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He was. And I ain’t talking about the eye black.

In case you were keeping score at home (I was), the Nationals lost to the Cardinals last night, 12-4. But that’s OK, because they’ll have a world class pitcher with a heavy fastball and 12-6 curve going in Game 3

After the loss, the 19-year-old Harper, who is 1-for-10 in the ‘offs, was asked by Hall of Fame baseball writer Rick Hummel if he felt overanxious at the plate. Brycecakes no like:

Do I look overanxious? Do you think so?

I think so.

Maybe you should be hitting coach.


My, what a big ego you have.

This wasn’t the first time Harper was irked by a scriptual. This summer he (rightfully) called a question about him having a celebratory drink in Canada a “clown question.” This time, though, Harper was on the defensive over a very reasonable inquiry. Guess it’s just all part of growing up.

Good news for Bryce, however– Game 3 won’t be past his bedtime. The game will start at 1 p.m. tomorrow and be broadcast on the MLB Network, which I’m sure will just allow for a ratings bonanza in the nation's capital! 

Nats fans, of course, are complaining about the dilemma the start time poses. Here’s what one fan told Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post:

“Some of us actually have to work. It’s really upsetting. This is the first time we’ve had playoff baseball since 1933, and to get the 1 o’clock start time and the MLB Network just seems really unfair.”



Here’s what you do, fan: you take off from work. Or, were you saving that day to pre-game with boxed Zinfandel for a debate party?

Video of Harper's response, after the jump.