Was Bryce Harper a Douchebag Last Night?

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He was. And I ain’t talking about the eye black.

In case you were keeping score at home (I was), the Nationals lost to the Cardinals last night, 12-4. But that’s OK, because they’ll have a world class pitcher with a heavy fastball and 12-6 curve going in Game 3

After the loss, the 19-year-old Harper, who is 1-for-10 in the ‘offs, was asked by Hall of Fame baseball writer Rick Hummel if he felt overanxious at the plate. Brycecakes no like:

Do I look overanxious? Do you think so?

I think so.

Maybe you should be hitting coach.


My, what a big ego you have.

This wasn’t the first time Harper was irked by a scriptual. This summer he (rightfully) called a question about him having a celebratory drink in Canada a “clown question.” This time, though, Harper was on the defensive over a very reasonable inquiry. Guess it’s just all part of growing up.

Good news for Bryce, however– Game 3 won’t be past his bedtime. The game will start at 1 p.m. tomorrow and be broadcast on the MLB Network, which I’m sure will just allow for a ratings bonanza in the nation's capital! 

Nats fans, of course, are complaining about the dilemma the start time poses. Here’s what one fan told Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post:

“Some of us actually have to work. It’s really upsetting. This is the first time we’ve had playoff baseball since 1933, and to get the 1 o’clock start time and the MLB Network just seems really unfair.”



Here’s what you do, fan: you take off from work. Or, were you saving that day to pre-game with boxed Zinfandel for a debate party?

Video of Harper's response, after the jump.


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  1. They don’t have “fans.” Showing dedication and taking off from work doesn’t cross their minds. Obviously, everything should work out to fit THEIR schedules. Dumb, MLB.

  2. What brilliant deductive skills it takes to point out that, in an article about people who are unhappy about the start time of the game, the Post interviewed people who are unhappy about the start time of the game.
    No team gets to choose the time of its playoff games. MLB does.

  3. He looks remarkably like a cro-magnon man. He’s a talented ball player but jeez if he doesn’t look like early man in a f#@kin’ vest in this video.
    Cro-magnon douche.

  4. This kid needs to stop with the eye black. He looks ridiculous. And yes, I have a feeling this guy is going to be a douche for a long time. A talented one? Yes, but still a douche nonetheless.
    Do we really need to walk these Nats fans through the process that is playoff baseball in the Divisional round? Sometimes you get a day game during the week. Take off work, go to the game, and enjoy. It’s not hard.

  5. “boxed Zinfandel” Perfectly done Kyle. Too funny! That’s 1/2 the Skins tailgaters drink of choice.

  6. This blog has become dedicated full-time to dissing the Nationals for being good and talented. It’s painfully embarrassing. You would take Werth and Harper on your baseball team any day of the week. Breaking news: Professional athletes have big egos and can be douchey sometimes. Get over it and give us something of substance.

  7. @ Struggling to read this slop every day,
    Not all of them are douches like Werthless and Harper.
    I honestly don’t see the big hype with Harper, yeah he hit 22 HRs but Trout is a million times better, & a great kid too, which we can’t say for this douche.
    & 2, we are Phillies fans, our rival is the Nats, what do you expect us to say, we love Harper? It would be one thing if we diss him, when he’s a guy like Jim Thome, who’s a class act, but Harper is a douche & deserves it.
    Oh & they’ve only been good for 1 year. Let’s see them win it with no experience & no Strasburg, & win the division again next year with a healthy, talented Phillies squad.

  8. NLDS games are sometimes during the day. If gNats “fans” had ever watched baseball before yesterday they might know that.

  9. Oh, ok.
    Good logic, and good play on words with that Werthless comment, I haven’t heard that one yet.
    Grow up dude. Jim Thome is a class – act, and noone talks about him. Who cares? You don’t have to say you love everyone, but we also don’t need to read that Bryce Harper’s a douche 365 days a year. But if that makes you feel better while your buttoning up your Darin Ruf jersey, then go ahead pal.
    All I’m saying is the Nat’s hate is getting old especially since they had 90 plus wins and are in the post season while “douches” like Jimmy Rollins are at home this October. But then again, I’m not surprised that someone with the username “SportsPhan” would chime in to this blog’s defense. So I digress, now you can go finish spray painting your “Be-Lee-ve” poster for 2013.

  10. AGAIN
    AGAIN – still on Harper’s dick
    we get it – he’s a doosh
    so what
    he’s still playing – if we had 2 or 3 dooshes maybe we’d have challenged them this year

  11. “But if that makes you feel better while your buttoning up your Darin Ruf jersey” Classic (grammar?)

  12. If Harper was a Phillie, Kyle would be comparing him to a magical unicorn that urinates happiness and advertising some gay t-shirt of it on his site.

  13. @ Natsfan aka grammar police,
    Refer above and below to all previous and forthcoming insults hurled your way.
    Cardinals in 4.

  14. Cole should have buried one in his ear. Maybe he’ll finish the job next year. By the way they will not get past the Cards!

  15. The fact that he still wears his eye black like that tells me that the Nats clubhouse lacks leadership. A true leader would eye black everything in his locker every day until he stops. Harper acts just as he is, a kid. Time to grow up. You want to play witht the men, start acting like it.

  16. @ Justin,
    Yes, the Phillies fans do suffer from an inferiority complex.
    I would imagine that if by the year 2130 the Nationals only have two WS titles, those fans would feel inferior as well.
    Philly is synonymous with losing. Much like LA is with entertainment, NY with fashion, and DC with power.

  17. Why do the Nats think they deserve a primetime spot? The Phillies got this dealt to them five years in a row. Sorry, but the primetime slot is reserved for the Yankees. Just the way it is…….you are not the 1st team to have to deal with this. At least you wont have to deal with it next year…..you wont be making the playoffs.

  18. For Bryce Harper to behave that way tells me the team lacks veteran leadership.
    Pop off like that to a sports writer who is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame on just about any other team, and the veterans on the team would handle the matter quietly, effectively outside the view of the media and a humbled young Bryce would be looking for the writer in short order to apologize.
    Bryce would benefit from some leadership.

  19. It is funny to listen to the Nats fans. Remember, like young Bryce, the Nats are playoff virgins, and they are going to be learning some baseball life lessons.
    One of which is that if the Yankees are still alive, your game will be at dawn or midnight. Get used to it.
    As for young Bryce, he has a lot of growing up to do. He can at least comfort himself by the fact that Tony LaRussa is managing the Cards. If LaRussa was in the dugout he would in line for one of those 100 MPH fireballers to plant one in his ribs in game 3 for, 1, popping off to a revered Hall of Famer, 2, that ridiculous face paint, and 3, general childish, lack of respect douche baggery.
    The Nationals suffer from real leadership on their ball club and it shows.

  20. The Nationals?
    Pffffft, laughable. The eye black is an obvious cry for help. Someone help that idiot. Please. Look at all that help he desperately needs. He is practically begging for assistance with his make-up.

  21. This year, without the Phillies in the playoffs, I find myself routing for any team but the Nationals. I’m not sure if that’s a healthy way to approach October baseball, but Werth and Harper make me want to throw up.
    Hell, if it comes down to the Nats and Yankees in the WS, I’m routing for the Yankees (Pain shooting through my body as I type that).

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