The Eagles’ Hilarious Explanation for Blaring Music

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Eagles Sr. VP of Communications Rob Zeiger went on the WIP Morning Show to clear up a few things about the fan experience at yesterday’s laugher, most notably why Sign Man was kicked out of the game and why PA music was blaring.

On Sign Man: Zeiger said SM was not removed from the stadium because of the content on his sign – “Andy, Quit, Your Team Has” – but because the sign was too large and blocking the view of fans. And after repeated requests to take down, the sign kept going back up. 

That is plausible, though readers Charlie and Matt tell us that the stadium was pretty much empty when SM was kicked out. Sign Man agrees: [CBS Philly]

"The stadium is packed so somebody is going to complain they can’t see. So we waited until the very end, when the stadium was pretty much filing out, so there was nobody behind us at all. So we didn’t block anybody’s view. And my nephew was on each end, and I said, ‘don’t take it down, we’re not taking it down."


Classic he said, sign said sitch.

The next explanation from Zeiger is decidedly ridiculous, however.

On loud music being used to drown out boos: [I’ll quote this one] “Well, we had the sound up, but it was for a different reason. We travel obviously to everyone else’s stadiums for the away games. We take notes on what seems to work at other ballparks, see what we want to apply here. Different people play different music, they put different things on their video boards, and we've noticed a good vibe at places that turn the music up a little bit louder. Yesterday, there was a good vibe out in the parking lot [editor’s note: a car fire, Fire Andy truck, Ryan Howard]. It was a sunny day, where you’re driving around in your car [editor’s note: the one with the Fire Andy billboard or the one on fire?], you’d probably turn the radio up a little bit. So, we turned it up a little bit. But, we did that before we even opened the gates, when there was no one was in there, and it was loud then. It was something we were going to do throughout the game and it didn’t have anything to do with how the game was going.”

The Eagles just happened to make that change after 11 years in the Linc and at the lowest point in team history. I guess next we should expect Terrible Towels and cannon blasts, the latter of which should make Jon Gruden feel right at home next year. 

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26 Responses

  1. Can you guys envision the massive PR campaign to kiss our asses that will inevitably have to accompany whatever sucker takes the head coach job next year? Swoop will be giving away free heroin at K&A.

  2. They must have hired Syria’s PR team, because that excuse is as lame as any coming from Assad.
    I’ve never bought an Eagles ticket/merchandise, and I never will. Until you dopes do the same, they will never gain respect for you and treat you as fans deserved to be treated. Wake up.

  3. “lowest point in team history.” A tad bit dramatic, no? It’s bad, but not as bad as Ray Rhodes telling players to envision the other team raping their wives and kids, or not nearly as bad as the entire Rich Kotite era.

  4. There’s never a wrong time to pull out the Iraqi Information Minister photo when it comes to the Birds.
    The front office needs to understand that we will tolerate a few years of crappy play provided that the crappy play is headed in the right direction. This is the worst of worlds – crappy play with no future.

  5. Looking at the picture of the sign… that section seemed to have alot of people still there… does not look empty to me. I am no Kool Aid drinker… but I can see where they’d want that sign down. And if I was behind it- I would too

  6. wow i didnt actually look at the picture (just peripheral vision), and totally thought it was sylvester stallone from expendables

  7. I agree with Sign Me Up, I wouldn’t doubt it if some fans nearby sent a text message to security (yes, you can do that) asking them to address it. While it may be funny at first I’m sure that it would get annoying by halftime. I would be annoyed if I was sitting it that row and had to hold the sign. I don’t pay $150 (plus put up with all the shit that my wife gives me for leaving her alone with our 3 animals for the whole day and then coming home drunk) to go to a game to hold a sing the whole time. Signs are gay, if you want to get your point across jump into the stadium via parachute.

  8. Loud music only works on crowds at winning stadiums.
    feeble explanation.
    The US Military made General Noriega surrender by playing heavy metal music 24/7
    its called sleep deprivation.

  9. Disagree with @Andy’s Moustache, this era is as bad as Rhodes or Kotite. Three straight years of this, and what are we looking forward to? Which upcoming game looks winnable right now?

  10. Did anyone ask about the PA during introductions? I find it ironic that it went out after Babin was introduced and it sounded like booed.

  11. The Eagles front office just keeps finding new ways to make themselves look bad.
    Deeper hole, deeper hole….keep digging!!!!

  12. I don’t know about anyone else but I have been cleaning up betting against the eagles this season. Going to be a nice x-mass on Jeffrey & Andy. Lol

  13. Is Zeiger fucking serious? Does he honestly think we are that dumb? His excuse is absolute bullshit and just another example ofhow detached this organization is becoming with our fan base.
    Does anyone have contact information for Zeiger? I just want to make sure he knows we’re not retarded.

  14. @hopdevil, sure thru ’77 they sucked, but each year you knew it was coming. This dream-team-gold-standard-dynasty group is worse because we got conned into caring. And this team will not finish 8-8.

  15. I do not blame the eagles organization 1 bit for drowning out the fans with music.
    The disgusting things these white trash animals scream at coach andy & his players are vilie & gross!
    SMDH at WT eagles fans

  16. Hey look everyone, its Candy from the Oak with another witty post about Reid’s kids. That means that it’s only a matter of time before we get an unfunny comment about Babin’s wifes shit stained thongs.

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