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Michael Vick is still doubtful to play against the Cowboys next week (not that any of you care). But whenever he returns, he’ll have extra padding in his helmet provided by Unequal, the local company that makes the special rib protection he (sometimes) wears.

Ed Werder has the story on

At the urging of neurologist Dr. Dimi Barot, Vick met at his home with Unequal Technology Corporation CEO Rob Vito to be measured for the new "dome'' device made of the company's Concussion Reduction Technology.

Vick had Unequal retro-fit his helmet with similar padding upon returning from a concussion in September 2011. The same company designed protective Kevlar devices that enabled Vick and Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to play with serious rib injuries in recent seasons.


It makes sense that Werder would have that report– he allowed Vito to hit him in the chest with a shovel on live TV a few years ago to demonstrate the strength of Unequal products.

I spoke with Vito after Vick broke his ribs in the pre-season. He explained Unequal's relationship with Vick (here).