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From reader Tom. Subject: Kyle Scott. Read.

Dude, cover more sixers so when they win the Atlantic and then the eastern conference people won't be calling you a bandwaggoning blogger.

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OK. First off, could win Atlantic. Not coming even remotely close to winning the Eastern Conference.

But I’ll humor you. So what, exactly, would you like me to talk about?

Would you like me to talk about Andrew Bynum, who the Sixers said, on October 1, would miss the first three weeks of practice but now it’s three weeks and two days later and the pre-season is over and there is still no update on him? That guy? OK, let’s talk about him.

Here’s what we know so far about Bynum: He’s a highly-skilled 24-year-old center who is kind of a flake and has a history of knee problems. Thus far in his time in Philadelphia he has A) undergone a previously scheduled non-invasive procedure on his knees in Germany. B) A few weeks later, he experienced discomfort in his right knee. Some called it a bone bruise, the Sixers hinted that it was an expected outcome from the procedure. C) A week later, he met with reporters looking – no exaggeration here – like a homeless man who had just smoked away his last $30. Without opening myself up for a lawsuit, I’ll say that, devoid of context, I thought Bynum was high during this interview. C2) We learned that Bynum plans to grow out his afro for about a year. D) Two days later, Howard Eskin posited that not only are Bynum’s knee troubles worse than the Sixers are letting on, but also that the Lakers gave the Sixers damaged goods. E) The next week, it was reported that Bynum would undergo another previously planned knee procedure that absolutely no one knew about. F) Now Doug Collins is preparing to start the season without the player the Sixers acquired in a breathtaking trade (Adam Aron’s words, not mine). G) There’s no update on Bynum. But the LA Times ran this article today, citing Lakers assistant coach Chuck Person, who said just how much better than Bynum Dwight Howard is. Look:

The Lakers center took the court Sunday for the first time with his new team and showed exactly why he was different from Andrew Bynum. Markedly.

Dwight Howard has instincts that his predecessor has rarely shown, scoring five times off alley-oop passes and teammates' missed shots in an exhibition game against Sacramento. Unlike Bynum, Howard's not a guy who needs the ball in the post, though he showed a left-handed hook shot against the Kings.

"Dwight's body is far more genetically gifted than Andrew. Andrew has had some issues obviously in his lower extremities in both knees," said Lakers assistant coach Chuck Person, who worked with Bynum last season and now Howard. "Andrew is gifted within his own right, but Dwight brings much better force because he's faster, quicker, more explosive, and he understands the game a lot better at this point than Bynum does.

"We have a much more gifted player on our hands, no doubt. Dwight understands who he is and what he's trying to accomplish. 'Drew understands where he needs to go, but he's still searching on how to get there." 


Howard is a great player, no doubt, but it’s almost as if reporters and Person were just waiting to take digs at Bynum.

So there, Tom, we talked about Bynum.

Want to keep going?

Want to talk about the myth that is Maalik Wayns? We did that yesterday. Don’t expect him to play more than five completely nonsensical minutes per game. Do buy his Roma jersey next season.

Should we talk about the most meaningless pre-season in all of sports, where players, most of whom mail it in for 75% of regular season games, have little incentive to give it their all, save for the fringe guys like Wayns who always shine brighter than their star’s output? Should we talk about that? No, let’s not. Because it doesn’t mean anything, and no one cares anyway. It’s pre-season basketball, holmes. I’d rather give a recap on the presidential debates than talk about the slopfests that are pre-season games. You know who the Sixers started last night? Damien Wilkins, Thaddeus Young, Lavoy Allen, Royal Ivey and Jason Richardson. Fucking Royal Ivey started… and I don’t even know who Damien Wilkins is. I’m not kidding you. That. Who the hell is that?

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Would you like me to talk about how most GMs in the league think the Sixers will finish third in their division?

How about the Sixers’ laughable quest for a PA announcer that resulted in HIRING THE GUY WHO DID IT FOR 14 YEARS?

