1. Blink much? We should play a drinking game where you have to do a shot every time Kyle blinks. I count 2,365.

  2. Nothing personal, Kyle, but I’m not digging that tie. Nope, not at all. I trust Mrs. CB didn’t pick that out, did she?

  3. You look like a 12 year-old wearing your fathers clothes on “Bring Your Blinky Kid To Work Day”.
    …but, yeah, I enjoyed it.

  4. Somebody get this pessimistic douche off my television screen. If the topic for discussion is where Jody Shelley is playing overseas bring me Kyle Scott.. but if it’s hoops give me somebody who actually knows what the fuck they’re talking about.

  5. much better, maybe a blue shirt with that tie though, or throw out that prep school tie, now if we can just get you to drag a razor across your face.

  6. Kyle, my only criticism has nothing to do with you on the show, you have some LOSERS commenting on your website. Not one of the above jokes were funny, AT ALL. I think they have so much jealousy, they’re trying so hard to be funny, luckily they are anonymous.

  7. I turned the fucking TV on after I got out of the shower and saw this on my screen. Kyle, you’ve indirectly seen my dick

  8. Exposure is KEY.
    shirts: blue, gray, rustic colors.
    not that i’m gay, not that it’s a bad thing.
    how’s that for diversity ?
    Kyle’s on the fast track…but still gotta pick up dog shit.
    keeps you grounded.

  9. Completely agree with Eskin.. So many fucking jealous, haters / losers on here and not one of them actually funny despite trying so hard. Kyle got to be on TV. You get to be in your moms basement watching him. Direct your hate elsewhere..

  10. @bobHALO or should I say Mrs CB, not everyone dreams to be on TV. Actually that ranks right above a truck driver on my list. Playas gonna play, haters gonna hate. Now don’t you have a game of HALO to attend to?

  11. LMAOOOO KYLE WHAT A FAG. Your site is terrible your tv skills are even worse. Get a real job dickbag.

  12. Kyle,
    I love the site, and come almost every day. Even though you get a lot of flak about your articles I feel you tailor your message to your audience and I appreciate that because sports are supposed to be able to be laughed at from time to time.
    With that said if you ever go on TV try to relax. Your blinking it looks like to me from your body language that you were just super nervous. It will get easier. Also another comment — You are a bit younger than most people that would be on TV and you have to work to overcome that disadvantage. One way I would recommend improving is wearing a sport coat over your dress shirt as it seems to be more of the norm especially as a white guy with a white shirt on.
    No homo, like the site. Got the neck beard rocking still — I never let anyone bring me down about my facial hair and neither should you.
    One love.

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