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I’ll be honest, when I read the Tweets from Jacksonville reporter Vito Stellino yesterday about Jason Babin’s criticism of the Philly media, I thought Stellino was at least somewhat embellishing Babin’s sentiment. 

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Like, Babin couldn’t have possibly said reporters had stinky breath and been serious, right? 


He was serious. 

As suspected, there was more to Babin’s interview than what was shown on the Jaguars' website. Stellino recorded it and passed along the audio to WIP’s Marc Farzetta [listen here]. Incredibly, Babin is even more of a douchebag crybaby than we previously thought. He said these words, in order:

“I got them last year, most of all the reporters, and I challenged them to be professional. I said, if you want the hard questions, you can’t come in here in shorts and old shoes that aren’t tied and stinky breath. If you want to write about something, ask a question to understand what we’re doing. I’ll explain it to you. Be critical. I basically told them to be professionals.”

“I just challenged them and they didn’t like it.”

“You guys (Jaguars reporters) are professionals, you know, you understand the game. You understand how to write, how to ask questions. All they do (in Philly) is ask loaded questions, “Do you blame Trent Cole for not getting a sack today?” You know what I mean? That’s all they did, they tried to pop headlines to read something wild. That’s how it is there, you know?”


Amazing. He actually said stinky breath… and meant it.

The audio and a full transcription is here.