Lunkhead Jason Babin Still Doesn’t “Get It”

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As you may have heard, Number Two (our own Drew Cohen) kicked up a little fuss with Jason Babin and his person late last week. 

Babin expressed some sympathy for DeSean Jackson when the wide receiver was slapped with a franchise tag that will pay him roughly $9.4 million next year.

Admittedly, the sort of one-sided negotiation that comes with a franchise tag (hint: there is no negotiation) certainly favors teams, and being tagged is usually not a desirable outcome for players.

We get that. 

Most fans do, too.

But Babin heard about it on Twitter when he openly felt for DeSean, who was just granted a paycheck worth more than what most of us will make in our lifetimes. And he did himself no favors when he responded by telling fans that they (we?) didn’t get it and offering up a link to 13 foods that will make us smarter. 

So we blogged about it. Twice.

We heard from Babin’s publicist, who at first offered us an interview, then later denied her own request. She told us that we didn’t get it and went on Twitter immediately following an exchange with Drew. Her Tweet:

You want an interview with my client yet you write derogatory statements about him.. Then you wonder why you don’t get a response from me. 


Someone needs to look up the word derogatory.

More from Babin’s publicist, via email:

I stick by what I said that people did not understand what Jason was saying and as Drew said the 90% of the fans (which is a grossly exaggerated number) do not understand what he is saying exactly either.

We will be declining any further comment.  


They commented further.

I was on the WIP Morning Show yesterday to talk about Babin’s Tweets and our take on his words. Later in the day, Babin joined Anthony Gargano and Dan Klecko to attempt to clarify himself.

He didn’t do a very good job:

“Franchise tag, it’s a lot of money. But at the same time it’s a scary proposition because, you know, if you get hurt before the season, during the season, you know… they can release you and only pay you medical, which is substantially lower, I think. There’s risk involved. Everyone loves a long-term contract. There’s a variable you can’t measure: the hierarchy, the feeling.”



“Really, obviously money is a part of it, but when you get to this level, when you get those big contracts, it’s kind of like a status symbol. You’re revered by your peers, your people, media and fans, OK? You know? Until you get that contract sometimes, you don’t have that on your belt.” 


What an out-of-touch asshole.

 Yes, the frightening proposition of being paid the average salary of the top five people in the world at your position. It’s scary, really. No one wants that. God forbid you are unable to get that $40 million contract notch on your belt. Somewhere, children and kittens are cowering in fear.

The interview consisted mostly of Gargano mildly lecturing Babin on how to deal with Philly fans and Klecko agreeing with every glass-chewing comment the defensive lineman made. 

When the Saints’ bounty program was brought up, Babin and Klecko stopped just short of crushing cans on their respective foreheads. Babin:

“It’s one of those things that in the past it went on, but now it’s one of those things they’re making a point to make sure it doesn’t go on. But, the guys who mentored me, that was just the way they did it. I don’t know, I think they’re making a pretty huge deal out of it. Maybe it is a big deal, I don’t know.”

[I tried to transcribe the rest, but it’s mostly the background noise of Babin’s hamster spinning its wheels as Gargano tries to explain why paying players to have others carted-off the field is a bad idea.]  


It’s ironic that a guy so hell-bent on players receiving job security would be all for the practice of intentionally putting careers in jeopardy… but we wouldn’t expect a lunkhead like Babin to understand such advanced logic. 

Anyway, back to that whole job security thing, which, according to Babin, we don’t understand.

Yes, NFL contracts are the most, um, fluid in major American sports. They favor the team and, in most cases, can be ripped up when a player gets injured or cut. Length means very little in the NFL, since (signing bonuses not withstanding) teams can often cut a player should his performance decline, for whatever reason. And that’s why Babin’s Tweets, which subsequently focused on calling fans idiots, were so perplexing and out-of-touch: D-Jac had just been given a nearly $10 million deal. And, just as if he signed a three-year contract, if he remains healthy and performs, he’ll continue to be the beneficiary of a system that pays athletes tens of millions of dollars.

 Most earthlings would consider the above scenario job security: healthy and perform– make millions. 