Would you like me to talk about the emails I got from a few fans who said that the Sixers, without warning, moved their paid-for season ticket seats from the aisle to the center of the row for no apparent reason?

What, exactly, would you like me to talk about?!


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  1. yeah, you’re pretty terrible. they play in a weak atlantic division, with an aging celtics team and two disturbingly overrated teams (knicks and nets).
    doug collings confirmed weeks ago that bynum would not practice until after the pre-season ended. he will get 3 practices in before the first regular season game. that has been communicated quite frequently since the announcement. the amount of time he’ll see on the court before opening night, is not much less than dwight howard.
    you’re the same idiot who will be blogging about holiday and co. come january.

  2. maybe you should talk about how ivey looks like koko b. ware hoooooooo usa usa usa that bastard…on the reals the sixers are going to be pretty decent this year 3rd in the east

  3. Well, I appreciate the sixers talk as negative as it is. I will keep this post in mind when the playoffs roll around. The Knicks can’t touch the bynumless sixers and the nets have no chemistry. Oh yeah we blew out the celtics without Bynum. Just keep this in mind people. But I do appreciate the Philly talk kyle

  4. Kyle,
    Why don’t you just write how the Flyers come up short year after year. Maybe how they haven’t been able to develop a solid goalie since Hextall. Or how it took them 10 years to realize that big, slow forwards who dump and chase usually lose to smaller, faster teams that can carry the puck in.
    But the NERDY ass Flyers fans in this town (including you) don’t want to talk about that becuase they act like they are the Red Wings.
    I get it…..the Sixers are the 4th most popular team in this town. Just do me a favor and say that you don’t like the NBA because that would be more of an honest reason why you try to play down or discredit everything the Sixers do.

  5. The Sixers coverage on this site is embarrassing. Kyle is covering bullshit games that Flyers players are competing at IN OTHER COUNTRIES, instead of covering the fucking Sixers who start in a matter of DAYS.

  6. In my not so humble opinion i would say dont talk sixers at all. its pretty obvious that you dont care about them. im pretty sure most of your readers dont. and im fairly certain that more people in this city care about the soul or the union than the sixers or the nba in general. Frankly i hate all basketball college or otherwise but i realize thats a minority opinion. but its no secret that the majority of people in this city wouldnt even notice let alone give a single shit if the sixers folded/moved.
    So honestly i dont understand why you would talk about them when you obviously dont care about them (i dont blame you). you speaking about something you care very little about doesnt do justice to the the certain people that want to read about the sixers.

  7. I’m sick of all this sixer bashing…Seriously, its fuckin old..Why talk about them? THey’re a philly team! There is a die-hard readership that loves this team that youre ignoring… We’ll examine every pitch Cliff Lee throws for some games, yet we can’t examine good defense or shooting percentages?
    I don’t get it. The ownership/coaches of the sixers got bashed (rightfully so) on a daily basis for being complacent, ignoring fans, and putting the same status quo product out there for over a decade. Same thing (STILL) with the eagles…Yet the sixers finally get management and coaching in place that puts out a much more exciting and competitive squad, one that could definitely compete in the next year or two if they keep being aggressive, and the response is indifference and contempt? They might not win the conference now, but they can at least put together a decent playoff run. They can still put themselves in a position to face off with those top teams come playoff time, which is more than you could say for the past decade with this team…More than you can say, at this point, for the eagles, Phillies, and Flyers (lockout problems). More so, last years team was the only team in this city since the 07-08 Phillies to actually surpass their expectations, rather than fall flat on their dicks, and they got NO COVERAGE!?? What the fuck is that?
    They make a no brainer trade for a top-shelf center, while simultaneously getting rid of two players/contracts that fans were irate about for the past few seasons, and people still don’t give a shit, yet they’ll invest time and energy into watching Howie Roseman pass up your Jason Pierre Pauls every year? Someone explain the sixers hating logic to me, please.

