ESPN Will Air Interviews with Both Obama and Romney During Halftime Tonight

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As I detailed this morning, the Eagles-Saints Monday Night Football game has become kind of a thing for the Obama and Romney campaigns. It’s the last chance to reach thousands of Pennsylvania voters (eastern half, the better half, at least), and the rest of the nation, before the election. 

And it won’t just be through ads (Obama has a $40k ad on the 6 ABC broadcast, a Republican group has a $75k ad on the ESPN broadcast). ESPN will tape interviews between resident clown Chris Berman and both candidates (separately, I presume) that will air during halftime, something the network has done before. From ESPN

In what has become a regular occurrence during recent presidential elections, both major party candidates are scheduled to appear on ESPN as the nation prepares to vote in Tuesday’s Presidential Election.

Pre-taped interviews with President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, conducted by Chris Berman, will be aired during halftime of tonight’s Monday Night Football game (Philadelphia at New Orleans, 8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN).

According to ESPN Senior Vice President and Director of news, Vince Doria, this marks the second time the interviews have aired during MNF. Then-candidates Barack Obama and John McCain discussed sports topics with Berman on the eve of the 2008 election, at halftime of the Pittsburgh at Washington game (the Steelers won, 23-6).


Cool. Berman lobbing softballs for Barry O and Mittens to hit back back back. Odds on Berman mentioning his affinity for the Pro Bowl, Hawaiian shirts, and hideous lava-colored ties as a way to ask Obama about growing up in Hawaii? 3:1.


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  1. whats the chance Berman asks them to explain a few of these positions…
    -Why do you both think we need a law stating American citizens could be detained indefinitely without a lawyer or chance in court.
    -Why do we still send taxpayer money to countries when our own citizens are having such hard times economically.
    -Why do you continue to bomb civilians with drones in almost video game fashion in Yemen, Pakistan, etc when we haven’t even declared war in these countries
    I’m sure Chris will get to all of these tough topics and more.
    What a fuckin joke
    Obomney 2012

  2. Matt, it was a great episode – T-Dogg dies, and Laurie dies after giving birth (Carl kills her). Oh, and that Andrew guy, the prisoner Rick locked outside – turns out he was alive all along and he lets all the zombies inside – he dies later in the episode too.

  3. The NFL spent a million dollars lobbying Washington to use drones over the stadiums. watch out you tailgaters LOL

  4. I’m guessing the candidates made it a condition of doing the interviews that it had to be Berman interviewing them – so they would look as good as possible next to a buffoon.

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