In an Email, Eagles VP of Communications Told a Reader the Organization is Proud of Fans, Doesn’t Want to Drown Them Out

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This morning, Eagles Sr. VP of Communications Rob Zeiger, whose professional existence might compare to a prison having director of promotions, told the WIP Morning Show that the Eagles didn’t blare music to drown out boos yesterday. Rather, they did it because it was a trend they had noticed across the league– torturing fans with screaming pop music, apparently. That’s 100% bullshit. And reader Ryan pressed the issue with Zeiger, via email. This is a portion of that exchange:

Your explanation of the sound level at the Linc yesterday is terrible. You were obviously trying to drown out negative feedback from fans. If you do wanna play more music in the stands at a ridiculously high level, why not play something that would pump the crowd up??? You were playing Selena Gomez and Bruno Mars junk. My ears still hurt from yesterday.


So do my eyes, Ryan. 

Zeiger responded thusly:

Hi, Ryan,

We're just trying to hit the right mix of music and volume and activity to help our fans have a great time at the game. In fact, we make adjustments all the time — but it's clear this one got noticed more than others. So we'll work on it.

We're proud of Eagles fans.  We don't want to drown them out.

Feel free to send along any playlist suggestions you have.

Thanks for reaching out.




That grammatical Eagles chant is the ultimate dick-punch exclamation point on a flaming pile of shit explanation. Like ending an AA meeting with a toast. Remember how fucking awesome this used to be? Yeah, well you can’t have it anymore. Salud! 

But hey, at least the Eagles are proud of you!

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13 Responses

  1. would you have rather this guy just insulted the fans instead of saying they wanted the right mix? is there anything any sports team in this city can do short of winning a championship that won’t garner immense amounts of bullshit from the fans?

  2. the eagles ought to be ashamed of themselves. the second FOX began their programming of the game yesterday, you could clearly hear that the music/sounds were being amplified. initially, i thought it was the volume of my own tv. however, a few seconds into the broadcast, asshole joe buck even questions the excessive volume himself. this once proud organization is in complete shambles right now and doing something like this only compounds the problem for them. with so many season ticket holders, there’s really not much way to protest or boycott. however, for the next home game, which happens to be a MNF game, i would love to see fans at that game perhaps all wear brown bags over their heads during the opening kickoff. that would be hilarious!

  3. I hate the trend in American pro sports to jack the volume on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g up to nauseating levels. The Brits on soccer have the right idea…fans cheer, boo, bronx cheer, but there’s not frickin’ music unless the team scores a goal (and even then the song is limited).

  4. It’s really a shame. Basketball sucks, there’s no hockey, and the Eagles are a fuckin disgrace. Gonna be a long winter.
    The Eagles just consistently think we as fans are all 3 years old and we’ll just think the bullshit excuse will suffice. It’s amazing how condescending they are as an organization. They’re embarrassing on and off the field. Unbelievable.

  5. “That grammatical Eagles chant is the ultimate dick-punch exclamation point on a flaming pile of shit explanation. Like ending an AA meeting with a toast.”
    This response to that email came as close as possible to making me feel better about this (momentarily anyway). Thanks man. Hilarious.

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