  8. you weren’t all bitching about the non sixers talk last november were you? who’s the real bandwagoners here.
    and the NBA preseason is the joke, and Bynum never plays full seasons anyway. All of you clearly didn’t watch Allen Iverson play in the preseason (and shoot 2/20 every game, go to TGI Fridays before the game)

  9. The sixers are going to be this citys most beloved team by the end of this year, they will sell out every game next year, and will have the best success over the next 5 years

  10. You really are a cocky prick i tend to stay to stay out of this but your becoming the philly sports writer persona and not the normal sports bloger

  11. @Pete H – “Die Hard Sixers fans”? Stop that. The sixers have the biggest bandwagon fanbase in the entire NBA. NO ONE shows up to Sixers games unless they are playing well/great.
    It’s not like people want to see the Sixers fail, it’s just that no one really cares either way. Since Iverson left, there has been no superstart to draw in the casual fans – and most of the NBA’s fanbase are casual fans.

  12. Check out philadunkia. they seem to have no problem finding things to write about because of the fact they actually understand the sport of basketball

  13. Gray…Stop what? When you have a terrible franchise for 10 years, of course no one is going to show up to games. People still cared…Not as many, yes, because the NBA is a shit league, but why should we not cover it? Last time I looked, most other Philly sites/blogs cover them and manage to generate a decent amount of profit and discussion…
    If you don’t want to see them fail, then ignoring them isn’t the way to do that. That’s the kind of fan-base mindset that gives the Eddie Jordans of the world a head coaching job and sets up a team for perpetual failure…We’re finally out of that cycle, so why not let people know about that? Why scoff at it?

  14. Carmelo Anthony is the top scorer in the preseason, JR Smith is averaging 20 points per game, Glen Davis is averaging 19, and Amare Stoudemire is in the top 8 in scoring. Nick and Thad Young are outscoring the likes of Kevin Durant and Lebron James, and being outscored by the likes of Trevor Booker and Mike Conley. The relevance of NBA Preseason?
    If we want to get that involved in the Pre Season, be my guest. I remember the Eagles being 4-0 in a preseason too.

  15. I don’t think anyone is saying to give a shit about the pre-season. People shouldn’t put too much credence into the pre-season, but game 1 of the regular season is starting soon and no ones going to make a fucking peep. No one will talk even despite the terrible sports landscape right now: The Eagles are self-destructing as usual, the Phillies bombed and didn’t even make the playoffs, and the fucking NHL is locked out with no end in sight and STILL, people will have this kind of negative fucking attitude towards this sixers, which is sad.

  16. @ PeteH
    “Gray…Stop what? When you have a terrible franchise for 10 years, of course no one is going to show up to games.
    Well then that’s not really “die-hard” is it?

  17. is it negative attitude or is everyone just not happy that everyone else isn’t cocky? I dont see anything negative, this whole Bynum fiasco is off to a horrendous start. And sorry if were reserved about getting cocky about guys who failed on teams like the Wizards or weren’t even that great at a middle-of-the-road Big East school.

  18. So let me see if I understand this post correctly?
    Kyle is saying the Sixers pre-season isn’t worth covering because players like Royal Ivey start a game. Yet he will post multiple posts regarding the Eagles pre-season (which we can all agree is meaningless) where starters MIGHT play 1 quarter.
    Great Argument. The fact is Kyle doesn’t like the NBA (Unless the Sixers make the conference Finals and then he will post about them all day).

  19. I understand yesterday was a slow sports day, but why the hell would you cover an NBC news report screw up regarding a airplane tire falling from the sky versus a truck tire? Would rather see “meaningless” pre season sixers posts then botched NBC News reports

  20. i LOVE basketball. it’s my second favorite sport. but the sixers are USELESS. when they start doing something right, ill give them credit.
    i applauded their drafting evan turner, and i will root for them, but this site is not a ra ra fan site. we’re going to call out ineptitude and have some fun with stuff. i see your point, but the sixers are going to have to do a lot more than get lucky to have us start praising them. hiring thorn? keeping stefanski? having 3 different swing players? no direction? those things are all real.