What Babin doesn’t understand is that, in this here real world, very few jobs are secure according to his definition. Sure, if you work hard and do the right things, you’ll often retain a position. But there are no guarantees. No one signs you up for a five-year deal to be a mid-level marketing assistant. As a blogger and business owner, my job security exists only in me getting up each morning and posting enough interesting material to keep folks reading. I know if I do a good job and work hard enough, I’ll be able to turn your eyeballs in to advertising dollars. Quite a few of them, actually. But it’s based on performance. And, what Babin really doesn’t get is that many of the blue collar fans he’s speaking to only have security insofar as there being a new job, construction site or client which affords them the opportunity to make a living equal to what someone like DeSean Jackson will pay in weekly taxes.

Listen to Babin’s interview with Gargano and Klecko after the jump.

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47 Responses

  1. Oh yeah, you mean like when your lazy butler washes your sock garters, and they’re still covered with schmutz?

  2. He is definitely out of touch. Right along with the rest of the team all the way up to Banner, Roseman and Lurie. And that’s why they’ll never win a super bowl.

  3. Babin should learn how to play the run and then maybe he can have better “job security”. You know, most jobs in this country have better job security if you perform at them better.

  4. just go get RGIII, fire andy, clean house of most of the players and all the front office, hire front office guys that actually have football personnel knowledge, and start the hell over.

  5. At this point, he’s past reconciling his point. It was muddled and confusing, just like his career.
    I understand the point he wants to make, but he has an inability to use the correct words or grammar to successfully get that across to us more educated folk.
    I want him and Roseman out of our city.

  6. He’s never going to “get it” and the majority of fans are never going to agree with him no matter how many clumsy meat-headed attempts he makes to “clarify himself”, so everyone should just move on at this point. Kyle sums it up perfectly, most people in the real world have zero job security, I could be fired or laid off due to the economy tomorrow for all I know. I do know that if I had 10 million dollars it would set up MULTIPLE generations of my family for success, but then again my priority isn’t buying giant gaudy jewelry and flying around the world to hang out with rappers.

  7. Seriously….fuck Jason Babin. Fuck his douchey tattoos …his shaved armpits, his amazingly narrow minded view of anything off the gridiron.
    This Eagles team is one of the most unlikable teams ever & they don’t even win. Fuck them all.

  8. Twitter = Eventual World Destruction
    I would go so far as to say that most athletes are “out of touch”. But it seems so simple to me that they should know better than to sling mud via the internet [at the fan base that pays their salary] unless they want the mud returned. Fuck Jason Babin and his tattoos that were borderline cool in the mid to late 90’s.

  9. This is non-story! The guy has a valid point although he probably shouldn’t have expressed it in the media. I would rather have a 4 yr contract then a 1yr contract. That is common sense.
    And for those of you who say “he makes $9M dont complain i would be happy..he is greedy”. Pro athletes have an ability that a very small % of people have. He isn’t you and has an ability that you dont have and makes the eagles and NFL billions of dollars. who wouldn’t want to cash in? He has a small time frame in his life to really make money.
    Djac should stop acting like an a$$ hole though. he is a athlete not rap star!

  10. YO- I don’t think we have a problem with athletes making paper, after all, we pay them. We GET IT. But a little understanding and open-mindedness is a common courtesy that we ask of the athletes that represent our city before they go ahead and insult the fanbase’s intelligence.

  11. -Ya Herrr meh
    I am with you. Moral of the story is don’t be a jerk off on twitter. Should have learned from Kelce.

  12. I really like that Twitter exists. It gives us the ability to truly realize how many professional athletes, actors, etc… are just COMPLETE ASSHOLES. I don’t do Twitter or Facebook so I smile when a ASSHOLE like Babin opens his fat trap and sounds like total douche bag. Well done idiot.

  13. Twitter proves that very old adage right:
    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”
    Idiots like Babin continue failing to heed that ages old bit of advice and publicly reveal themselves as foolish. I’m done with that clown, he’s just another member of this Eagles team I thoroughly despise.

  14. We get that athletes have special talents and make millions of dollars to perform at the highest level. No problem there. The problem comes when they take it for granted and try to translate their situation into the average joe’s situation. Yeah, pro athletes are talented…But complaining about making nearly 10 million dollars, simply because your ego hasn’t been massaged enough? Breaks my heart… Fuckin stupid.
    Forget job security, 9.4 million dollars is life security for most people, and when stupid meathead athletes just sneeze at that kind of money its insulting. I got news for ya Jason..Fans don’t follow you b/c of how much loot you make, they follow you because you sack the shit out of people and stop the ru-…oh my bad. That must be a tough spot..youre not doing a huge part of your job and youre only making 28 mil…My heart weeps.

