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Here are some Tweets (aggregated) from Jacksonville reporter Vito Stellino (Irish?), who was there when Jason Babin met with the media today: [these comments didn't occur during the 6:21 of video on the Jaguars' website, so there is some context missing]

Babin met with press and said he is happy to be in Jax, impressed with practice and wants to be here long term. Of his image in Philly, he said he challenged the Philly writers to be professional. Said they asked loaded questions. Babin said of Eagles, "Things are kind of stagnant. They could ultimately get worse before they get better.'' Besides loaded questions, not being professional, Babin said Philly writers didn't tie shoes, wore shorts, had stinky breath.


I’m not 100% sure that last part wasn’t tongue-in-cheek (from Babin or Stellino), but still… wow. On one hand, I get an unnatural thrill every time an athlete rips the local media. It’s funny. But with the other, I want to punch Babin in the face. He’s either too stupid to realize what he’s saying half the time, or he is the biggest crybaby to ever play in Philadelphia (and I don’t take writing that sentence lightly). Challenged the media to be professional? YO DOUCHEBAG, HOWS ABOUT CUTTING BACK ON THE TRIBAL TATTOOS AND STUPID ASS CELEBRATIONS AND GETTING STUCK IN THE ALASKAN WILDERNESS INSTEAD OF ATTENDING MINI CAMP AND WANTING TO RUN WITH THE BULLS, YOU POOR, POOR SPORT, YOU.

This is the same guy whose wife went after CSN’s Reuben Frank on Twitter for a very fair criticism and whose publicist got irrationally snippy with us because we wrote some negative stuff about Babin in January.

Of course, Les Bowen punched Jeff McLane in the head last year. So there’s some truth to what Babin said. But he's still a dick.

Here are some other quotes, taken from the video on the Jaguars' website, which you can watch here:

Blames the team for his lack of sacks: “Sometimes individual stats are a culmination of team effort, even though an individual gets the accolades.”

Is delusional about the Jaguars“Things are stagnant [in Philly]. They can ultimately get worse before they get better. So being a part of something that is about to blossom is definitely an exciting feeling.”

On getting bashed leaving Philly“Well, if you don’t know Philly, that’s a little bit of endearment. That’s kind of the way they love. It’s like a backhanded compliment. The non-Philly person would look at it as mean cruel, but it’s a little bit of a sign of endearment. [When they say you’re surly?] It’s a little bit of their style, I guess.”

No, no– we really didn't like you.

On being misportrayed by the media“They got to find something to write about, right? There’s about ten-times them as there are you guys.”

The video cut off after that, so we'll keep you updated if we find the full context of Stellino's comments.