  21. Tommy- Vick getting hurt and who is backup are equal to posts about Bynum and his injury. We didn’t cover pre-season games. Simply provided relevant updates, as I’ve done with the Sixers. I just outlined about six that you would consider “Sixers pre-season,” so what’s your point?

  22. This is the weirdest thing you’ve posted on here in awhile what the fuck were you thinking?

  23. Flyers? What’s that? Oh, yeah! The hockey team! I remember that quaint little sport which, if memory serves, is played on ice. Wow! Fancy that! Do they still play that game? I seem to have forgotten.
    In the meantime, I’m all for more Sixers talk as, unlike with the Eagles and their endless and irritating soap opera actually show promise of being damn good team, with or without Bynum whom, in that picture looks like a young Don King. Yo, Andrew, time for a haircut, homeslice. Doug Collins has molded this squad into his image and, for my money, is the best pro coach in town right now, we’ve got shooters, we’ve got size up front, Evan Turner looks like he’s finally gotten that much needed clue about how to play ball, Jrue Holiday is a budding All-Star and, more importantly—-WE GOT RID OF ANDRE IGUODALA!!
    So, yeah, I’m eager for the new season to start and see just how good the Sixers can be.

  24. your also crazy if you aren’t concerned about a 24 year old monster having the same knee problems a 60 year old dude has. That’s a problem in the end of people’s careers, not before their prime. #damagedgoods

  25. has the best Sixers coverage. Guys know their stuff and have some credible sources.

  26. good to know people don’t understand the difference between news and blogs. guess you have as much credibility as ESPN or the AP now Kyle!
    quit reading if you don’t like it. you are american aren’t you?

  27. So all of the sudden the horrible bandwagon Philly fans giving up on the Flyers, the youngest team in the NHL? That’s why Pittsburgh is superior.

  28. Don’t like the NBA/ sixers coverage on this site??? Find another site for that bullshit… If the guy doesn’t want to write about it or you think all his posts are negative about the sixers then don’t read them… Don’t complain like little bitches on here…

  29. Kyle, I seriously need to be done with you and your negative writing. You’re a fucking loser anymore it seems, why so negative? All valid, solid points but you can tell you WANT the Sixers to blow or always prove people wrong. Yet…if this was Claude or Scotty or any other um Hockey player eh, you’d be on your knees slurping and burping. Go away. Better yet, WHY THE HELL DO I CLICK ON THIS WEBSITE STILL?

  30. Kyle,
    This site is super funny at times and Super idiotic at others. Case in point this Sixers hatred article. Can you try and be less stupid. You just caused hundreds of followers to never bother with you and go to real Sixers sites like Liberty Ballers or Dunkadelphia..etc. This is the most promising Sixers season in 12 years and you just flat out ripped them because your gay asshocky team is on strike. Get overself douche.

  31. Guys seriously if you dont like the site dont read it. if youve ever read any of his articles youd understand that Kyle used to be a hockey player. so of course hes gonna be biased towards hockey/the flyers. But frankly maybe this sixers team does have promise, but the bottom line is theyre the least popular team in the city. a lot more people would rather hear how giroux/briere/voracek/hartnell are doing. because we like to know how our players are doing and hartnell is hilarious. Also the Flyers maybe 3rd most popular in the city compared to the phils and birds but they are right on the same level as them. the sixers popularity doesnt come close. He talks about the eagles and phillies beacuse they are the most popular and most recently successful teams respectively. If you want to read quality sixers stuff go to a sixers blog. The bottom line is NBA fans are casual at best. The NBA is a joke. and hey sixers fans where were you guys when the Flyers were in the playoffs? Where were you guys for the last 11 years? Interesting how Ed Snider needed to sell them because the team makes no money. You know why? because theyre not good. The fans dont show up to watch ipso facto they make no money. Now you guys are chomping at the bit to get sixers coverage because they show promise to not finish in the bottom 4 for the 3rd straight year? definition bandwagon fanbase. Get it through your heads guys – the sixers may win their division they may not. They may get to the second round of the playoffs again maybe even the third this time! But they will never beat the heat. They flat out cannot compete with the likes of LA, Miami, Dallas, OKC, etc.
    So get these dilusions of grandeur out of your head. this sixers team isnt winning anything any time in the next decade unless they sign/draft/trade for a serious SUPERSTAR. get used to it.

