Here’s Audio of Jason Babin Shredding Eagles Reporters, Saying They Wore Shorts and Had “Stinky Breath”

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I’ll be honest, when I read the Tweets from Jacksonville reporter Vito Stellino yesterday about Jason Babin’s criticism of the Philly media, I thought Stellino was at least somewhat embellishing Babin’s sentiment. 

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Like, Babin couldn’t have possibly said reporters had stinky breath and been serious, right? 


He was serious. 

As suspected, there was more to Babin’s interview than what was shown on the Jaguars' website. Stellino recorded it and passed along the audio to WIP’s Marc Farzetta [listen here]. Incredibly, Babin is even more of a douchebag crybaby than we previously thought. He said these words, in order:

“I got them last year, most of all the reporters, and I challenged them to be professional. I said, if you want the hard questions, you can’t come in here in shorts and old shoes that aren’t tied and stinky breath. If you want to write about something, ask a question to understand what we’re doing. I’ll explain it to you. Be critical. I basically told them to be professionals.”

“I just challenged them and they didn’t like it.”

“You guys (Jaguars reporters) are professionals, you know, you understand the game. You understand how to write, how to ask questions. All they do (in Philly) is ask loaded questions, “Do you blame Trent Cole for not getting a sack today?” You know what I mean? That’s all they did, they tried to pop headlines to read something wild. That’s how it is there, you know?”


Amazing. He actually said stinky breath… and meant it.

The audio and a full transcription is here.


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  1. He’s playing for a team where the owner has publicly stated the only “real fans” are those that purchase season tickets and the NFL is second in their market to NASCAR. Good luck with that.

  2. You know how I know Babin is cool? His sweet ass tank top has his name on it. Enjoy Jacksonville you doosher.

  3. “You guys I’ve just met three seconds ago are professionals, you know how to ask questions.”
    “How do account for you having virtually no previous success outside of the gimmicky Wide 9?”
    “Fuck you guys.”

  4. He’s a douchebag.
    However, he has a point about the loaded questions Especially when it comes to the Eagles. The media and WIP especially mainly serve to create controversy and then comment on it. They take quotes out of context and blow them up into gigantic issues, they ask loaded questions all the time and then pass off whatever answer a player or coach gives and runs with it as if they were the player’s/coach’s original thoughts.
    The papers, Comcast SportsNet and ESPECIALLY WIP are more gossip than anything and serve more to promote the profiles and egos of the reporters/talk show hosts than get news to the fans.
    That being said, Babin is a jackass. Screw him.

  5. Also, the American flag on his “Babin” tank top is backwards. Field of Blue with Stars is always supposed to be in the top left hand corner when displaying the flag.

  6. Well, there was just more proof of how colossal a tool Babin was. I’ve followed sports in this town for four decades now and have never heard ANY athlete complain about a reporter’s breath. Holy Listerine, Batman! How can anyone take this clown seriously after that? Babin is such a screaming moron it’s not funny.
    And kissing up to the Jacksonville press was hilarious. Let’s see how much love Babin gets after he doesn’t show up on the stat sheet after a Jaguars loss and reporters demand answers like our media made the mistake of doing. If there’s a God in this universe, I hope He shoots a lightning bolt so far up Babin’s ass, he’ll spit sparks for a week.

  7. He was definetly talking about ruben frank. Roob is a boat shoe, hoagie eating & shorts kind of guy.

  8. his wife has a huge tribal tramp stamp. I noticed it when I saw her at celek’s & herraman’s terrible bar . I should have took a pic st the time & made crossingbroad. smh

  9. Somebody calls you out for a disresptful Jason Babin comment in a previous post so you disable the comments? Im saying it anyway you are a friggin snake.
    It’s counterproductive. It’s the same kind of stuff that constantly pops up on this blog that makes it hard to stomach for non-morons. You were kidding Kyle? What are you, 12? It’s not blatantly racist so it’s acceptable? Get a clue. As I’ve said before, Malvern/Nova= good schools but NO (zero) concept of race/racism, how to treat human beings (i.e. Jason Babin & his wife) and what is acceptable. Do yourself a favor and stay away from the Jason Babin topic.
    Look at your idiot disgraceful commenters. If you didn’t post consistent hateful babin remarks, maybe that shit would disappear. Not that you care.
    Thanks for your time Kyle and congrats on your high school fandom! You’re obviously very proud.

  10. Ok, not focusing on the completely moronic thing to focus on, he is absolutely correct about the Philly media. All they do is try to create the next headline. Your only focusing on the stinky breath part because you take issue with him as a player.

  11. I get that WIP and other local media figures stir shit up/exaggerate shit from time to time, but I don’t ever remember Jason Babin getting any “Gotchya” questions from the media. Everything written about him is accurate and completely fair and hes nothing but huge cry baby for bitching and moaning about it. Christ, he could give Sidney Crosby a run for his money. Hes talking about being professional but in one interview he threw his teammates under the bus and used the word “stinky”…Moron.

  12. Well folks, the sports media tends to create headlines in markets where sports headlines sell, ie. New York, LA, Chicago, Philly… it’s called supply and demand. Luckily for Babin he’ll find neither in Jacksonville.

  13. Bla bla bla bla bla Blabin!! This fuck head knows Jacksonville reporters are more professional in 2 days? Doesn’t he know this type of stuff just makes him look like more of an Asshole? Blabin, shut the fuck up. You got cut because you are a complete tool bag douche nozzle. Stop being a complete tool bag douche nozzle and maybe it won’t happen again until you suck even worse at football than you do now. You only suck a little bit on the field dude, it’s your fucking motor mouth and bad attitude that got you fired.

  14. Babin is just your classic meathead jerkoff who has almost no social awareness.
    He was a nice story last year but good riddance. Eagles won’t miss him for the rest of the year, Curry/Graham get more snaps, and Babin can toil in obscurity in Jacksonville where very few people really care about the NFL.

  15. His wife is your typical good-looking woman with huge fake tits without much upstairs who chases athletes who have a big paycheck. Dime a dozen & nothing new.
    It was kind of funny though how much she tried to constantly hawk Babin’s Fan Club and his merchandise.

  16. ‘Babining’ was one of the stupidest things in Philly sports over the last 10-15 years too.
    Not sure if it was kind of hilarious or sad that he made such an exaggerated effort after every sack to do it.

  17. Come on fellas, if you literally had a job doing ANYTHING else, this wouldn’t matter to you coming from a shithead like Babin. Though I assume many of the people laying out paragraphs above arent sports writers/bloggers, so I am probably wrong.
    Flash in the pan season of 2011, on to a shitty organization and community in Florida? He got what he deserved.

  18. Went to Jacksonville when the Birds played in the Super Bowl (remember that?) down there. Whole f*cking place is like Camden… with about a three or four square block of a somewhat decent business and entertainment district plopped down in the middle. Enjoy your trip to football hell, Babin… and don’t go out downtown after dark.

  19. The philly media aint to blame……shitty play calling by Reid/Morningwood…..and shoving Castillo on his sword.
    Delco born an raised.

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