Screen Shot 2012-11-11 at 2.23.00 PMPic via (@M_Fish22)

Not the first time he’s done this. There is a camera following Piece around and he’s wearing a mic, so I suspect we’ll see more of this somewhere. Nothing is organic anymore. Few more pics after the jump.

Ryan Howard Tailgating

Storified by Kyle Scott · Sun, Nov 11 2012 11:26:18

Even though I hate him, I went to the eagles and met ryan howard #GoPatriots Ceglowski
Is Ryan Howard at ur tailgate party!!!? I think not !! Fisher
Ryan Howard!! Patel
Ryan Howard! P
Phillies Ryan Howard crashed our tailgate @PhilaBelles @MikeFlynn826 Lynch
Tailgating with Ryan Howard Bachman
Chillin with Ryan Howard schugar
Ryan Howard tailgating #canigetyouacoldone’S wanson