  15. I love how everyone thinks “they” pay Players salaries. Just because you don’t have a real opinion and just use guys on WIP’s opinion as your own, doesn’t make you the ONE that pay’s their salaries. How much of someone’s $10 million do YOU pay?
    $85 per year? And remember, just because YOU agree with someone else, that doesn’t mean everyone else that pay’s their salaries agrees. So stop acting like YOU are the CEO of Philly Sports Athletes and take your 85 bucks and spend it on another team if you hate them…..don’t come crawling back next year when we are playing in the Superbowl. This is a NON-STORY and should be treated as such.

  16. Babin’s points are obvious, but Jackson has turned down the Eagles’ offers over the years. Jackson brought this risk upon himself in hope of the biggest possible payoff, so I fail to see the moral issue.

  17. Half of the sports figures in Philly already hate you, the other half are soon to follow. You over analyze everything anymore hoping to get a WIP interview to talk about it (Roenick, Victorino, Babin). Go back to reporting on sports you were good at that.

  18. Babin had to of been on some Josh Hamilton type of drugs when he got those terrible tribal tats. Wouldn’t shock me if that p*ssy has a barbwire arm band tat tooo.
    – most hated philly team ever baby

  19. @Drew Rosenhouse
    In actuality, fans pay the salaries. To one fan, yes it’s $85 dollars per game. But multiply that by 50,000 fans per game and what does that give you? Times that by 8 weeks in a regular season worth of home games, not to mention pre-season, playoffs, merchandise, concessions, memorabilia. If the fans don’t pay it then who does? No fans = no team, no Linc, no douchey athletes.

  20. How disallusioned and brainwashed must someone be to actually think Mike Vick and Andy Reid are taking this team to the Super Bowl? Must be a lonely feeling.

  21. Not about the money? He basically said they want people to be jealous of them. Run this scumbag out of town. This waste of sperm needs to get off Twitter and learn how to stop the run

  22. That interview gargano and klecko did was so soft, 45 minutes before they were ripping him, and then he comes on and pretty much agree with what he said.

  23. people get pissed because the majority of these guys aren’t socking money away like the average joe does. If you want the big deal so you can spend $10K a night at the bar, then go ahead, but don’t cry cause you don’t have the money to do it. If you are truly concerned with long term security, save the money you make for support in case the worst happens. Babin is like TO all over again, as long as you help us win I don’t care how big of an idiot you are. But this team sucked last year and now you are become a distraction, warranted or not, real story or not. And don’t preach job security and injury when you don’t see the big deal with bounties and incentives. Yeah i’m sure the majority of bonuses are “most sacks in the game” gets $1000, but when you make multi-millions, that shouldn’t even be an incentive… Right?

  24. nova supports gay rights is absolutely right. is it your goal to piss off every athlete in this city? i seriously question whether you even like philly sports teams. keep in mind, these people you are fucking with are psychos (roenick, victorino, babin) and it’s only a matter of time before you piss off enough of these athletes that you’re going to get your ass severely beaten by one of these genetic freaks. you call what u have a life? you sit on twitter all day and just look to pick fights with these athletes. cool bro. this is such a non story i cant believe babin even got on WIP to defend himself. he’s absolutely right. fans are idiots. and kyle scott you are the leader of the pack. dude was stating his opinion on desean’s contract situation, and some jitbag fans decided to be pricks, and babin JOKINGLY responded. of all people, you, the self proclaimed king of “snark” should be able to pick up on sarcasm and jokes. people tweet derogatory and hateful things at you all the time, and you usually respond with some sarcastic, idiotic comment in return. so why is babin not allowed to defend himself? what babin was trying to say on WIP yesterday was that athletes have a TINY window to make they’re money, and are brutally taxed while doing it. any normal career works between 20-50 years until they retire, professional atheletes have an average career of between 2-10 years or something ridiculous like that, so yeah, they need to make their money while they can, while never knowing when their leg is gonna snap in half in a game ending their career. this site has gone downhill at an alarming rate. the only people who take you seriously are women and 12 year olds. go ahead, keep on being an arrogant jackass with your tmz, athlete attacking, page-hit bragging antics. it will catch up to you, sooner than later. karma is a bitch.

