Denard Span Has a Question

The newest Washington National, Denard Span, is familiarizing himself with life in a minor league baseball city. He took to the Tweets for one important question:

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 2.55.27 PM

Well, Denard, I think it’s more about where NATITUDE resides than what it is. Some say it can be found in empty seats (lots of them), or gimmicky mascot races, or silly ploys to sell tickets, or Groupons, or park taking backs, or Takeovers, or the Pea Coats and parted hair of Capital Hill staffers. But mostly, I think it’s found here, in the sad eyes of Jayson Werth:

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  1. Congratulations Kyle. I said that you couldn’t possibly make the site look any shittier and you went out and proved me worng. Not only do we get suggestions for other shitty articles that we might like, we also get pretty little pictures.

  2. @ Rube’s Pubes: Yet you keep coming back don’t you? He must be doing something right. I agree with you man. How dare Kyle suggest other similar stories like the article YOU clicked on. Its like he’s saying, ” Hey you enjoyed reading that, now check this out”. That takes balls man. Giant balls. Mans mans balls to be so cavalier. What a dick hole right?

  3. hey rube’s pubes…go eat a fucking black dick you asshole. And get off this site, you worthless pile of shit. you’re a load that should have been swallowed

  4. @ Mr. Right and Worley’s horribly and too long name, quit being such lap dogs. Unlike you queers, I don’t like people shoving shit down my face. Why exactly might I like a 7 month old article about Burrell that was awful when I read it the first time? Oh to remind me that Kyle is a pussy and removed the only picture that made the article bearable? It’s like when I go to Wawa and the asshole cashier asks if I need anything else today. Yeah asshole, I also need 17 packs of Newports, an orange lighter and $100 on pump 10 however I wanted you to ask me first. If I want something else I will fucking ask for it!

  5. @ Rubes Pubes: Again, then why do you come here? They are called advertisements and they help keep this site you hate yet keep coming to up an running so that you can read article you don’t like.
    Here’s a tip for you. If the ads really bother you THAT MUCH hold the control button down on your keyboard and press the “+” key 6 times. If that doesn’t work then press “alt+f4” together.

  6. @Inspektor Gadget, do you want to sit on my lap? Do you have any kids that you need me to watch tonight?

  7. Rube’s Pubes, What are you a fucking child molester? Sit over there and enjoy the lemonade, scumbag.

  8. Love reading the comments from CB Groupies when something on this site gets criticized. Not that they’re necessarily wrong, it’s just funny in a sad way.

  9. CB groupie? I really just come here to post and read stupid amusing comments. Do people really come here for actual reporting? I guess they’re the Fox News fans amongst us.

  10. Stupid amusing comments? An overwhelming majority of posts on this site are philosophical, well written, valid topics for intelligent and intellectual conversation and debate produced by highly educated people. I am unaware of these “stupid” comments

  11. Dear Kyle,
    Despite popular opinion, I think youre a dumb ass. Your website looks like shit, and quite frankly I’ve stopped reading it. But today, I saw this little story and I said “Whoa! I really wonder what Denard Span had to ask!!!” so I clicked on it and not only did I get the dumbest fucking analysis but a stupid ass gif I still have no idea what the fuck the answer is or why I even visited this post. I really think you need to do a better job of putting your readers in a better position to not only understand what the FUCK youre saying, but also put your brain in better position to consider what is actually interesting and what fucking isnt. You probably won’t read this, because you cant read, but I’ll post this anyway. So that maybe your mom can read it to you and whenever you feel like writing another shitty article, you’ll think back to the wise words of Juan. Look at the Eagles, they got rid of me and they went in the shit so listen to my words Kyle or Crossing Broad will be just another shitty waste of space on the web.
    Your Friend,
    Juan Antonio Jose Randy Pepè Roberto Pablo Castillo

  12. you sir are no Edward Murphy
    it is funny how zero comments have to do with whoever denard span is

  13. or basing your franchise on shitting on the Phillies only because they are better. Which is as effective is basing your money/currency on oil & speculation.

  14. And Denard Span is basically the poor man’s Torrii Hunter. Both players I liked in Minnesota.

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  16. Blogs and people who post on them tend to emphasize differences, but we do have lots in common. For example, KB is right that we need to be concerned about excessive debt. We probably have differences about what level of debt would be “excessive,” and about how to lower, or at least, not add to that debt. He is also right about the need to address Medicare spending.

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