The Obama Campaign Paid 6 ABC $40,000 for an Ad During the Eagles Monday Night Football Game

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President Obama wants to reach you, disgruntled Eagles fans. 

From Yinzer Tim McNulty of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette comes this 6 ABC invoice to the Obama campaign for a 60-second ad during the upcoming Eagles-Saints Monday Night Football game, the night before the election. MNF is obviously an ESPN production, but it will be aired locally on WPVI as well.

The ad looks like it can run anytime between 8:30 and 11:30. But Obama supporters may want to cross their fingers for the former, because the Eagles may very well be down 20 by the fourth quarter.

Obama was unavailable for comment, but I’m hearing that Jason Babin wishes the CIC would stop saying such vile things about Mittens.

[Loosely related: $40k will get you title sponsorship of CB for a year, advertisers. And yes, we do accept comically large bags of cash.]

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  1. Obama’s the biggest piece of shit in America. I hope to God the American people wake up and vote for Romney!!!

  2. The right to vote and hold office should be strictly limited to those with a proven IQ score over 110.

  3. Romney’s the biggest piece of shit in America. I hope to God the American people wake up and vote for Obama!!!

  4. a lot of salty crackers in this thread… Romney ain’t winning and since none of you are in his tax bracket he dont give two fucks about your white asses

  5. R U serious? The night before an election, a political candidate will run an ad on TV?
    Wow! Who’da thunk it!

  6. Another breaking news story? Guess what, they are putting lawn signs out also. Can you believe it?

  7. Only 1 ad, the night before the election I’m sure basically every commeical will be political…

  8. Candy…Funny, after all that talk about the occupying “kids” (even though a lot of them were people of all ages, even seniors) interfering with the city hall construction project, you’d think that they’d have actually made progress on said project…Instead its just been a pile of dirt ever since they kicked out the occupiers…Yeah, that must’ve been a real high priority, not the silencing of people who were actually making a point…
    But then again, I wouldn’t expect to have a serious political conversation with someone who makes fun of Andy Reids dead son. Have a nice day.

  9. @jonno. Way to long of a rant I’m sorry that you can’t Ice skate wont be able to enjoy the new city hall rink and sorry you lost your job at Whole Foods

  10. So what? Both candidates have raised a lot of money and can run ads whenever they want. I suspect this was posted so the usual racists can have a field day.

  11. The only reason I occasionally visit this site is to read the comments, secifically Candys and Lennys take…keep fightin the good fight! Jonno’s d-bag. Get lost.

  12. I agree^^^*
    Candy & 3 finger are great for this site. Don’t let the no adult humor stiffs put you guys down

  13. FYI The game is on 17 locally Monday… I guess the eagles are not good enough to bump dancing with stars

  14. Hi I’m candy/lenny and can’t think of anymore fake names to use when defending/complimenting myself, please help me out.

  15. Fuck Obama………he’s a bears fan. Andy Reid should run for president he’s already got the catchy “better job” slogan

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