  25. Twitter has done a great job at providing idiots a platform to speak. Im amazed that even with a limit on characters these clowns still manage to insert foot in mouth.

  26. Seriously who cares he had the most sacks which is what he is paid to do and he was just tryin to console a friend. Yea he should’ve never called under fans stupid considering he has really stupid tribal tattoos but at the same time is it worth hating him because he was reaching out to a team mate

  27. rico…How was it in anyway clear that Babin was joking/being sarcastic? Twitter’s 140 character limit doesn’t provide ample room for punchlines, and is usually taken at face value. There were no punchlines, no “JK guys”. If it was all a joke, why didn’t he clarify or apologize? No, he insulted a couple fans directly, insulted the rest with the food tweet, and had told the FANS that we needed to detach emotion…What?
    And yeah…Athletes do have a small window to make their money. No one was holding a gun to their head to play. It was their decision to play in a league that has a short career window, so I dont want to hear them bitch. Same can be said for health concerns. Health concerns are a part of the league and exist for every player. THey should know the consequences of not making it in the league or getting hurt…But in this situation, we’re not talking about the Joselio Hansons of the world that could be kicked to the curb at any second. We’re talking about super-star athletes that will have a job for years to come…. If job security, the way Babin defines it, is so important to athletes, they should choose another profession.
    Oh wait…They don’t choose another profession, because even if they only play one year, the base salary is still SIX FIGURES. Most average a couple years in the league, on contracts that are usually 7 figures. Their careers are a fraction of what a normal career is, they retire sometime in their 30s, and have enough money to live like hogs for the rest of their lives (not to mention the perks/endorsements/connections of being an athlete)…Wheres the problem again? Shorter-than-average, glamorous careers that pay you 100 times the amount you would make in a lifetime of working shit jobs… heart breaks for these poor fellas.

  28. hey pete h maybe you should listen to the WIP interview that kyle so graciously posted, between the 3-4 minute mark babin does clarify that “99% of what he says is sarcastic” and that people take twitter so seriously.and these “fans” that he insulted were the same people that lashed out on him over the most petty issue in the world. lol no ones holding a gun to their head to play? sick argument dude.would you choose another profession if you had the talent and perseverance to be a professional athlete? probly not. instead you choose to bash these players out of jealousy, because you couldnt be a professional athlete if you tried. you perfectly exemplify why most fans are idiots. find something else to do than bash the players of the teams you call yourself a “fan” of

  29. Hey Rico…I did listen. If all of those tweets were sarcastic, then why did he have to go on the radio DAYS later to clear the air? Why didn’t he squash the problem at the beginning and prevent almost a weeks worth of bad press? This would be a none story if he simply made it a non-story. He didnt. He knew damn well what he was doing. Again..tweets are short, concise, and have to be worded just right to make sure humour gets through. Anything that isn’t a black and white joke is going to be taken at face value. Honestly..What did he think would happen from tweeting something that even comes REMOTELY close to complaining/consoling someone about millions of dollars? And what did he think would happen when when he criticizes, fairly/sarcastically or not, the fan base that pays his god damn salary?!? Its not that hard to get that if you’re in the spot light in some fashion, theres going to be people that insult you through social media.. doesn’t mean you have to take it personally. Theres something called a PR department for a reason, genius. And this whole eagles team needs it bad.
    And I’m glad you chose to respond to one meaningless line in two paragraphs worth of my argument. I won’t repeat the whole thing again, just go up and read my argument again and come back with something of substance instead of “youre jealous”..But they chose to be professional athletes, they have to deal with the pros and the small amount of cons of the career they chose…Having your cake and eating it too, bud.
    People don’t care about how much these athletes make. I’m not jealous and certainly don’t hold it against them. They have every right to go for as much as they want. But people have the right to be pissed off when they start bitching and moaning about fucking 10 MILLION DOLLARS. Why do you think people were jizzing over Cliff Lee signing here for less and saying ‘enough is enough at a certain point’ when it comes to money? People hate this fucking team. The overall mood and outlook surrounding this teams fans is toxic..Again..Public Relations…It matters. People want to like the players they pay to see.

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