  32. Kyle,
    This article was completely low. If you really understood Philadelphia fans, which you have not, you would understand that while the sixers may not be the Phillies or the Eagles just yet in the fanbase, a lot of fans in the city have been showing excitement towards the sixers gradually starting with the firing of Eddie Jordan. If you are a true Philadelphia sports fan, who would get a sense of that and would be more optimistic even if their are teams like the heat, thunder, mavs. Your ignorance for the writing about the sixers isnt what pissed me off however because I go to libertyballers,, and csn for sixers news. I come to your site to get a good laugh, see where scott hartnell is, read you rip[ OTHER sports fans for kicking the shit out of each other in the parking lot, read about you sticking up for the fanbase for national media trashing us, and to get my morning wood. It is your ignorant approach to this fan and others who have asked you to write about the sixers. Ok, point made, your not feeling the hype about the sixers just yet, thats your opinion. But to bash a fan for, to his credit, caring about a team even though they havent been the most successful team in the city is just wrong. Philly fans are known for being passionate fans even if we are assholes in the process once in a while… to diss this guy for being passionate fan goes against everything we stand for. you should really just delete your post from your blog as a way of admitting you were disrespectful towards some of the fans in this city because even if this particular reader trashed you in his email and you felt disrespected, you trashed all sixers fans in the process. It will probably make it easier for you to write about the sixers in the future without the conscience that people will quote you on this article. I sure hope I dont see you on CSN acting like you are some huge sixers fan cause you obviously are not. Your welcome for the free PR consulting. You cock sucking piece of cartoon looking trash who might be on crack.

  33. ^^ this dude hates the blog so much that he just saw a ton of adds (that paid Kyle directly) and spent 10 minutes writing a comment.
    you win Kyle Scott.

  34. didn’t more people go to soccer games in 2010 than sixers game? just putting it into perspective.

  35. Dude wtf has gotten into you lately. Did Burrell sleep with your girl or something what’s with all the negative shit about Phillip teams lately? I use to like this page but not lately

  36. ^ a “super bowl dream team” is 3-3, and is frustrating as hell. Vick sucks. a “world series” team finished .500 and we are watching guys like Marco Scutaro be heroes when our $25 million dollar man hit like .230, the NHL is locked out, the Union suck (for those who do care) and no matter how you look at it the NBA Champions added Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis (i’d rather have him than any non-Bynum sixer pickup and he’s a scrub there) and got better than they were, and still stand between us as the prize in a league where the same team wins every other year.
    What do you want, roses and butterflies? Most of you must of forgotten the Philly media in the dark days of 2005-2007, because it was just like this. Underachieving is a bitch. Better this than nothing

  37. I like this site and visit it regularly. I have no intention of not doing so. I just don’t get how we can rip Penguins fans and Nationals fans for being ignorant bandwagon jumpers who don’t know they even have teams when they’re playing badly, yet have articles/comments like these come from one of our top blogs. I don’t see how we’re any different from them if we have this stupid “What have you done for me lately?” attitude towards our teams.

  38. short, sweet, and right to the point Pete H. That is exactly the problem I have with this article.

  39. LOL sixers fans. So bitter about being Philly’s 5th team. So jealous of the Flyers. Completely in denial about their team’s place in this city.

  40. “Would you like me to talk about the emails I got from a few fans who said that the Sixers, without warning, moved their paid-for season ticket seats from the aisle to the center of the row for no apparent reason?” Not sure what that is all about.. but as a 76’ers full season ticket holder with aisle seats, I would be irate.

  41. Two Questions
    1) Who are the sixers?
    2) Where is Eddie Murphy?
    I would like his input…

  42. Sixers are and always will be my favorite team in Philadelphia. Hockey in general is a fuckin joke in this country so shut the fuck up and get ready for wiggins u dweeb! SIXERS

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